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Item #: SCP-4798

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As per Protocol R19, the 930km2 area surrounding SCP-4798 is to remain under strict quarantine. The border of this region is to be regularly patrolled to prevent any unauthorized persons from entering the restricted area. Border patrols are required to be outfitted in BCS Mk. V-class hazmat suits. Site AZ-121 is to be monitored at all times by Foundation satellites and long-range scanners in the event of any expansion of SCP-4798-C. In the event of breach of containment, Contingency 91 is to be observed, and all instances of SCP-4798-1 (including human individuals affected by the anomaly) are to be eliminated and sterilized, before relocation to Site 96 for processing.

Description: SCP-4798 refers to a population of anomalous organisms, primarily flora, which grow in a roughly 0.4km2 radius surrounding the Shallow Moon Astronomical Observatory (henceforth referred to as Site AZ-121) atop Ginger Mountain in Apache County, Arizona. No external record exists of this observatory’s construction or management. SCP-4798 entails the collective mutations and anomalous properties of the organisms in this population. Some instances of SCP-4798 appear to be mutations of various organisms native to Arizona, while others are wholly unclassified in any existing biological paradigm. Each instance of SCP-4798 demonstrates unique and often anomalous properties, most of which fall under Safe or Euclid classification.

These anomalous properties emerge from the unique molecular composition of each instance of SCP-4798. SCP-4798 is believed to be a product of transgenic poetry, the anomalous process of using the written word to synthesize nucleotides in DNA. Each instance of SCP-4798 appears to represent an expression of different meanings through a form of anomalous molecular semantics. Based on insights gained from SCP-4798-1 (see Addendum II), a decoding mechanism referred to as DX-64 was employed at Site AZ-121 for the purpose of demonstrating the semantic expression present in the nucleotides of SCP-4798. The molecular coding of any given organism can be translated into coherent semantics, usually in the form of “poems.” Addendum I contains examples of the semantics of various organisms observed at Site AZ-121.

Instances of SCP-4798 have the ability to spread to other biological organisms, though while SCP-4798 is biological in nature, the spread thereof appears to be pseudo-memetic. This has resulted in the mutation of organisms not originally associated with the anomaly, henceforth referred to as SCP-4798-1. This includes various human subjects, including Foundation personnel, who develop usually harmless (sans SCP-4798-C involvement) biological mutations, often with anomalous properties. Instances of SCP-4798-1 also express molecular semantics of similar nature to SCP-4798 proper. Human instances of SCP-4798-1 often demonstrate a heightened understanding of the purported “meaning” and semantic nature of SCP-4798, often accompanied by abnormal behavior and mental processes. Instances of SCP-4798-1 tend to revert to ordinary biological conditions with time; in humans, this is accompanied by the loss of the intuitive connection to SCP-4798 and its “meaning,” often accompanied by feelings of absence, sadness, and/or melancholy.

As per Protocol R19, further research of SCP-4798 has been indefinitely suspended.

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