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Item #: SCP-4761

Object Class: Uncontained/Euclid


Digital photo taken from an SCP-4761-1 instance. The image does not match any retail stores currently in operation.

Special Containment Procedures: Online marketplaces available to the general public should be monitored for listings made by SCP-4761-1. Once identified, they are to be removed and relevant staff should conduct contact tracing to identify those who may have been in communication with SCP-4761. Specific details of SCP-4761-1 such as price, item listed, and location should also be noted for further analysis.

Instances of SCP-4761-A should always be seized before they can be activated. Customers affected by SCP-4761-A are to be given amnestics and have their electronics collections liquidated, with funds going into the containment general fund.

Site-77 research personnel have been assigned responsibility for evaluating and containing any anomalous objects originating from within SCP-4761. Although SCP-4761 originally manifested through analog formats, this is no longer the case and as such monitoring of phone books, magazines, and other similar media has been discontinued.

Description: SCP-4761 is an anomalous capitalistic entity operating through online commerce platforms. All interactions with SCP-4761 go through a single anonymous individual and whom describes themselves as a "licensed Arcadia dealer" (designated SCP-4761-1). SCP-4761 operates under the brand name Finished|||Instant|||Fortune and exclusively sells vintage electronics, primarily video games.

Posts relating to SCP-4761 are only viewable by individuals with experience consuming interactive media and have no prior knowledge of SCP-4761's effect.1 Such subjects will be served listings for things they owned during childhood and their adolescence.

Transactions between buyers and SCP-4761 are conducted by SCP-4761-1, an unknown entity with extensive knowledge of the secondhand gaming market. It has spoken about little else in conversations that the Foundation has been able to monitor or otherwise analyze. The only exception to this is when being asked about the nature of SCP-4761, in which case the response has been to try to steer the conversation towards a purchase.
Any items purchased from SCP-4761 are classified as instances of SCP-4761-A.


Example of SCP-4761-1 profile picture. The profile itself has always been set as private.

Players utilizing SCP-4761-A will report the games as being altered in some form, such as through glitching or deliberate modification. The only major point of consistency has been each subject recollecting strong and often traumatic memories associated with the period of their life in which they originally utilized the device(s)/game(s) SCP-4761-A is replicating. Attempts by a person other than the buyer to utilize an instance of SCP-4761-A will result in the device not activating or immediately ceasing to be functional.

The first known sample of SCP-4761-related material was recovered in 1995 from the Atlanta Hilton & Towers convention center by Foundation personnel attending the North American Science Fiction Convention and DragonCon.

SCP-4761 Interview Logs: Interviews were conducted under specified cover stories and have been truncated to show relevant sections only.

Addendum: Following extensive screening, D-25313 was identified as a viable candidate who could access SCP-4761 after seeing an ad for an original copy of the game Ultima IV. After making contact with SCP-4761, Agent Boyd took remote control of the account communicating with SCP-4761. The following is an unedited transcript of their conversation, conducted through Facebook Messenger.

Boyd: Is this available?

SCP-4761: it always is

Boyd: When can I come pick it up?

SCP-4761: not any time soon, buddy.

Boyd: What do you mean? I'm willing to pay full price, and I can come pick it up any time.

SCP-4761: nah, i know who u are

Boyd: I dunno what you mean, man. Is the game available or not?

SCP-4761: not for u, like i said. u just don't get it do u? THEIR NOT FOR SALE TO U

Boyd: Why not?

SCP-4761: listen, bud. u and all ur buddies living in ur lil' govt surveillance hideout arent who im trying to sell to, okay? u just dont get what this is about.

Boyd: What do you mean? Why?

SCP-4761: these are for ppl looking for a lil' escape, the kind of guys who like to remembr the good ol' days, u kno?? not for folks like u who are just gonna put it in a box somewhere and forget.

SCP-4761 remains "typing" for a few minutes.

SCP-4761: ppl like u cant afford to be sentimental. its what gets u killed.

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