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4/4783 LEVEL 4/4783
Item #: SCP-4783


A small section of SCP-4783-1. No aerial footage is available due to the government's enforcement of a no-fly-zone.

Special Containment Procedures: If an SCP-4783 instance is discovered, the entire building is to be quarantined from the public, with MTF-Xi-65 ("Lion Tamers") setting up a cordon around its entrances. Its inhabitants are to be relocated to Site-651 for examination, amnesticisation and their own protection.

UPDATE: Due to the large number of citizens who may be affected by SCP-4783 instances, MTF-Xi-65 ("Lion Tamers") have been authorised to use force if they encounter resistance from the local government.

Description: SCP-4783 is a series of residential apartment blocks in the country of Singapore. The exterior of each building appears dilapidated but is otherwise of standard construction, the oldest built approximately sixty years ago and the most recent as early as five. Each building houses approximately 8,000-10,000 individuals.

Residents of an SCP-4783 instance spontaneously develop medical conditions associated with stress and old age — namely heart disease, stroke and mental illness — within a period of one to three days, in all cases resulting in death. Individuals appear to be affected regardless of race, gender, age, preexisting conditions or how long they have been residents of SCP-4783.

Discovery: On September 21, 2017, Foundation agents embedded in Singapore's healthcare system became aware of 9,026 individuals admitted to Accident & Emergency wards across the island. While the number of reported medical emergencies was not abnormal, all 9,026 incident reports listed SCP-4783-1, located along ██ ████ Rd, as their place-of-origin.

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