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Microchip from collar attached to SCP-4799-1 upon recovery. Item donated to the Foundation by the Global Occult Coalition.

Item #: SCP-4799

Object Class: Humanoid/Parauniversal

Containment Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In the event that any member of SCP-4799 manifests within a Foundation-controlled universe, efforts are to be undertaken to prevent them from using technology to exit our timeline as detailed below. Once captured, they are to undergo analysis and detained in an appropriate humanoid containment cell.

  • Individual members of SCP-4799 confirmed to be organic (including SCP-4799-1) are to be fired at with tranquilizer darts dedicated to impairing motor function before being brought to the nearest Foundation Secure Site.
  • Individual members of SCP-4799 not confirmed to be organic are to be fired at with electromagnetic pulses to disable electronic devices prior to capture.
  • If two or more members of SCP-4799 are seen traveling as a party, crowd control is to be used to lure them to an isolated area, then a combination of tear gas and electromagnetic pulsing is to be used to subdue them before sedation and capture.

Description: SCP-4799 refers to a group of smugglers capable of trans-universal travel. SCP-4799 has named itself "Mariachi's Merchants", and sells advanced technology taken from other universes for profit. It is believed that SCP-4799 has at least seven members, all originating from different universes outside of the Local Timeline Group.

SCP-4799-1 is a member of SCP-4799 with the role of the collection of anomalous technology. SCP-4799-1 has both humanoid and canine features. In addition, SCP-4799-1 has displayed expertise with other forms of esoteric technology, and is believed to have knowledge of the multiverse much greater than the Foundation's. SCP-4799-1 is otherwise non-anomalous.

SCP-4799 is aware of the Multiversal Foundation Alliance, as well as several other independent instances of the Foundation, and actively avoids them in their activities. Therefore, very little information is known about SCP-4799 or its activities. All information regarding SCP-4799 has come secondhand from the Global Occult Coalition's interactions with SCP-4799-1.


Entrance to Global Occult Coalition Area-22 after Incident 4799-1.

Discovery: SCP-4799 was discovered after it had attacked the Global Occult Coalition's Area-22 on August 10th, 2018. At 0801 hours, a large gray spherical object manifested above Area-22 and began to fire on it with high-power energy weapons. Personnel stationed at Area-22 returned fire, but the object was not damaged. At 0844 hours, after significant damage had been sustained by Area-22, the object landed in a destroyed sector, and SCP-47991 emerged from it wielding advanced weapons.

SCP-4799 opened fire on the remaining personnel while finding, rescuing, and disabling the kill collar of SCP-4799-1, who was being held captive at Area-22 at the time. After rescuing SCP-4799-1, SCP-4799 returned to the spherical object and demanifested from reality thereafter.

The Foundation has agreed to provide the Global Occult Coalition with resources to rebuild Area-22 in exchange for information pertaining to SCP-4799. The following is an expungated GOC file containing information about SCP-4799-1.

Threat Entity Database Entry

Anomaly Identifier:

PTE-9496 — "Dog-Like Dimension-Hopper"

Security Status Level:

0 (In Storage) 3 (Moderate-High Threat)


PTE-9496 is a humanoid entity approximately 1.1 meters in height. PTE-9496 has a canine head and is covered in a thin layer of black fur. However, PTE-9496 is sapient and is capable of human speech in English.

PTE-9496 claims to be from an alternate timeline. These claims remain largely unverified. However, PTE-9496 has provided invaluable intelligence related to UTE-████ and its actions.

Rules of Engagement:

PTE-9496 is currently equipped with an electronic kill/shock collar. Attempted tampering will trigger an electric shock. PTE-9496 is kept in Humanoid Chamber #66 at Area-22 when not being interviewed. Noncooperation is to be met with activation of the collar's electric shock function, and hostility is to be met with activation of the explosive within the kill collar.

PTE-9496 has escaped GOC control with the assistance of other potential threat entities. PTE-9496 is awaiting designation as a Person of Interest or a KTE. PTE-9496 and other associated threat entities are to be engaged on sight.


PTE-9496 was recovered during the investigation of the former KTE-████-Omega, now known to be an artifact belonging to UTE-████. Although the raid on UTE-████'s base of operations was not successful, PTE-9496, along with several other anomalies, were recovered from the base and transferred to Area-22.

Recovered Items:

Alongside PTE-9496, several anomalies were found in a deposit box near PTE-9496's cell. Items of note included:

  • Large knife. When a button is pressed on the hilt of the knife, it glows a purple color and electrocutes on impact.
  • A gray, worn box. Inside the box was another gray, worn box of equal size. This repeats, apparently ad infinitum.
  • Red goggles that allow one to see the outlines of living creatures through walls in a radius adjustable via a dial on the side of it.
  • A tablet attached to a camera via a cord. When a photo of an object is taken with the camera, the tablet shows an isometric view of the object.
  • A frying pan that, when a button on the handle is pressed, instantly heats to 88.1 degrees Celcius using an unknown power source.
  • A gray box with an array of buttons on one side. When Test Subject EHY673 pressed one of the buttons, they disappeared from reality in a burst of purple light. The location of this item is unknown.

Incident Report - Pending Evaluation:

On 10/08/2018, a spaceship appeared over Area-22 and began to fire laser weapons at it. Despite attempts to rebuke these attacks, over 43% of Area-22 was destroyed. Afterwards, the spaceship landed, removed PTE-9496 from Coalition custody, and disappeared alongside other recovered anomalies. Attempts to detonate PTE-9496's kill collar were unsuccessful.

This spaceship is awaiting designation as a KTE entity. PTE-9496 is awaiting redesignation as a sub-anomaly of this entity. This file is presently out of date.

Interrogation Logs:

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