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SCP-4775 instance located within a chest cavity.

Item #: SCP-4775

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4775 hosts are to be contained in standard humanoid containment cells. Additionally, they are allowed social-level privileges, and may eat with D-class personnel. Research is underway to devise a surgical procedure to remove and replace SCP-4775.

SCP-4775-1 is to be stored in a separate humanoid containment cell. Researchers with Level 2 security clearance may perform surgical experimentation upon SCP-4775-1, so long as they do not remove or rearrange any organs.

Description: SCP-4775 refers to a collection of gallbladders that have replaced organs in otherwise baseline humans. SCP-4775 instances assume all functionality of the organ they have replaced, despite lacking the necessary biological mechanisms. For example, SCP-4775 hosts with replaced kidneys filter blood through additional gallbladders. This causes little to no discomfort for the host.

All SCP-4775 instances have originated from Volgograd, Russia. Below is a description of each instance, along with the incident that led to their discovery.

Name (Age) Replaced Organ Discovery Notes
Anna Petrova (32) Left Kidney Found facedown on a massage table bleeding profusely from an incision in her back. Petrova could not recall any operation taking place, and claimed to be awake during her entire massage. Petrova's left kidney had failed three years prior to becoming an SCP-4775 instance.
Yerik Chaban (44) Liver Discovered with his hands bound to a toilet in the bathroom of a local bar. The wound was crudely wrapped with paper towels and stuffed with cocktail napkins. Chaban claimed to be approached by a woman in the bathroom, but could not recall any defining features due to being inebriated. Due to an excessive consumption of alcohol, Chaban had contracted liver cirrhosis five months prior to containment.
Valeri Savin (37) Brain Found unconscious on a park bench with bandages wrapped around an incision that cut through the circumference of Savin's head. A hinge made of black metal connected the detached section of skull and skin tissue to the rest of the head. Savin has had extensive difficulties with communicating with Foundation staff. It is unknown if this is due to the limitations of the gallbladder's ability to simulate neuron activity within its bile, or a separate condition.
Ivan Orlov (27) Skin Recovered from a motel bed after a patron in the room below was awakened by blood dripping from the ceiling. The entirety of his epidermis had been removed and replaced by a single elongated1 gallbladder coiled around the surface of his body. Orlov claimed that he was there to spend the night with a woman he had been dating for two weeks. Orlov provided the Foundation with pictures of the girl, and claimed that her name was "Angela Turner", but no one with that name lived within the area. Orlov's skin was previously prone to contracting acne.

The woman described by Orlov has been designated PoI-4775. Attempts to run facial recognition software on any of the pictures or sketches of PoI-4775 against databases of citizens in Volgograd have yielded no results. Capture of PoI-4775 is considered a Level 4 Priority.

Addendum 4775.1: On 03/22/2018, an individual believed to be PoI-4775 performed an armed robbery at a coffee shop outside of Volgograd. A transcript of the security camera footage is provided below:

<Begin Log>

Recording shows a mostly empty coffee shop. There are two employees behind the counter, two middle-age women talking over tea, and a young man (identified as Alphonse Herbert) working on a laptop. After four minutes PoI-4775 enters the building wearing a ski mask and an overcoat. A burlap sack hangs from a loop in her pants. PoI-4775 pulls a firearm out of her pocket.

PoI-4775: Everybody get down now!

One of the women gasps but is quieted by the other. Both baristas put their hands up. Herbert begins to get off of his chair to lay down on the ground. PoI-4775 runs to Herbert and points the firearm at his head.

PoI-4775: Except you.

Herbert: What?

PoI-4775: Put your heart in the bag and nobody gets hurt.

Herbert: My what?

PoI-4775: Your heart damn it! I know you have one.

Herbert: I— Like you mean the one in my chest right? Like this isn't some sort of play on words? This isn't a prank right?

PoI-4775: Does this gun look like a prank?

Herbert: But, like, I need my heart.

PoI-4775: Don’t give me that bullshit.

Herbert: Bullshit? I'm so confused and you have a gun and—

PoI-4775: Don’t play coy with me Alphie.

Herbert cocks his head to the side and begins to stand up.

Herbert: Do I know you?

PoI-4775: If you don’t start taking off your shirt right now I will blow a hole in someone’s head.

Herbert: But— who are you?

PoI-4775: Now!

Herbert begins to take his shirt off.

PoI-4775: [to the rest of the coffee shop] If any of you even blink I will blow his head in!

Herbert: Do you have a replacement?

With her free hand, PoI-4775 retrieves a gallbladder from her coat pocket.

Herbert: You have to be kidding me.

PoI-4775: It’ll work. And if you don’t like it you know where you can get a new heart.

Herbert: And why can't you just do that?

PoI-4775: They won't sell to me.

Herbert: What?

PoI-4775: It's not important. If you keep stalling I'm going to shoot an old woman.

Herbert: Do you have a knife? I can’t just rip my chest open with my bare hands.

PoI-4775 takes a box cutter out of her back pocket.

PoI-4775: Here.

Herbert: Is it at least disinfected?

PoI-4775: I gave it a rinse this morning.

Herbert: You better fucking hope one of these days our positions aren't switched.

Herbert makes an incision down the center of his chest, PoI-4775 pulls away the skin to reveal muscle tissue wrapped around black metal stakes. PoI-4775 moves directly in front of the incision, blocking the view of the camera.

Herbert: Ok, you’re going to want to lift the center one that’s wrapped around the Aeorital Spike.

PoI-4775: Got it. What next?

Herbert: Alright, now you see the dial? Turn that ninety degrees clockwise, and then forty five degrees counter clockwise.

PoI-4775: Ok. Here I go…

PoI-4775 operates on Herbert for approximately three minutes before retrieving his heart from his chest cavity. A black spike protrudes from the left ventricle. PoI-4775 places the heart in the burlap sack. During this time one of the baristas calls emergency services.

Herbert: There. Happy?

PoI-4775: Very. Thank you for your patience.

Herbert: Wait, are you at least going to sew me up?

PoI-4775: I'm sorry, but whiny bitches don't get stitches.

PoI-4775 leaves the coffee shop. After a few moments, one of the women faints. Herbert hobbles to the exit, pulling the skin over his chest tight such that no muscles or organs fall out of his body. He leaves behind a trail of blood and a gold film that leaks from the incision. Two minutes later the authorities arrive.

<End Log>

Addendum 4775.2: Following the events of Addendum 4775.1, Alphonse Herbert was identified as a member of the Group of Interest named "Meat Circus". Due to the possible connection between Meat Circus and PoI-4775, Herbert was detained by MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots"). Personnel present for the operation noted that Herbert's apartment was bare, only containing a spring mattress, a table, and two chairs.

Following Herbert's containment, Foundation containment specialist Charles Buckley interviewed Herbert in an attempt to gain additional information regarding PoI-4775.

<Begin Log>

Buckley: Afternoon.

Herbert: Oh, that's what time it is.

Buckley: I'm here to ask you some questions about the incident from the other day.

Herbert: Please, go ahead. Sooner we get this over the better.

Buckley: Did you know the woman in the mask?

Herbert: I mean, maybe? I have some guesses.

Buckley: In that case, do you recognize this person?

Buckley shows Herbert a picture of PoI-4775. Herbert look at the picture for a moment, and then slams his hand against the table.

Herbert: I knew it! I fucking knew it!

Buckley: So, you do recognize her.

Herbert: Of course I do. Olivia Vasina. I’ve gotten so many goddamn letters from her about "oh your art is too extravagant" and "learn how to be more subtle". She can fuck off. Not subtle enough my ass. You know what’s not subtle? Stealing someone’s heart in a Starbucks.

Buckley: Do you know what she could want with your heart?

Herbert: I don't know. Has she stolen anything else?

Buckley: So far she's taken a failed kidney, a diseased liver—

Herbert: Wait, are you serious?

Buckley: I don't have a reason to lie to you.

Herbert sits back and laughs to himself.

Herbert: I don't think I've ever been so insulted. She thinks I'm a fucking cancer doesn't she? God, fuck her.

Buckley: You said something earlier about your art. Can you elaborate on that?

Herbert: Don’t play dumb with me. You people know exactly what I do.

Buckley: I know that you create art from flesh but you haven't told me anything about your art in particular.

Herbert: My art? You think you could understand my— you know what, never mind. I think I'm done here.

Buckley: You're not leaving this room until I say the interview is over.

Herbert: I just told you I’m not stupid. You really think I sat around in my flat after my cover got blown? Just waiting to get captured or killed?

Buckley: Excuse me?

Herbert: Whatever, I’ll just go.

Herbert’s skin begins to loosen, and his eyes fall back into his skull. The body makes a hissing noise.

Herbert: Thanks for the chat. At least we both got something out of this.

Herbert’s eyes and teeth fall onto the ground as the body completely deflates. Security initiates a search of the premises for Herbert, but he cannot be found. The remaining skin, teeth and eyes are stored in a standard safe-class containment locker.

<End Log>

Foundation Personnel have subsequently designated the containment of Alphonse Herbert as a Level 3 Priority to be handled separately from the SCP-4775 investigation.

Addendum 4775.3: After using a combination of the name given by Herbert, medical records and tax records, Foundation personnel were able to locate the residence of PoI-4775. Facial recognition database searches for "Olivia Vasina" produced images of faces markedly different to pictures of PoI-4775 obtained during the investigation to date.

Buckley and two members of MTF Epsilon-9 staked out PoI-4775's residence for five days, working in shifts. PoI-4775 was not observed. On the sixth day, Buckley and MTF Epsilon-9 raided the apartment on the assumption that PoI-4775 had abandoned it.

The apartment was in a state of disarray. Foundation personnel recovered five different phones, three different credit cards, and twelve different driver's licenses2.

One object of note that was recovered from the residence was the body of an abnormally tall3 humanoid designated as SCP-4775-1. SCP-4775-1 was found in the bedroom of the apartment strapped upside down to a wooden wheel, outlined with chalk. Down the center of SCP-4775-1's chest is a zipper that is made from a black metal, which is integrated into the elongated small intestine that covers SCP-4775-1, acting as its skin.

Opening the zipper of SCP-4775-1 showed that none of the organs inside appeared to be in the correct location, or perform their correct functions. DNA analysis from each organ within SCP-4775-1 matches with either a previously contained SCP-4775 host missing the same organ, or contain DNA from unidentified individuals.

Below is a table of notable inconsistencies between SCP-4775-1 and baseline human anatomy:

Replaced Organ Replacement Organ Notes
Liver Stomach The acid stored in the organ appears to differ from baseline stomach acid, as it breaks down blood cells and fat instead of food.
Lymph Nodes Lungs Due to the size difference between the replacement organ and the replaced organ, SCP-4775-1's throat appears swollen.
Heart Small Intestine Research is ongoing into how this organ is capable of pumping blood through SCP-4775-1.
Esophagus Kidney The kidney has been elongated to connect the back of the throat to the pancreas4. The filters normally used to remove waste now aid food in moving down the kidney.
Brain Tongue The tongue is folded in on itself and welded together. MRI scans show that electrical signals between taste buds appear to mimic those of neurons.

Foundation personnel have been unable to determine whether SCP-4775-1 is sentient or not. The central nervous system, which is constructed from strips of acne-covered epidermis, is incomplete, leaving the body's tongue disconnected from outside stimuli.

SCP-4775-1 is alive, despite missing several vital organs. Absent organs of note include, a pancreas, a thyroid, eyes, and a gallbladder.

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