A digital image of SCP-4769, taken from location of discovery. SCP-4769's anomalous properties have heavily degraded the image.

Item #: SCP-4769

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4769 is to be contained in a standard containment cell in a permanent state of unconsciousness with cameras, heart rate monitors and brainwave mapping equipment to be monitored by no less than three Level-4 Foundation personnel at all times. The subject is to be kept permanently engaged within an advanced simulation achieved through the direct stimulation of the optical nerves and the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

A highly modified CRAY supercomputer is utilised in the simulation of the containment environment. All hardware relating to the simulation of SCP-4769’s containment environment is to be kept at a temperature below -190°C using a constant flow of liquid nitrogen. Upon fortnightly maintenance procedures, SCP-4769 is to be placed into a strong induced coma and temperatures are to be increased to -50°C to allow technicians to survey the system for signs of disrepair and clear out debris which may impact the functioning of the device.

Due to SCP-4769’s abnormally high levels of brain activity, sedative effectiveness is reduced to a timespan of roughly 3 hours. Consciousness of the subject is not deemed to be an immediate threat, however this should be actively avoided to maintain the immersion of SCP-4769 within the simulation.

SCP-4769 is a Class IV Reality Bender with the appearance of an adult East Indian male, estimated around to be 50-60 years old with an average body build and receding grey hair. Subject appears to be biologically human yet does not require any form of sustenance to live. Prior to containment following Incident 4769-1, subject was found to be actively employed at ██████████ University as a physics lecturer, and self-identifies as such. However, individuals found to have interacted with SCP-4769 which were interviewed uniformly could not recall how or when SCP-4769 came to become a lecturer, its name, or if the subject entered/exited the premises at any point in time. Students directly ‘taught’ frequently by SCP-4769 exhibited no anomalous or particularly strange traits of their own other than a relative lack of knowledge in physics related subjects compared to other classes. Interviewees were administered Class-B amnestics and released back into the public.

SCP-4769 appears to have control over its perceived reality and is able to manipulate the physical properties of space around it in an undefined radius. Observation has revealed the subject’s anomalous abilities are only activated through vocalisation or written words. Subject seems oblivious to its anomalous abilities, even after their effects cause drastic alteration to its surroundings. SCP-4769 appears to be invulnerable to the effects of its own manipulation, however it can be harmed directly by external forces. All attempts of photography of SCP-4769 have turned out heavily degraded, which Dr. Hopper theorizes may be a passive effect of the subject’s reality manipulation and linked to its anti-memetic effects on individuals which it has interacted with.

SCP-4769 rests in a dormant state during times outside of its ‘teaching schedule,’ a timeframe between 9 am to 5 pm daily. During this dormant state, SCP-4769 is inattentive and extremely hard to coerce into talking, unless the topic of conversation is somewhat ‘physics’ orientated. SCP-4769 has displayed doctorate level knowledge within classical mechanics, thermodynamics, relativity, electronics, quantum mechanics and astrophysics; however, it lacks a basic understanding of virtually anything else. Attempts to stop SCP-4769 from discussing/writing about physics related topics has resulted in SCP-4769 discussing these subjects far more vigorously than if left to its normal teaching schedule. As such, preventing SCP-4769 from speaking about physics is strictly prohibited to prevent unnecessary simulation resets.


SCP-4769 - Dr.Hopper Subject Discovery/Containment
SCP-4769 was discovered by Foundation personnel after news of “extreme slipperiness” had caused sudden wide-scale car crashes on ████████████ Road, ███████████. MTF Beta-23 (“Crowbar”) was deployed to stabilise the situation and identify the cause of the anomaly. SCP-4769 was found in the centre of the radius of effect, “absentmindedly” teaching a group of students. SCP-4769 acknowledged Foundation Personnel and was compliant in its capture, if not mildly annoyed for “disturbing others’ learning.” SCP-4769 was transported for interrogation at Site-███ with no incident.

Later analysis of the lecture revealed that the subject had neglected to account for friction within a hypothetical scenario involving the kinematics of a car on the affected nearby road. After presenting this to SCP-4769 and highlighting the error, it proceeded to correct the equation, restoring ████████████ Road to its previous state. SCP-4769's object class reclassified from Euclid to Keter by Dr. Hopper.

- “This was a lot worse than we could’ve imagined. This idiot makes a single mistake and we’re done.” - Dr Hopper

All civilians involved in the incident were administered Class-A amnestics and a cover story involving a “sudden sleet buildup” in a “freak snowstorm” was dispersed.

Recall Protocol:
In the event of a containment breach, subject is to be carefully escorted into a temporary containment chamber and administered sedatives. Due to the oblivious nature of the subject, there is no immediate threat. It is advised that the subject is immersed in the simulation as soon as possible to avoid distress. Should the subject be uncooperative, subject is to be sedated and re-immersed in the simulation immediately.


SCP-4769 is beginning to show signs of remembering pieces of information from past simulation resets, expressing increasing levels of bewilderment and déjà vu. He’s learning. Simulation resets are to be kept to a minimum from now on.
- Dr. Hopper

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