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Item #: SCP-4791

Object Class: Neutralized (See Significant Novels)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4791 instances will be kept in the Site-34 library for archival purposes.

Description: SCP-4791 refers to "Dr. Moroes Hadowell; The Lady's Matchmaker", a series of novels belonging to the genre of crime fiction written by PoI-4791 (M.H.). The series focuses on the protagonist of the same name; a scientist turned matchmaker at the service of the Lady, whose job it is to help his targets to meet the Lady, unsuccessfully.

The methods chosen by Dr. Moroes Hadowell always consist of causing lethal damage to his targets until they are rendered disabled.

The Lady's character is never seen in the series, her existence being solely referred to by Dr. Moroes Hadowell. She is often described as a pale woman, thin and covered with a veil, gone missing since Omega Day1.

At the end of the reading of an SCP-4791 instance, the subjects will suffer a physical ailment related to the method chosen by Dr. Moroes Hadowell for the Lady's return for 2 hours.

Addendum.1: The following is a foreword that appears in all SCP-4791 instances.

Addendum.2: Significant Novels:

Title Content Effect
Healthy Mind in a Dormant Body The chronologically first novel in the series, set after Omega Day. The novel begins with Moroes waking up from a nightmare caused by the recent disappearance of the Lady. He suffers an identity crisis, rethinking about returning to his work as a scientist. During the course of the novel, Moroes reconciles with his matchmaking aspect and finds his next target, a homeless man. Moroes incapacitates the homeless man and surgically removes the brain. At the end, Moroes cuts the brain in half in an attempt to bring the Lady back, with no success. Loss of perception of external stimuli, perception of bilocation.
Offering to the Lady In this novel, Moroes regards the Lady as a divine figure and tries to recover her presence. The novel begins with Moroes selecting his next target, a man of Spanish nationality. The method of incapacitation consists of making a human sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli with a flint carved like a razor. In the end, Moroes pulls out the heart and tries to prevent it from beating, with no success. Severe chest pain, followed by a progressive decrease2 in heartbeats until reaching 1 bpm.
Burning From the Cell Unlike the other novels, it takes place inside Moroes' laboratory and without any direct mention of the Lady. Moroes has several cell cultures of different animal species, ready for testing. The same result occurs in all of them; the incineration of the cultures without apparent damage. Burning sensation in random parts of the body.
Eden is the First Grave First novel to deviate from the genre of crime novel, embracing surrealist elements. In it, Moroes, along with a soldier whose name is unknown, infiltrate an abandoned scientific research center, following a clue to the whereabouts of the Lady. When they reach the alleged whereabouts, a gate emerges in the middle of the room. Before crossing it, the soldier looks sadly at Moroes and returns. After crossing the door, Moroes finds himself in a daisy garden. Finally, he arrives at a house, in which he finds a woman with blonde hair and a pale face without life. The remaining pages are blank. 2 hours after completing the reading, the words "Oh my Lady, now the world can never know you as you truly are!" manifested on the previously blank pages. Immediately following this, all SCP-4791 instances stopped exhibiting anomalous properties.
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