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The following document is not an error and is not to be edited. Please do not report the SCP-4787 file to RAISA.

— Dr. Kitty Kearns

I shouldn't be writing this on the database, but there is a man you don't remember, and I'm going to explain why. I shouldn't be writing this. But fuck it, I want what happened to be known. If I knew, I would have.

Do you remember Black Hole Road?

May 18th, 2021. I was assigned to investigate a pothole in some town in New Jersey. There were witness reports of strange happenings near it, so some of us were dispatched. That's how I met Agent Brooks Wall — he was a good man; engaged, reasonable, but didn't take shit from anyone. He was the one leading the mission.

So, we arrived. Our cover was as road workers sent to check up on the pothole, see if there was a logical explanation for the shit that happened. But as you can imagine, there wasn't.

Things would fall in and they would not come out; not the same, anyway. Took a bit to put that bit together. There was always something similar about the two. If the input was plastic, so was the output. If the input was a small animal, so was the output. It wasn't that high-risk of an anomaly.

Brooks wanted to find a way to look inside the pothole without going inside; we thought it impossible, but it wasn't that hard, not for Brooks. Stuck his head inside with a flashlight; we learned the entire object had to enter that pothole to change. He said it was no use, he was seeing nothing but dust.

As we went to help him up, his attitude changed. He wanted to go as far into the pothole without entering. It was a crazy idea — we all insisted so, but he persisted. He instructed we grab hold of his ankles and hoist him below. We were hesitant, but Brooks insisted that he "had to see what was down there".

We did as he instructed, and waited.

A few minutes passed. Suddenly, it was not as easy to keep a hold of him. We asked Brooks if he was okay and if he saw anything. To if he saw something: yes. But what he saw? "Something amazing. I can't let it get away from me, this could advance my career!" And he was gone.

What an idiot he was, and I was an even bigger one for letting him go. There was a part of myself that knew it was a trap, but I didn't listen. It was an offer too good to pass up — I don't even remember what I saw. All I know is that, that whatever it was stole my life away from me. That pothole messes with memories — I learned this after I was affected. You don't remember what the input was once it comes out brand new — or the pothole. Out with the old, in with the new, no questions asked. Why couldn't someone have asked?

I just want you to remember me as Brooks Wall.

The Foundation has concluded that no subjects known as Brooks Wall or Quinn Lake (the personnel ID attached to this SCP file) are or have been employed by the Foundation. Investigations are ongoing.

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