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Item #: SCP-4765 Level 2/4765
Object Class: Safe Classified

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4765 is to be stored within a standard containment chamber, located in Storage Site-77's Safe-Class Object wing. Head Researcher Philip Dedrick’s permission is required for testing of SCP-4765.

Description: SCP-4765 is a handheld aluminium mirror with a handle constructed out of black plastic.

When a human becomes aware of their reflection in SCP-4765, it displays its anomalous properties. The subject will manifest signs of heightened levels of self-respect and confidence. The effect is believed to be permanent. However, when SCP-4765 was tested using an adult chimpanzee (an animal believed to be able to recognize its reflection) as the subject, it displayed no observable anomalous effects.

In an attempt to further investigate the properties of SCP-4765, Dr. Dedrick authorised a series of tests:

Following the comprehensive and successful tests, it was discovered that the properties of SCP-4765 do not relate to the physical appearance of it. In addition, it was discovered that there are no side effects of prolonged exposure to SCP-4765. Therefore, despite what is listed in the Special Containment Procedures, Dr. Dedrick will remain in possession of SCP-4765. He will store it within a locked chamber in his office. This does not cause a security risk, as Dr. Dedrick has displayed extraordinary proficiency in multiple situations relating to security measures in Foundation sites.

Update: ██/██/15
Due to the possible risk of compromising security measures, Dr. Dedrick has closed testing applications for SCP-4765. He has also dismissed all other personnel who previously worked with the anomaly, as he is the only person employed at Site-77 with the necessary experience and knowledge of the object.

Addendum 4765-1: Incident 4765-A -██/██/15
During a routine inspection of Site-77, several members of Foundation personnel discovered that Dr. Dedrick’s laboratory door had been barricaded, presumably in an attempt to prevent entry. The laboratory was entered forcefully. When Dedrick (who had been ignoring all events leading up to this moment) noticed the personnel, he began to physically assault them. In addition, he repeatedly uttered several short phrases, urging the personnel to exit his laboratory and allow him to resume his research. He was incapacitated, removed from his laboratory and temporarily incarcerated within a humanoid containment chamber. While searching his pockets for weapons, security staff discovered a letter. The contents of this letter are described within Addendum 4765-3.

Addendum 4765-2: Incident Investigation -██/██/15
Directly following the incident displayed in this Object File, Dr. Dedrick was dismissed from his position at Site-77. Due to the possible security risks posed by his dismissal, he was treated with a Class-A amnestics and rehoused a substantial distance from his former place of work. However, prior to his dismissal, it appears that Dedrick successfully blocked editing of his work on this page. Due to this, any new information can only be displayed in this addendum.

Due to a lack of knowledge relating to the circumstances leading to the incident, Doctor Santos, the new Head Researcher assigned to SCP-4765, was tasked with searching the office which had previously belonged to Doctor Dedrick for any information which could explain his radical change. During the investigation, Santos discovered a journal which had been kept by Dedrick during his employment at the Foundation. Several relevant entries are displayed below:

During the investigation, Dr. Santos recollected SCP-4765 after locating it within the office. Directly following the conclusion of the investigation and recontainment of SCP-4765, Dr. Santos dismissed all personnel assisting in the investigation, since he is the only person capable enough to contain this anomaly to an acceptable degree. It is not believed that the effects of SCP-4765 caused the incident, as testing by Dr. Santos has not revealed any previously unknown properties of the object. Due to this fact, SCP-4765 will remain as a Safe-Class anomaly.

Incident report and investigation compiled by Doctor Santos, Head Researcher of SCP-4765.

Provisional Containment Procedures -██/██/15
SCP-4765 is to be stored within a safe in Head Researcher Santos’ private laboratory. Further testing of SCP-4765 has been deemed unnecessary by Head Researcher Santos, due to the fact that he has already carried out all tests with significant importance. If he believes a test is essential, Head Researcher Santos will perform it alone. Besides Head Researcher Santos, no personnel are allowed contact with SCP-4765, as Head Researcher Santos is the most skilled member of staff in the entirety of Site-77 and is the only researcher who is guaranteed to keep SCP-4765 contained.

Addendum 4765-3: Dedrick’s Letter

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