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A pineapple grown on SCP-4796.

Item #: SCP-4796

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4796 has been acquired by the Foundation and designated as private property. Posted guards are to amnesticize any civilians who reach the island. All testing with SCP-4796 pineapples is to take place on Provisional Research Site-4796, located on the island.

Description: SCP-4796 is a small uninhabited island off the coast of Costa Rica covered entirely in pineapple plants.

Ripe SCP-4796 pineapples are larger and sweeter than other varieties of pineapple, possess higher amounts of vitamin C and manganese, and contain human bones and/or teeth in roughly 32% of instances. If consumed on the island, these pineapples exert no anomalous effects.

The coastline of SCP-4796 is ringed with small stone spheres etched with various symbols. Removing a pineapple beyond the edge of this ring causes the pineapple to begin glowing slightly. If the pineapple is consumed after this, the eater's cerebrospinal and synovial fluids are converted to pineapple juice and the remains of the pineapple distort and grow into SCP-4796-A.

SCP-4796-A is a 10 m long octapedal creature with a lizard-like body, two clusters of four clawed legs each, and an oversized, split pineapple forming its head. It is composed of pineapple flesh with a skin of resilient, interlocking pineapple leaves resembling pangolin skin. SCP-4796-A will swallow and digest anyone who removed pineapples before digging into the ground and disappearing. SCP-4796-A will then emerge from underground back on the island and regurgitate the bones, burying them and itself in the ground. If multiple pineapples are removed from the island, SCP-4796-A will consume the offenders sequentially, returning to the island between each manifestation.

Destruction or attempted capture of SCP-4796-A results in it collapsing into a pile of pineapples. One of these pineapples contains a human skull engraved with the same symbols as the spheres, which instantaneously demanifests when SCP-4796-A reforms again.

Exploration of SCP-4796 revealed an underground cavern containing several large stone altars and tablets in a semicircular arrangement. All tablets were inscribed with intricate carvings depicting pineapples descending from the sky, human figures worshipping pineapples, and human figures forming a circle around a pile of pineapples. One headless desiccated humanoid corpse was chained on top of the central altar, holding a wooden shield.

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