Nihilist anart gone awry, intertwined with inexplicable small-town Canadiana.

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Item#: 4784
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Two undercover Security Officers stationed at Provisional Containment Area-94 will conduct perimeter checks at dawn and dusk. In the event of suspected damage or trespass, staff will equip SCRAMBLE1 gear before conducting an advanced sweep and re-establishing containment.

When SCP-4784-1 is not undergoing testing, the anomaly is to be concealed beneath a weighted blackout tarp, secured at each corner by a steel peg. Crossing the ten-meter safety demarcation line without SCRAMBLE protection is strictly prohibited.

Personnel with histories of depression, dissociation, and/or suicidal ideation are strongly discouraged from entering Area-94.


Opening title card.


Closing title card.

Description: SCP-4784 is a one-hectare parcel of land thirteen kilometers southeast of Hornor's Crossing, Ontario, fully enclosed by the Area-94 perimeter fence. Most territory within SCP-4784 is dense with trees, with the exception of a meadow at the approximate center of the property, thirty meters across at its widest point. As surrounding terrain is dominated by forest, brush and swampland, this area can be reached solely by controlled roadway, while the interior meadow is accessible by footpath.

SCP-4784-1 is an anomalous art installation at the center of the meadow, angled away from the secure point of entry. The focal point of the piece is an artificial rendering of a solid-state console television with a thirty-two-inch color screen and integrated speakers. It is positioned on an inclined stone plinth, three feet at its highest elevation, surrounded by a bed of artificial red roses. While all of the above objects are superficially identical to mundane analogues, they are completely immune to erosion by weather, resist attempts at manual interference, and defy material analysis. Additionally, the articulated dials on the television's "control panel" serve no function, and the thorns on the artificial roses have sharpness comparable to razor wire. These anomalies can thus be described as simulacra: creative representations of real objects.

The television screen integrated in SCP-4784-1 will remain inert unless the anomaly detects physical motion within a radius of fifty meters, at which point it will enter its active state. The anomaly begins displaying a multitude of audiovisual patterns coordinated with interlocking anomalous effects, broadly designated SCP-4784-2:

Phase Display Effect
Attract Sequence Sustained bursts of audiovisual static, interspersed with assorted still images of landscapes (predominantly forest, arctic, desert, and ocean scenes), extreme close-ups of human features, mineral compositions, and rendered fractals. Any unprotected observers with a clear line of sight are affected by a mild compulsion2 to draw nearer.

Anyone approaching within five meters of the screen will become an instance of SCP-4784-2σ, vulnerable to the anomaly's Primary Sequence. Beyond this stage, instances will not look away unless a third party physically intervenes, breaking the trance.
Opening Sequence Fade through black to resolve on a title card. The text reads:


"A Film by The Developer"

The background is a swimming, textured field of blue and green, interspersed with random noise.
SCP-4784-2σ will adopt a stationary position, sitting or standing, and maintain visual contact with the screen.
Primary Sequence Semi-individualized presentation of still images and video, five minutes and twenty-three seconds in length.

For the first two minutes, SCP-4784-2 displays reactive visuals based on the subject's personal life, cultural background, and historical period. After the first forty-six seconds, these are rapidly and increasingly juxtaposed with renderings of human suffering, violence and social neglect,3 interspersed with images of undisturbed natural habitats.

After two minutes and twenty-three seconds, the timescale increases dramatically, with stylized visuals alluding to the passage of evolutionary, geologic, and cosmological time; recorded imagery alludes to the evolution of single-celled organisms4, the formation of the Milky Way galaxy5, and the cosmic "Dark Age".6
01:20: Third-party intervention is rendered impossible as SCP-4784-2σ begins to "fade" from material existence. This effect begins in the head and torso, which become increasingly translucent, spreading outwards to the extremities in irregular waves.

02:31: SCP-4784-2σ begins to "despool" along their central axis in a manner similar to textiles or film reels being unwound. An expanding, continuous "strip" of the body becomes entirely translucent, while the remainder is gradually overwritten by static.

03:52: At approximately 30% visibility, SCP-4784-2σ begins to ripple and tear vertically in a manner similar to television scan lines. This effect intensifies until SCP-4784-2σ dematerializes completely at 05:23.
Concluding Sequence Iris out on a blooming rose, surrounded by an expanding ring of cursive text:

"If Only It Were The End…"
"Are We Cool Yet?"

Fade to black.
Secondary Sequence Iris in on a rose dying, then coming back to life in reverse.

Individualized presentation plays in accelerated reverse speed, compressed to ninety-two seconds in length.

Instances of SCP-4784-2σ interrupted prior to the Primary Sequence experience severe disorientation, mild derealization and depressive symptoms for approximately three hours, but suffer no long-term damage. Despite the implication that dematerialized instances of SCP-4784-2σ are intended to rematerialize after the Secondary Sequence, such an effect has never been observed by Foundation staff.

SCP-4784-3 is a simulated document on the outer perimeter of the meadow, adjacent to the entry footpath. The object physically resembles a leather-bound guestbook with glossy paper, resting atop a pedestal in an open position; however, the anomaly does not have any pages beyond its surface. SCP-4784-3 will update with the full legal names of any dematerialized instances of SCP-4784-2σ. Upon initial containment, it carried the following message:


Featuring Special Guest Stars:

Clementia Schweiger
Toni Vitela
Kathleen Stich
David Aylmer Brock
Devon Sundi

I didn't realize. I'm so sorry.
I don't want to be cool.

Anna Bojarski

Prior to its acquisition by the Foundation, SCP-4784 was owned by "Apollinaire Acquisitions", a defunct front company tied to anomalous artist collective "Are We Cool Yet?" The five "guest stars" listed above have been linked to various AWCY cells across North America. Schweiger, Brock, and Sundi were all graduates of Deer College, and lived together in Three Portlands until their disappearance in 2008. This was previously attributed to death by suicide due to a co-signed, handwritten message found in their home.

According to extant records, Anna Bojarski was a sophomore student at Deer College until she stopped attending anart classes in 2008. Bojarski was struggling in all her coursework and was behind on tuition payments at the time of her disappearance; other identifying information pertaining to Bojarski is missing from her student file, and no photographic evidence has been found in any Deer College yearbooks. At this time, the Foundation believes that Anna Bojarski (AKA "The Developer") was a casualty of her own prototype at a closed exhibition facilitated by AWCY.


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