SCP-████ has been terminated. The means and methods by which this occurred are unknown.

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Item #: SCP-4779

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4779 has been cordoned off to public access. Site 248 has been established near SCP-4779 in order to study the documents recovered from it. Officers with the Unreality Division and the Department of Extra-Universal Affairs are permitted access to the transcripts of these documents upon request.

Description: SCP-4779 is a beach in Norfolk, England. During the night or cloudy weather, glass bottles randomly manifest beneath the surface of the sea and are deposited onto SCP-4779. Each of these bottles contains a small paper or parchment note.

These notes can take various forms. The most common types are handwritten pages from letters or diaries, unknown forms of SCP documentation, extracts from novels and plays. No particular consistency has been detected across these documents, but some events and people appear multiple times. Events, history and people are referenced that differ strongly from baseline reality.

The following is a collection of six documents recovered from SCP-4779.

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