"Cube" Incursion Log #2
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Transcript generated by TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic

Researcher Dylan: <Mid-sentence.> —cause we— wait, one of the lights on the recorder just— did I have the recorder off the whole time?

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: ✔️ Affimative. ✔️

<Researcher Dylan sighs.>

Researcher Dylan: I'll start from the beginning. I went through the door with the square on it from the cabinet last time, and I ended up back in the big city. I found a tunnel that went to the big skyscraper in the middle of the city, which didn't have any boards, for whatever reason.

Elevator was broken— well, not broken, but TSAT kept telling me that it wasn't stable. I took the stairs, but the upper floors were blocked by the web shit, and I know I don't want to touch that. Don't want another one of the lizards chasing me again. Anyways, I went downstairs, and there was a big hole in the concrete floor, and I climbed down that and now I'm in this big secret lab, like the basement back at Site-31.


I think that's everything. Anyways, It's dark in here, but we found a terminal, and TSAT's trying to hack it to get the lights on. I've been standing here for the past few minutes, waiting for—

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: ✔ Vulnerability Found, Login Completed ✔ — 💡 Activating lights…

<Click from lights activating.>

Researcher Dylan: Now I can see the rest of the room… It's pretty white, sterile, except for the green web, which I didn't see coming in. I'm lucky I avoided it. There's some doors, but they're blocked with the green web. The terminal's in front of a window, looking into a testing room, from the looks of it. It's labeled "Greenroot Holdings Inc." I don't see how you're supposed to get in.

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: 🔎 Mainframe analysis complete, executable program found. ❓ Should I execute it?

Researcher Dylan: Go ahead. Let's see if this still works.

<Whirring noises, presumably from the machine activating.>

Researcher Dylan: Okay, there's a, uh, chemistry set, that came out of a hole in the wall, inside of the test chamber. There's something red and clear in the vials, I'm not a chemist, I can't tell what it is. Another hole opened up on the other side of the room; if something's supposed to be coming out of it, it's broken.

There's something extending out of the table holding the chemistry set. It's like a syringe, but it looks longer. It's still… extending out.

<Whirring noises for 5 seconds, then the noises suddenly cease.>

Researcher Dylan: It… it stopped. I don't know—


Researcher Dylan: Wait! Shit, shit—

<High-pitched roaring from one of the hallways, similar to that of the lizard-like creature from the initial incursion.>

Researcher Dylan: I need to hide, need to hide…

<Metal banging, followed by Researcher Dylan hyperventilating. Footsteps, combined with a wet, squishy sound, come from the room.>

<The creature then leaves the room. Researcher Dylan attempts to exit his hiding place, but it will not open.>

Researcher Dylan: It— it left behind more of the weird green stuff, like a spider. Webbed the cabinet shut. I guess that's, that's what it's about—

<A shout from Researcher Dylan, followed by the sudden deactivation of the audio recorder. The audio recorder is reactivated 1 minute and 36 seconds later.>

Researcer Dylan: —it, my arm, my arm… leaned backwards, and I fell into some… I can't tell. I'm back in the slime room. It somehow took me back to the slime room, what the hell? Where did I come from?

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