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Item #: SCP-4782

Object Class: Keter

Eyes Only, O5 and Site Director Clearance Object Summary
O5-2, 11/03/92 Revised

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP staff members, including D Class personnel, are issued the physical description of SCP-4782 during acquisition. SCP-4782's photograph is posted outside of its containment chamber. No sapient entity is to physically interact with SCP-4782.

SCP-4782 does not require physical testing, and will never require it.

SCP-4782 is observed remotely at all times by staff that have passed a psychological screening as recent as two weeks prior to their station.

It is not believed that it would be possible to prevent a containment breach. In the case of a large scale breach, personnel are to be informed not to make physical contact with the entity, and that the entity will enter a dormant state if it has been successfully avoided for a brief period.

Due to the perceived nature of SCP-4782, members of the O5 are to be screened prior to appointment to verify that they have never interacted with anyone who has been involved in the containment of SCP-4782, by a minimum of three degrees of separation.

Description: SCP-4782 is currently an anthropomorphic shape, approximately 1.8 m high, and 35 cm wide. This measurement and other aspects of SCP-4782 vary depending on the observer. SCP-4782 commonly takes the form of a slender, middle aged woman with unusually large, white irises, and is dressed in a fluorescent yellow jumpsuit. This appearance is believed to be a gradual evolution due to the bias of its description, but has been codified to better identify it in the case of a containment breach.

SCP-4782 behaves in a manner typical of a human being, although it does not require any form of sustenance. The exact nature or physical composition of the shape, or the space that it exists in, is not possible due to the nature of the constraints placed on its containment. SCP-4782 does not move from its original position and has remained motionless for the duration of its containment.

Complications in the containment of SCP-4782 are primarily based on suspicion. SCP-4782 is benign, and no incidents have ever taken place during its 42 years of containment. In addition to this, physical testing of SCP-4782 is inconclusive, as no physical tests have ever been conducted on SCP-4782, and no member of staff or civilian entities have ever proven to make physical contact with SCP-4782. While it is possible that this is coincidental, it is the consensus of the O5 Council and Ethics Committee that a possible reality-wide restructuring anomaly must be acknowledged in place of the overwhelming lack of evidence. It is believed that exposures to the space where SCP-4782 exists may somehow remove the person interacting with it from having ever existed.

History: Site 5 was constructed around SCP-4782, suggesting that the object cannot, or will not, be moved. No information exists within the database to confirm either possibility. SCP-4782 was discovered by a hiker in 1977 that was suffering from dehydration, who reported a "Baphomet" coaxing him into the woods. Reports were parsed from local law enforcement and recovered by the Foundation due to an irregularity in protocol. Local officers formed a perimeter around the "devil" for five days, instead of trying to intercept it. Disinformation Campaign "Goat Woman" was mobilized and distributed to local media outlets while local law enforcement were issued an amnestic regimen.

Addendum: Interview Log, 11/06/77, conducted by Researcher Ortega during the construction of Site 5 10km north of Vesancy, France. Interviews are kept to a period of two minutes during primary containment.

Ortega approaches SCP-4782, but does not shake its hand, as is typical for this researcher when interacting with benign humanoid anomalies. Ortega's hands are folded behind him. When questioned regarding this, Ortega replied that he was very nervous during this assignment, and "did not like the broader context of the situation". He could not clarify what he meant by this.

SCP-4782 at this time was similar in appearance to its 2018 iteration, although its teeth were slightly pointed, and its ears and eyes were replaced with those similar in appearance to a Spanish goat.

Ortega: Hi. I am Doctor Ortega. How are you?

SCP-4782: I feel very safe and secure now that you are building this little house around me. How are you?

Ortega: Ortega looks at SCP-4782, laughs, and spins around walking. Ah, could be better, could be better. Ortega pauses and bares his teeth, smiling. So… I'll get to it, I've been doing this for a while. Long time. What are you, what’s your whole bag?

SCP-4782: Raises its eyebrows and frowns. You are unpeopled, aren’t you? My name is Nemmie.

Ortega: No no no! Sorry, this was very rude. I am going through the motions and unpeopled you, please forgive me.

SCP-4782: No… It is, really understandable. You're scared of me. You… Don’t like goats, their little box eyes.

Ortega: You’re not going to tell me anything are you?

SCP-4782: Braying Na'a'ah.

Addendum: Interview Log, 11/07/77, conducted by Researcher Breen

SCP-4782 takes a form similar to its prior appearances, although its eyes are now red, and has large Ibex horns. SCP-4782 is walking in place and appears agitated.

Breen: Good morning. Are you okay?

SCP-4782: Never been better.

Breen: I would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. My name is Breen, what is your name?

SCP-4782: Crosses its arms. Nemmie.

Breen: Pleasure to meet you, Nemmie. What brings you here?

SCP-4782: Nothing.

Breen: How do you mean?

SCP-4782: Nothing brought me here. Just kind of showed up.

Breen: Are you being figurative?

SCP-4782: It seems that way, doesn’t it?

Breen: You had some trouble with Ortega earlier. I am sorry, this was his first assignment. What can I do for you? We are simply trying to facilitate you.

SCP-4782: Sighs Sorry. I'm not sure how I got here… SCP-4782 looks up and massages the tip of its horn. I'm a goat person. I think I'm the only one.

Breen: Tilts his head. Oh, I really doubt it. Thank you for your time.

SCP-4782: No problem.

Addendum: Interview Log, 11/08/77, conducted by Researcher Sanders.

SCP-4782 takes a form similar to its initial appearance, although more masculine in appearance and angular. It appears to be calm.

Sanders: Hello Nemmie. I am Dr. Sanders. I am here to ask you a few questions. We've noticed that your appearance has changed a few times. Also, you haven’t moved from the confines of this space, or approached any of us. Why is this?

SCP-4782: Straight to the point, I like it. SCP-4782 pauses expectantly.

Sanders: Yes? Ma'am?

SCP-4782: Well I am definitely motivated to get through this one as fast as possible.

Sanders: You have plenty of time with us.

SCP-4782: Okay… Well, first of all, I've always looked like this and I don't wear makeup, so that's probably what you're going on.

Sanders: I see. Lets try something. You're exactly how I think you are, aren't you?

SCP-4782: Uhh

Sanders: Nods continuously "Uhhhhhh" Sanders quickly writes something on the clipboard. Possibly not sapient.

SCP-4782: Holy shit, this lady is a-

Sanders: Quick study. Thank you for your time.

Addendum: Interview Log, 11/06/85, conducted by Director Mayreder

Mayreder: Hello.

Mayreder coughing, placing pencil and clipboard on table.

Mayreder: Nemmie, right? How has the past decade been?

SCP-4782: You would imagine they were quiet, wouldn’t you?

Mayreder: Hmm. That’s right, no one has seen you have they?

SCP-4782: No one has seen me, correct.

Mayreder: Is the confinement too much?

SCP-4782: Nope. Don't really need anything.

Mayreder: Not erasing anyone or anything, or rewriting history, behaving yourself?

SCP-4782: You people are insane.

Mayreder: You can't be too sure.

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