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Still frame of the video contained on SCP-4794-2.

Item #: SCP-4794

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4794-1 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell, equipped with a Mark I shock collar operated by researchers currently observing SCP-4794-1, which is to be administered should SCP-4794-1 attempt direct communication pertaining to the cosmos. Batteries are to be exchanged once every 72 hours. Conversations of outer space outside of testing are not to be discussed around SCP-4794-1.

SCP-4794-2 is to be stored at Site-15 inside a secure storage vault while continuously exposed to electromagnetic pulses. The microchip embedded inside SCP-4794-2 is not to be touched at any time until a more efficacious method is found.

Civilians who have viewed Season 4 Episode 1 of the game show Chain Reaction1 in the United States are to be located and applied Class-C amnestics. All television and radio broadcasts of the show are to be intercepted following Protocol Nu-Tau 2.

Description: SCP-4794-1 is an extraterrestrial entity capable of transforming, though this ability is exhibited seldomly. SCP-4794-1 currently takes the appearance of Dylan Lane.2 SCP-4794-2 is a desktop computer that possesses internal components made from an unknown material. These components include a 3.5 mm microchip, a 1 petabyte hard drive, several luminous circuits containing an unknown blue liquid, and a motherboard with the phrase "Elerium" inscribed on it.

SCP-4794-2 prior to containment.

An identical microchip to the one found in SCP-4794-2 was also discovered embedded in the skull of SCP-4794-1 through X-ray observation. All attempts to withdraw the chips were met with a voltage pulse to both SCP-4794-1 and handlers, resulting in destruction of nerves and temporary visual impairment, with repeated actions worsening the effect.

SCP-4794-1 is incapable of mentioning outer space in a direct manner without repercussion. Any attempt at writing, speaking, or messages through binary code of the aforementioned topic have been met with SCP-4794-1 undergoing an electrical shock of varying magnitudes. Other methods are currently being explored to allow SCP-4794-1 to communicate in this regard.

No login is necessary to gain access to SCP-4794-2's desktop, however all files excluding a single video are encrypted. All attempts to decrypt the remaining files have been met with failure.
The video displays two entities standing before a sunrise with a spacecraft clearly visible, communicating in an unintelligible language. Throughout the video, various footage is displayed showing numerous unidentified spacecraft traveling to and orbiting other planets. Despite being hundreds of kilometers apart, SCP-4794-1 reacted to the playback promptly, performing a series of military style salutes and poses. According to SCP-4794-1, the video is a planetary anthem.

Prior to containment, SCP-4794-2 broadcasted unintelligible messages through extremely low frequencies in the radio spectrum, although sudden spikes in the frequency were recorded whenever SCP-4794-1 received a shock. Research is currently on-going as to the true relationship between SCP-4794-1 and SCP-4794-2. See Addendum 4794-2 for details.

Addendum 4794-1: Discovery:
On the date of 2018/11/17, SCP-4794-1 and SCP-4794-2 were discovered during a specialized live game of Chain Reaction, where two teams of three contestants competed to decipher two-word phrases to win money. The computer (In this case, SCP-4794-2) uses internal memory to form these phrases, with SCP-4794-1 also capable of creating its own phrases. The game proceeded as normal until undecipherable phrases were displayed. Below is a transcript of the event.

Note: Names have been replaced with player numbers 1-6 for the sake of brevity. The men are players 1, 2, and 3, the women are 4, 5, and 6.

SCP-4794-1: Today, three sorority girls from the University of Southern California take on three pals from Tennessee! It's a battle of the sexes right here, on Chain Reaction!

More people join the audience, stage lights then focus on the contestants.

SCP-4794-1: I'm Dylan Lane and I will be your host for this magnificent game! I'm joined by these lovely ladies and these…primitive men, racing to connect pairs of phrases to form a multipart chain! Each correct answer will earn you the dough. Play well, and you'll be taking more money home than I have in my entire life time! Let's get right into it folks! Before we start of course, we'll need to give you the chain!

The audience begins cheering as the background monitor lights up.

SCP-4794-1: Alright players, you'll have to connect the word "Chain" to the word "Reaction"! All correct answers are worth 100 dollars! Allow me to preface this, wrong answers will serve to only… upset me, no pressure! Men, you've won the coin flip backstage, you will go first.

Player 1: Well I better go for one letter under Chain, sir.

The letter "R" is displayed.

Player 1: Well uhh… rust?

SCP-4794-1: Is it rust? Let's see folks!

A loud buzzing sound can be heard.

SCP-4794-1: Isn't that a shame? Ladies, now it's your turn.

Player 4: One letter under Chain please!

The letter "U" is displayed.

Player 4: Rule?

SCP-4794-1: Is it rule folks!? Let's see it now!

The word rule is revealed under the word chain.

SCP-4794-1: It is! Perfect; ladies, you are winning by $100 against the men! You're on the board! Player 5, a letter above or below?

Player 5: A letter below please! I need my new lawn-mower!

The letter "S" is revealed.

Player 5: Errr….. A-Aah…

SCP-4794-1: We need an answer!

Player 5: Stick!

Another buzzing sound is heard.

SCP-4794-1: Ooooh… such a shame. Player 2, above or below?

Player 2: Well.. hm.. I've gotta go for above. Everyone's choosing below.

"☽" is displayed on the screen.

Player 2: Oh… well uh.. can't say I was really expecting that.. so, the moon?

A buzzing sound is heard once more.

SCP-4794-1: No, you incompetent β€” I mean.. that is not the correct answer! Player 6! Please choose a word above or below!

Player 6: A letter below!~

The letter "P" is revealed.

Player 6: Hmph, so, so easy. Space, obviously.

Approximately 5 seconds of silence before the word "Space" is revealed under "Rule".

SCP-4794-1: Congrats ladies! The women are now up by $200! Player 4, choose a letter above or below!

Player 4: Letter under Space, please.

The letter "C" is revealed.

Player 4: Hmmm… Chicken?

A buzzer sound goes off, SCP-4794-1's body shakes briefly. SCP-4794-1 is observed to have its arms replaced by protruding appendages for a single frame before reverting back.

SCP-4794-1: No, no! Space chicken? Player 3! Choose a letter.

Player 3: Settle down there, partner. I'm gonna take a shot at a letter below.

The letter "O" is revealed.

Player 3: Ah, I got just the thing. Cow. Raised quite a few of 'em on my days at the farm.

The audience, including SCP-4794-1 go silent for approximately 10 seconds. Another buzzer sound is heard. A growing vein is spotted on the face of SCP-4794-1.

SCP-4794-1: If this is the mental capacity of humans, I fear what will- I-I mean… Player 5, choose the next letter..

Player 5 Giggles Okay! Letter below again!

The letter "N" is revealed.

Player 5: Hmm…. Control?

Buzzer sound once again.


Advertisements are shown for approximately 4 minutes.

SCP-4794-1: Welcome back! Let's not waste what little time we have left here and move on to the next contestant!

Player 1: I guess it's my turn again, sir? Letter below please.

The letter "Q" is revealed.

Player 1: It's over pals! I say it has to be Conquest!

The word "Conquest" is revealed under "Space".

SCP-4794-1: Alright men, you are still trailing behind by $100! Let's do a switcheroo, player 6, you'll get the opportunity to double your teams' current winnings.

Player 6: Ugh, putting all of the stress on me I see.. well, one below.

The letter "S" is revealed.

Player 6: Uhm.. under conquest, let's see… special?

A buzzer sound goes off once more, though it noticeably increases in volume. For a brief moment, SCP-4794-1's eyes turn pitch black before turning back to normal.

SCP-4794-1: Player 3, are you prepared?

Player 3: Ready as I'll ever be. I'll go with one below as well.

The letter "L" is revealed.

Player 3: Ah, grandma always told me as a kid to never slap the dog, so I'm going to go with that.

The buzzer sound goes off again, still increasing in volume.

Player 3: Damn it to hell, I could've sworn…

SCP-4794-1: Player 4, I hope you'll be able to pick up the slack from your teammates!

Player 4: W-Well I hope so too.. hmm… may I get a letter below this time?

The letter "A" is revealed.

Player 4: W-Well if it wasn't slap, then.. slave..?

SCP-4794-1: An interesting choice! Let us see it!

The word "Slave" is revealed under Conquest.

SCP-4794-1: Perfect, do all of you now understand? Ruling the heavens, a-

Suddenly, large amounts of confetti begin shooting out onto the participants' area, with loud buzzing going off. Spotlights roam across the audience.

SCP-4794-1: O-Oh! It seems like the bonus round has begun! Both groups must attempt to answer the next secret phrase in 15 seconds! The one who wins will receive another $200! Let's see it now!

The first word revealed is "Hegemonizing". A timer now begins counting down as the participants discuss the potential answer.

SCP-4794-1: Time's up! Women, what did you decide for the second word?

Player 4: W-Well… since the word means to bring under some sort of political presence… is it society?

SCP-4794-1: Oh my goodness folks! What an educated answer! But, is it the correct one?

A buzzer sound goes off.

SCP-4794-1: Nice try, but let's see if the men can bring themselves up from the dumpster. What did you come up with?

Player 3: Tch, these girls don't know what they're talking about. But we came up with civilization.

SCP-4794-1: Another answer. Let's see if it's right.

The word "Civilization" is revealed next to "Hegemonizing".

SCP-4794-1: Congratulations men, for once you've done something I can actually respect, but in the end, I wonder if any of you are capable of deciphering the last phrase. Player 2, let's have you take the next shot with just one last phrase remaining.

Player 2: Hmm… well, I've got no choice. One above if you will.

πŸ‘ is revealed next to the Moon.

Player 2: Oh, uhm… Moon-eye emoji? Like, what? Man, if I wanted to text, I would've just stayed at home.

SCP-4794-1 grits its teeth, visibly frustrated while looking at the contestants. A small spark can be seen from the back of its head.

SCP-4794-1: I'm going to go insane… I think if I hear another wrong answer with this phrase, I'll just show it to you myself! If you can decipher it, you will obtain the knowledge necessary to save your very life! Player 5, are you up to it?

Player 5: I'll try my best! Give it to me straight!

"⏚" is displayed on the screen. The audience make surprised gasps.

Player 5: W-What is that!? That's not even.. English! Mister, are you just joking with-

A small window opens up on the background screen, while SCP-4794-1 visibly shakes. The following text is displayed.

SCP-4794-1: That's it! If none of you are c⏃p⏃ble of figuring this out, then I will simply spell it for you! The entire world must know what is about to happen! Pan up those cameras, rub your eyes, and look closely! The Earth and this solar system will be β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ-

SCP-4794-1 suddenly shakes and screams in extreme pain, several bolts of electricity scarring and burning its skin. SCP-4794-1 then collapses on the ground, observed to be slowly transforming into an unrecognizable shape before the recording is then cut.

SCP-4794-1 recovered three weeks later from the incident.

Addendum 4794-2: Interview Log: After recovery, an interview log was conducted between Dr. Raspy and SCP-4794-1 on 2018/12/8.

On the date of 2019/1/2, an intelligible message originated from SCP-4794-2 in binary form. Translating the message revealed an image depicting the solar system, various paths moving to and from the planets. When questioned, SCP-4794-1 stated, "We have 100 years. My lifespan is relatively short, but the Covenant's will last for millions. You need my help. Otherwise, you'll end up like them. Free to wander in the darkness forever, without anything but insignificance."

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