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A Developed SCP-4770-1, Pre-Hatching Event

Item #: SCP-4770

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-4770 will be contained in Site-17's humanoid containment cells. No more than five instances of SCP-4770 shall be contained at any given time. SCP-4770 requires the normal amenities of a human adult except for access to food. Personnel entering SCP-4770's containment chamber are required to wear Foundation issued gas masks. Level 2 clearance is needed to bypass this restriction.

Furthermore, The Mobile Task Force "Crab Crackers" has been tasked with eradicating colonies not currently in containment. The guise of an E-coli outbreak has proven successful in covering up an outbreak of SCP-4770 due to the location of its colonies. Amnestics class B or lower is available for survivors of an outbreak.

After the events of Site-██, no cake resembling SCP-4770-1 will be served at any Foundation location.

Description: SCP-4770 is a previously unidentified species in the genus Phronima,1 coined Phronima crustulam by researchers. SCP-4770 is parasitic and consists of a three-stage life cycle. Due to the wide physiological differences of these life stages, they have been labeled SCP-4770-1, SCP-4770-2, and SCP-4770-3.

  • SCP-4770-1: SCP-4770-1 is a cake composed entirely of only hardened frosting. It is, on average, 0.2 m wide. Chemical analysis of the frosting has revealed that it contains 150% more sucrose then regular buttercream. Staff has described it as tasting "extraordinarily sweet." Furthermore, X-Ray analysis of SCP-4770-1 has shown the internal chamber to be hollow, which is consistent with the theory that SCP-4770-1 is an egg for SCP-4770-2.
  • SCP-4770-2: SCP-4770-2 appears to be the zoe2 stage of the lifecycle. Individuals are roughly 0.030-0.040 mm long and can take several various forms. SCP-4770-2 is able to survive on land by having adapted to filter oxygen through rudimentary lungs in place of gills. This is unlike any other known organism and research is currently underway in an attempt to emulate this process. Similarly, its digestive system has evolved for a primary diet of sucrose. SCP-4770-2 also hosts a proboscis that is roughly 0.25 meters in length.3 When brought into contact with a human, SCP-4770-2 enters a hatching state. This is marked by the instance of SCP-4770-2 "hatching" and latching onto the host's mouth with its chelae and pleopods.4 The proboscis is then forced through the esophagus and into the stomach. SCP-4770-2 then proceeds to drains the stomach of its hydrochloric acid, dumping the liquid through an opening near the top of the proboscis. Analysis of a proboscis recovered from Site-██ demonstrated that the proboscis is lined with epithelial cells that secrete mucus similar to the human stomach. When the host's stomach is empty, the proboscis is pulled from the host and detached from SCP-4770-2. This allows the instance of SCP-4770-2 to enter the host's body by forcing itself into the stomach. SCP-4770-2 proceeds to [REDACTED], gaining control of the host's nervous and endocrine systems. This creates an instance of SCP-4770-3.
  • SCP-4770-3: An adult instance SCP-4770 that has undergone a hatching event. It is unknown if SCP-4770-3 is sentient. Its main objective is to lay eggs in order to spread the infection. When an instance of SCP-4770-3 is created, it immediately manifests a new personality for itself. It is currently unknown if this personality is created upon creation of SCP-4770-3 or inherited from the SCP-4770-2 instance. SCP-4770-3 will then attempt to find a suitable location to create its nest. Locations of nests have been found, as of the date of ████, as follows: bakeries, cake-shops, local grocery stores, Site-██'s cafeteria, and [REDACTED]. After creating its nest, SCP-4770-3 will produce SCP-4770-1 by [REDACTED].

Discovery: SCP-4770 was discovered by Agent Rutteb after returning from containment of SCP-████. Agent went to the onsite cafeteria only to find numerous instances of SCP-4770-1. The report of this encounter can be found under "Incident Report-1" and "Incident Report-2."
After retaking Site-██, it was found that [REDACTED]% of personnel had become hosts for SCP-4770. It was soon discovered that Researcher McAllen, a Level 2 Researcher new to the Foundation, came into possession of an instance of SCP-4770-1. It is unknown how this occurred.

The following reports detail the events that took place at Site-██.

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