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Item #: SCP-4785

Object Class: Memetic

Containment Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Unfortunately, SCP-4785 is not able to be contained. However, SCP-4785 seems to be limited to Site-31. I will take any action necessary to keep it there.

Some notes:

  • Look like you're doing work, whatever's happening, they can't tell between me doing actual documentation and me writing Lorem Ipsum into Word. I've used trial and error to figure out that 2 hours of work to 1 hour of investigation is usually a good ratio.
  • Security camera in Hall C3 is broken. There's a pretty accessible vent there that connects with Break Room 3. Use it if you don't want them to get footage of you sneaking around.
  • Try to avoid conversation about SCPs, just keep it pedestrian. Just spew some shit about the Dodgers, it's not like they'll correct you.
  • Whatever you do, don't let them see you getting into Break Room 3.

Description: SCP-4785 is the phenomenon that has affected all personnel at Site-31. For reasons unknown, the only person unaffected by SCP-4785 is me.

SCP-4785 causes slurred speech, slowing of thought, loss of memory, loss of intelligence, loss of personality, and other potential symptoms that I do not know of yet. This phenomena appears to be centered around Break Room 3, as they become uneasy when I bring it up, and defend it with some level of hostility.

Addendum 01: My name is Researcher Jacob R. Dylan. I've been working with the Foundation for eight years, and I've been stationed at Site-31 for two. My clearance level is 2/3662.

I first noticed something was up when I arrived at work and everybody was moving around like the life was drained out of them. It's an office environment, but this was a new level of foot-dragging. Whenever I tried to talk to somebody, they either just shrugged it off or grunted in response.

Later that day, I went to the break room to get some coffee. Dr. Jameston tells me that I can't go into the break room. I ask him why. He just stares me down. When I try to get past him, he pulls a knife, so I defuse the situation, telling him that I'll go to Break Room 2. He puts down the knife, and I walk away.

Now they've done a site lockdown out of nowhere. Nothing's going in, nothing's going out, not even information. The cognitohazard locks are on as well.

I'm gonna try to investigate whatever's happening here. I opened up this file to store whatever I find out in this, and I've locked it under "potential memetic contagion" so I should be the only one who can get in. Unless Director George or RAISA decides to audit the file, I should be safe.

I have a tape recorder that I brought to do interviews with the people who got stuck inside of SCP-3662 a while back. I'll find it and try to give an example of these people.

Addendum 02: Interview Log

Addendum 03: I showed the tape from above to TSAT, the site AIC. He's convinced that there's something going on, and he's going to help me.

There's a way to get into Break Room 3. In Hall C3, there's a broken security camera next to a vent that I could crawl through to the room. I think I might be able to get in there, I'm slim enough.

I don't know why they keep going inside Break Room 3 or why I'm not allowed in, but I intend to find out.

Addendum 04: This goes a lot deeper than I thought.

I crawled through the vent, and the minute I stepped in I felt something was off. You know that feeling you get when you see a picture of some abandoned cult house, or watch a movie and feel the creeps even though nothing was happening? It was sort of like that.

Nothing looked out of the ordinary, though. Just the old break room that I remember. Then, I heard a humming coming out of one of the lower cabinets, under one of the tables. Like something was vibrating. I opened it up, and there was a black void in the cabinet. Not a metaphor, just a blackness inside the cabinet, like a curtain.

I stuck my hand in, and it felt chilly, like ice water. So I crawled into the cabinet, straight into the blackness. It was completely dark on the inside, and I was able to stand up. The floor was covered with some kind of slime that smelled like battery acid. I walked until I felt a metal wall on the other side of the room. I walked along the wall, around the room. That place has got to be at least 20 feet by 20 feet. I jumped, but I couldn't reach the ceiling.

Eventually, I found the hole where I came from, and crawled back out of the cabinet. I didn't investigate further; I didn't have a light, and I didn't want to be caught by SCP-4785.

I can't get an MTF to explore the cabinet, so I guess I'll do it myself. They all still sleep in the site dormitories; I can hide in the vent before that happens, and then get into the cabinet. I have a flashlight, and TSAT helped me get ahold of one of the fancy computerized audio recorders, the kind that the MTFs use, so I'll bring that in to make sure I capture everything.

If I don't record in this file again, I died inside of the cabinet. Wish me luck.

Addendum 05: Incursion Logs

Initial Exploration
"Cube" Incursion 1
"Cube" Incursion 2
"Sphere" Incursion

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