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An image of SCP-4777-2 believed to be taken in the year 1900

Item #: SCP-4777

Object Class: Euclid Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4777-1's remains are to be preserved in the storage facility at Site-177, and are not to be disturbed for testing without approval from personnel of Level 3 authorisation or higher.

It is believed through historical analysis and on-site testing, that SCP-4777-2's remains have fully decomposed into their supposed burial ground at Arbour Hill Cemetery, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. This site is to be examined for any anomalous activity on an annual basis under the guise of gas pipe maintenance.

The location of SCP-4777-3's remains is currently unknown. A search for these remains was carried out (1993-2017) but proved unsuccessful. SCP-4777-4's remains are to be preserved in the storage facility at Site-177, and are not to be disturbed for testing without approval from personnel of level 3 authorisation or higher.

Description: SCP-4777 is the designation given to all known individuals who have both partaken in a full SCP-4777-A event and have identical genetic code to the Irish republican and socialist leader James Connolly (this particular individual being designated SCP-4777-2). Individuals included have been observed to retain a partial memetic connection to previous SCP-4777 instances. SCP-4777, despite aging at an ordinary rate, when tested through means such as carbon dating, retain an identical anomalous biological age. SCP-4777 have been observed to approximately predate the Norman invasion of Ireland.

An SCP-4777-A event is the designation given to a specific set of events that every deceased SCP-4777 instance has been partially or fully recorded to have experienced. The characteristics of an SCP-4777-A event are:

  • The subject is born at 05/06 in any year.
  • The subject becomes involved in the planning of any form of armed conflict, primarily on the island of Ireland, and is present at one of the conflicts that take place as a result of the rebellion.
  • The subject is severely wounded in any way, shape, or form, during the armed conflict they are present at.
  • The subject either dies of their wounds, or is executed shortly afterwards. This has occurred at the age of 47 on several occasions for unknown reasons.

The effects of previous SCP-4777-A events are very prominent in the politics of the Republic of Ireland, especially in the republican socialist sector. All recorded possible SCP-4777-A events and examples of the sources that they are derived from are listed below:

Interviews 4777-1a to 4777-1b: The following list contains interviews with SCP-4777-1 organised and carried out by MTF-707-Mu.

Addendum 4777-1a: SCP-4777-1 was deemed fit to receive extra liberties in containment (see Special Containment Procedures) after Interview 4777-1a. At the time of writing of this addendum, SCP-4777-1 has displayed good mental and physical health, showing an interest in the workings of the Site and in socialising with various personnel. Currently, SCP-4777-1 has established a small social "trade union" among personnel, which has already began forming petitions for higher wages for on-site personnel. A request for SCP-4777-1's new liberties to be reduced has been denied by Site Director Boyle, due to it lacking enough evidence or real reasoning to be accepted. The request has been recorded below:

Incident 4777-A (04/08/2018): The following incident occurred at Site 177, at 04/08/2018. It occurred mostly due to unrest caused by the arrest of C-4938 who had been suspected of leaking information. A log of the incident's main events is written below:

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