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The following file is Level 4/4797 classified.

Unauthorised access will result in immediate transfer to SCP-4797-2.

Item #: SCP-4797 Level 4/4797
Object Class: Thaumiel Classified


The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Special Containment Procedures 13/04/2018: SCP-4797 has been moved to Site 98, and is stored in Containment Zone Q. Site 98-دال has been established on the upper layer of SCP-4797-1, in order to properly study the technology and society found there. All exploration of the lower levels of SCP-4797-1 is currently prohibited.

SCP-4797-2 is currently in use in the Foundation Disciplinary Division. Work is currently underway to adapt SCP-4797-2 for use in the containment of humanoid SCPs. Proposals for use in the amnestics department are currently under review. In addition, Items 4797-A through -D are currently being tested for potential use in containment procedures.

Description: SCP-4797 is a rectangular glass tunnel, originally located at the mid-point of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. SCP-4797 is only visible and tangible to certain individuals with reality-bending properties, namely those related to an enhanced perception of light.

When looking through SCP-4797's walls, viewers describe a void which emits no light. Prolonged observation results in paranoia and discomfort.1 Upon emerging from SCP-4797, individuals find themselves on the top level of a complex structure in what is presumed to be an adjacent dimension.

The structure, henceforth referred to as SCP-4797-1, is a cylindrical tower, and extends for an unknown length towards a source of gravity below. Although a permanent layer of mist has prevented any observation from the upper level beyond 8km, preliminary analyses indicate that it extends downwards for at least 500km.

The top layer resembles a city that is thought to have been abandoned over a century ago. Few personal items or goods have survived. It is hypothesised that the city was very swiftly but thoroughly evacuated. A few inscriptions and documents in an unknown language and script have been found, but have not as yet been decipherable. Of note are the complex wall murals covering most external surfaces; a full iconographical analysis has been scheduled.

SCP-4797-1's architecture resembles a particularly monumental kind of Classical architecture, but with some influences from mid-19th century San Francisco. The structure of the upper layer is highly regimented, consisting of three concentric circles surrounding a central square: a commercial circle, a residential circle, and a leisure circle composed primarily of elaborate gardens and waterways.

The top layer appears to have been occupied by societal elites, and supplied by the layers beneath it, although the method of food production is as yet unknown without further exploration. A series of booths in the central square contain ladders which extend to the lower layers. A series of exploratory missions are planned, pending approval of Director Johannes Tufto.

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