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SCP-4771 in storage at Site-19

Item #: SCP-4771

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4771 is to be kept in a standard safe-class anomalous item locker at Site-19. SCP-4771 has displayed a predictable behavior set under extensive testing. As SCP-4771 was instrumental in preserving the safety of numerous Foundation personnel, as of 11/14/2021, MTF Members and Foundation Personnel with level 2 or above clearance may apply to use SCP-47711.

Description: SCP-4771 is an anomalous dog whistle. SCP-4771 does not produce any sound in any frequency spectrum, unlike its non-anomalous counterparts.

SCP-4771's anomalous effects may manifest when it is blown by a former owner (henceforth referred to as subject) of a deceased pet canid.

Should the subject's life come under threat at any point in time after SCP-4771 was used, a temporary, selectively hostile, volitional Class-VIII incorporeal entity in the form of the subject's deceased pet (referred to as SCP-4771-B) will appear to render aid to the subject. In 98% of subjects, this effect will occur only once.

SCP-4771's anomalous effects will manifest with greater probability if the subject meets one or more of these criteria:

  • Subject acquired SCP-4771-B as a puppy when said subject was a child/adolescent
  • Subject adopted SCP-4771-B from a kill shelter
  • Subject grew up with SCP-4771-B
  • Subject has treated SCP-4771-B with respect and love during its lifetime
  • Subject has spent a lot of time engaging in play activities with SCP-4771-B
  • Subject was present at SCP-4771-B's death
  • Subject held, caressed, or otherwise maintained physical contact with SCP-4771-B as it expired
  • Subject interred SCP-4771-B's remains on the grounds of their place of residence
  • Subject remembers habits, quirks, or other strong memories regarding SCP-4771-B
  • Subject frequently talks about SCP-4771-B
  • Subject has pictures or other forms of visual media depicting SCP-4771-B on display

The degree to which an SCP-4771-B instance can exert influence over the physical world is affected by the conditions listed above in blue. As a general rule, the more the subject in question partakes in activities listed in blue, the greater the effect a corresponding SCP-4771-B instance can exert.

Analysis of high fidelity recording of sounds produced by all SCP-4771-B instances shows that according to the Foundation’s current understanding of auditory cognitohazards, all sounds produced by SCP-4771-B instances should be fatal to all human beings. Research on why this is not the case is currently ongoing.

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