"Cube" Incursion Log #1
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Researcher Dylan: This is Researcher Dylan again. I feel like I've recovered from the last incursion, and I'm ready to jump back in again.


Researcher Dylan: I actually tried going back through the moon door, a few days back. Turns out there's an entire pack of lizard-creatures there, now. So I guess I'll move on to the cube door.

<Sound of Researcher Dylan opening the door.>

Researcher Dylan: It looks like we're in a city now. Outskirts of one, actually, I see a sign. It says… hold on. TSAT, what does the Las Vegas sign look like again?

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: ❗ The Las Vegas sign is a sideways diamond with a white coloration and a yellow border. The words "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada" are written on the sign.

Researcher Dylan: Yep, that's it. We're in Vegas. That confirms we're in an alternate universe, unless we decided to spray green web shit over Vegas while I was gone.


Researcher Dylan: There's a motorcycle shop here. All the windows and doors are boarded up, like you do when there's a hurricane.

<Pause, followed by the sound of something impacting wood and a grunt.>

Researcher Dylan: It's boarded up good. I'm too lanky to knock it down. Wish I had an axe.


Researcher Dylan: All the buildings here are boarded up too. They're all built to last. <Pause.> Up ahead, I see a skyscraper, above all the other hotels. It has the blob on it, the one from the doors. <Pause.> I wish I could get over there, but I can't. The green web is covering the entrance to the city. I think I’d trip it.

Now that I look, there’s actually a way in to that motorcycle shop. The window at the back of the shop was broken by… something. I can guess what it is.

<Footsteps, followed by a grunt from Researcher Dylan hoisting himself through the window.>

Researcher Dylan: This looks like a kitchen. Like somebody actually lived here. Must have been the owner of the shop.

<Footsteps, followed by a distant high-pitched roar.>

Researcher Dylan: In the distance, on one of the hotels, in the web, I can see the creatures. They're walking around on the web, like spiders. <Pause.> I don't think they've seen me, they're not looking over here. I need to be quiet. Hold on…

<Rusty metal sound from a door opening.>

Researcher Dylan: Almost stubbed my toe on this safe down here. It's cracked open, like someone forgot to close it. There's something inside.


Researcher Dylan: These look like family photos. Their kid's cute. The dude looks like he's balding a bit.


Researcher Dylan: There's also a newspaper in the safe. The headline is: "northeastern swarm increases to 50,000, U.S. government still refuses to act." "Swarm?" I can't believe there's 50,000 of them.

There's nothing else in the safe. I wonder if there's anything else in this place.

<Footsteps, followed by the sound of a door being blocked by a large object. This is repeated.>

Researcher Dylan: Both of the doors are locked. <Pause.> Shit, it's cold here. Isn't Vegas supposed to be warm? I'm just wearing my lab uniform here, and it's summertime back home. I'll come back here once I have a coat.

<Grunt from Researcher Dylan leaving the motorcycle shop, followed by some footsteps.>

Researcher Dylan: Those lizards are still over there. The way they walk, prancing along, careful… It reminds me of how the guys back at the site, the infected guys, how they go around…

<Researcher Dylan then exits through the entry point. Recording ends.>

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