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Item#: 4781
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Two mating SCP-4781 instances.

Special Containment Procedures: Any facilities breeding or packaging SCP-4781 are to be closed under the guise of health regulations. Forensic analysis and interviews with plant employees are to be carried out to determine a possible origin of SCP-4781 infestation. Following this, biohazard teams are to fully sanitize the facility.

Description: SCP-4781 refers to an anomalous subspecies of Arion vulgaris (Spanish slug). Unlike typical gastropods, instances do not seek out or consume plant matter, but rather derive sustenance from vinegar. Consumption of the fluid has a mollifying effect on instances, limiting their movement and allowing them to be easily handled. The organisms are non-toxic but lacking nutritionally, providing three grams of carbohydrates each.

Specimens of SCP-4781 exhibit a cognitohazardous effect, causing misidentification of the anomaly and its effects as non-anomalous dill pickles. Due to their current proliferation, it is estimated 26% of grocers in North America sell contaminated products. The date of the anomaly's first appearance is unknown.

Addendum 4781-1: Experiment Log

Location: Site-28 Low-risk Research Wing

Subject: D-41562

Foreword: KEENEYE.aic was linked to the chamber's surveillance system and instructed to transcribe the event. Neither the subject or the research personnel conducting the test were aware of the anomaly.

<Begin Log>

A Vlasic pickle jar filled with SCP-4781 instances is resting on the table. Individual specimens can be observed to wriggle.

Researcher Chen and D-41562 enter the testing room. Both take seats on opposite sides of the table.

D-41562: This is it? I eat the pickles.

Researcher Chen: Correct. We just wanted to test the effects of the drug on human taste.

D-41562: Any side effects?

Researcher Chen: Not that we know of. Now please begin.

The subject consumes the provided sugar pill and removes the jar's lid. The mouths of SCP-4781 are slowly gaping as they imbibe the packing juice.

D-41562 removes an instance with their right hand. Gentle squeezing causes it to release pink mucus. It is placed on the paper plate, where it curls slightly.

D-41562: Any special instru—

Researcher Chen: Just eat the pickle.

D-41562 shrugs, lifts the slug up and bites a quarter off. Notably, a string of viscera is seen connecting the subject's mouth to the severed end of the anomaly. Neither individual appears to notice.

D-41562: Mhmm, pretty good. (swallows) Oh, uh. Yeah it tastes the same as the control ones, little more sour than I'm used to.

Researcher Chen takes notes on their clipboard. The subject finishes consuming the instance, and dabs their mouth with a provided napkin.

Researcher Chen: So for the second one, they want to see it bisected vertically.

D-41562: All right.

D-41562 removes an instance from the jar and places it on the plate. They retrieve the fork and knife and begin cutting it from tail to antennae. The specimen reacts adversely; the subject inserts the fork into its head to restrict its movement.

Researcher Chen: Man, that one is really rolling around.

D-41562: Heh, tell me about it.

D-41562 succeeds in bisecting the instance. The slug's oviduct and bursa copulatrix are briefly visible.

D-41562 consumes each half in several bites. Some entrails fall out of their mouth and onto the table, which they then clean up. Researcher Chen watches on, appearing bored.

Researcher Chen: So?

D-41562 finishes consuming the instance.

D-41562: No different, just tasted like a regular pickle.

<End Log>

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