Initial Incursion Log
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Transcript generated by TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic

Researcher Dylan: Alright, recorder’s up. Uh, I’m back inside the cabinet, in the room with the slime. This time, I have a light. Also, I figured out how to install TSAT into an audio recorder, so, say hi, TSAT.


Researcher Dylan: Anyways, now I can see in the dark. I was right, it’s a metal room, around 20 feet by 20 feet. Walls are made of rusty gray metal, looks like they’re bolted together, can’t tell how long they’ve been around.

Also, I’m standing in some weird yellow slime. Heaven knows what it is, but I’m glad I brought rain boots.

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: 📝 Note: 📝 If you scream at the slime, I can analyze the soundwaves that bounce off of it, and use my vast database of audio analysis knowledge to get a general idea of its composition.

Researcher Dylan: Huh. If you say so…

<Researcher Dylan screaming at the slime.>

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: 🔎 Estimated Analysis — 👄 50% human saliva, 💧 30% non-anomalous water, ❓ 20% unknown biological solution.

Researcher Dylan: Thanks. Uh, should probably avoid the slime, then…

Anyways, there was a door in the wall, that I missed. I'm gonna open it. Rusty handle, looks like it hasn't been opened in forever. Opening in 3… 2… 1…

<Creak from opening rusty door, followed by humming from Researcher Dylan.>

Researcher Dylan: There’s a hallway here. Less dirty than the room, but it still smells like a swamp. The slime isn’t on the floor like it was in the last room.

There’s four doors, not counting the one I came through. They all have symbols carved into them. First one to the left has a crescent, like a moon. Second one has a square. First to the right has a circle. Last one has a weird shape; "blob" is the best way I can describe it.

<Rusty creaking from Researcher Dylan closing the door.>

Researcher Dylan: Weird. The door I came in from has the Shield on it. The logo, the thing we put on all of our reports. The circle with the arrows. That’s engraved into the door.


Researcher Dylan: Eenie meenie minie moe… I guess I’ll choose the moon door.

<Creaking from opening the door, followed by a gasp from Researcher Dylan.>

Researcher Dylan: Alright, there's sunlight out here…

<Clicking of the flashlight turning off, followed by footsteps from Researcher Dylan walking through the door.>

Researcher Dylan: The door lead to a valley, or a canyon. Don't know the proper term. Um, it's dirt, and the walls are too tall for me to climb. The swamp smell is still here, but it's died down. Smells like Freon now, if anything.

There's some weird stuff up above, going over the valley. Reminds me a bit of green Silly String, it's draped over the canyon for as far as I can see. It's way thicker than Silly String, though; looks like I could crawl through it, if it was hollow.

The door I came through's embedded in the side of the valley. There's no moon on this side, just a rusty iron door. Looks almost like a mirage, now that I think about it. Looks like I could stick my hand through it.


No, it's metal. <Pause.> I guess I'll walk along the canyon's walls.

<Footsteps from Researcher Dylan walking down the valley.>

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: ⚠️ Warning: ⚠️ Analysis of breathing pattern complete, it is estimated that there is less oxygen in the atmosphere than on Earth. It is recommended that you avoid strenuous, aerobic activities.

Researcher Dylan: Good to know. Definitely won't be able to climb the cliff, then.

<Researcher Dylan takes approximately 15 steps forwards without comment. He goes around a corner during this time.>

Researcher Dylan: It's a house. Two stories, gray, looks old as crap. Some of the string stuff from up above is connected to the house. Sorta like a spider web.

<Footsteps, followed by a grunt from Researcher Dylan, then silence.>

Researcher Dylan: I just threw a rock at one of the strings connected to the house. It's elastic, like a guitar string. Make a little "pwang" sound too.

<Footsteps, followed by the sound of Researcher Dylan opening the door to the house.>

Researcher Dylan: Inside of the house looks like the out. Everything's tattered, like a herd o' dogs came through here. The green stuff from outside is in here too. Smells a lot more like Freon. There's a flat screen TV with a Samsung logo. If this is another planet or an alternate dimension, like TSAT said, they have the same brands as us.

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: ❓ I never stated that this area is either an exoplanet or a parallel timeline.

Researcher Dylan: What about the atmosphere stuff that you said?

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: 🌬️ It is possible, although unlikely, that we could be at a high altitude, or equivalent in this area. With more complex equipment, I could conduct further analysis and determine deviation, if any, from baseline Earth for a more accurate measurement.

Researcher Dylan: Noted. Uh, I'm gonna avoid the green shit. Looks sticky.


There isn't much here, other than the silly string and some old furniture. I'll head upstairs.

<Wooden footsteps from Researcher Dylan going up a set of stairs, followed by the sound of a door opening.>

Researcher Dylan: Shit. There’s a skeleton in here, on the bed. It still has a bit of flesh on it, must be somewhat recent. Scared me a bit. Sorry, uh, this is a bedroom. There’s a lampstand with a book on it. Says "Diary" on the front.

<Researcher Dylan picks up the book. Sound of pages turning follows.>

Researcher Dylan: Alright, here’s the last entry. "September 18th, 2018." This is definitely recent. Let’s read it.

"It’s been a long time, but I’m afraid that I’m probably boned now. I’ve been bedridden for days, and my vision is turning red, just like Maurice. I don’t know if I caught it from Maurice or one of the kids, but in any case this is probably the end of me.

"I shot a firework up a half hour or so ago. If the beasts didn’t already know where I am, they do now. My gun’s already out of bullets, and there’s no chance of me getting up to find a weapon to impale myself with. I guess I’ll just go with getting eaten.

"I heard one of them roar. I just hope that they don’t make a mess of the place."

Researcher Dylan: Uh, about your place, buddy. Alright, some shit definitely went down here. He said "caught", maybe something about a disease? I’ll go back a few entries, see if I see anything.

"September 6th, 2018"

I had to put down Shauna today.

She came up to me with the sniffles and said that her vision was turning red, like Theo’s was. I took her outside and told her to look at the pretty flowers. Then I shot her in the back of the head.

Maurice saw me do it but she didn’t stop me. The last thing we want is—

<Researcher Dylan is interrupted by a loud, high-pitched roar in the distance.>

Researcher Dylan: What was that? Fuck. I should get out of here.

<Footsteps from Researcher Dylan descending the stairs, followed by creaking from opening the door. Similar roars can be heard rapidly approaching Researcher Dylan. Heavy breathing from Researcher Dylan jogging.>

<After a period of jogging, the roar from before is heard, but distinctly closer. Gasp from Researcher Dylan.>

Researcher Dylan: It's right above me!

<Sounds of Researcher Dylan running, as well as stepping and screeching from the creature. After a chase, Researcher Dylan slams the door he came from shut. He then takes some time to recover.>

Researcher Dylan: <Exhausted> It… I got away, but it…

<Creaking from the door opening, then shutting.>

Researcher Dylan: …still out there, I think it's patrolling… looked a bit like a giant lizard, neon green, big, big teeth, spikes… the worst part was… the worst part.. human… human face, all stretched out, over its reptile head… terrifying.

<Researcher Dylan spends some more time recovering.>

Researcher Dylan: I think that's all… TSAT, what time is it?

TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic: ⏰ The current time is 2203 hours, or 10:03 PM.

Researcher Dylan: Jesus Christ, I'm beat. I need a rest.

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