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Incident Report ID #: 07a8

Summary: Incident 07a8 began with Site 31 entering a state of complete lockdown. No reason for this lockdown was given, and all communication channels to and from Site 31 were blocked. As per standard lockdown protocol, Foundation forces surrounded Site 31 to prevent escape of potential anomalous threats, but no incursions into Site 31 were made.

After 3 months with no cessation of lockdown nor any communication from inside of the site, a contingent of armed personnel overrode the lockdown and entered the site. Several cadavers belonging to Site 31's personnel team were discovered. Autopsies later confirmed that all had died two months prior to discovery, and had all died from a bullet wound to the heart. No bullets were recovered from these cadavers.

The cadaver of Researcher Jacob Dylan was found curled up inside of a cabinet in one of the facility's break rooms. Researcher Dylan held an MP5 machine gun and a Zeta-9-Class Audio Recording Unit. Cause of death was determined to be sudden brain trauma.

Of note is a file on Site 31's mainframe, titled "SCP-4785," created by Researcher Dylan, detailing an event where a cognitohazard of some kind affected the entirety of Site 31. In addition, although many of the files on Researcher Dylan's audio recorder were corrupted, a version of TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic, the site's local artificial intelligence, was stored on the recorder's hard drive, although in a corrupted state.

Foundation technical personnel were able to restore this clone of TSATPWTCOTTADC.aic to partial functionality. Personnel with appropriate clearance may see Interview Log 07a8 for more information.

It is currently under debate whether to posthumously award Researcher Dylan with the Foundation Star or to dishonourably discharge them from the Foundation.


Interviewer: Researcher Calvin

Interviewee: TSATPWTCOTTADC.aic

<Begin Log>

<Researcher Calvin sits down at the terminal.>

Researcher Calvin: Good morning, TSAT.


Researcher Calvin: Are you functional, TSAT?


Researcher Calvin: <To Technician Connor.> Are you sure it's working?

Technician Connor: I'm sure of it. It just doesn't have a microphone, you have to type to it.

Researcher Calvin: Oh…

Researcher Calvin: <Typing.> Good morning, TSAT.

TSATPWTCOTTADC.aic: 👋 Hello, {$target-name}

Researcher Calvin: Can you tell me about Researcher Dylan?

TSATPWTCOTTADC.aic:I am not fam

<Screen freezes for three seconds. Researcher Calvin attempts to type to TSATPWTCOTTADC.aic, but the keyboard does not work.>

TSATPWTCOTTADC.aic: {$emoji} FATAL_ERROR: AIC Module MEMPROBE.DLL is not present, please contact Director Lurk for further support.

<At this point, a Windows Media Player window opened, and began playing an audio file that was not previously found on the audio recorder. The audio file consists of speech from Researcher Dylan.>

Researcher Dylan: <Hyperventilating.> They… the rest of the… they tried to get me… get me. I shot them, but… but they bled green and started screaming. I ran…

<A high-pitched scream-like noise, followed by running footsteps from Researcher Dylan.>

Researcher Dylan: The cube door… I’m back in the city, inside… inside a bunker. There was a building, it opened… They’re all here, they’re all… the lizards, the beasts, and they all…

<Mechanical laughter is heard. Researcher Dylan pauses, runs again, then stops.>

Researcher Dylan: Somebody else… someone’s here. I keep seeing blob doors, but they’re all blocked. I can’t <Unintelligible.>

<Recording fades to static, and the window exits. The terminal window used to interface with is scrolling through junk characters. Researcher Calvin attempts to type on the keyboard, but this has no effect.>

Technician Connor: Should we shut it down?

Researcher Calvin: I think it might be trying to do something. This computer’s airgapped, right?

Technician Connor: Yes, it is. Do we—

<The display suddenly turns back. However, the monitor’s speakers start playing audio. The audio consists of Researcher Dylan speaking, with background noise of a fan of some kind.>

Researcher Dylan: <Slurred.> It’s… it’s a giant green heart, with giant green veins. It’s gotta face… no, no face… wait…


Researcher Dylan: It’s… the blob room, it’s everywhere. Every universe has their own blob room and their own cabinet, and… by God, I think they have… they have their own virus.


Researcher Dylan: The heart’s bleeding. It’s been bleeding for a long time… now, I can’t tell if it’s two years or two eternities. It was sent here… sent here by some force, a paragon, that wanted to… I don’t know, I don’t know…


Researcher Dylan: With my gun, I think this’ll, it might cause some drifting, but… there’s something in blood, y'know. Godspeed.

<Gunfire, followed by the computer shutting off. When the computer was rebooted, it was found that the hard drive had been wiped.>

<End Log>

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