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3/4758 LEVEL 3/4758



Item #: SCP-4758

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-4758 are to be kept within cryogenic storage along with the severed hand all SCP-4758 instances were found with. Instances of SCP-4758-1 are currently being located and terminated by MTF Omega-15 "Bag and Tag". If an SCP-4758-1 burrow is found, the location is to be reported to MTF Capt. Edward Myers. As of 20/02/2019, all Site-82 staff are to be scanned monthly for any tumorous growths within the heart and brain.

Description: SCP-4758 is a series of ten letters either written by or sent to a Charles Lafitte.1 Due to each SCP-4758 having a different anomalous property and said effects not being major enough for a separate SCP designation, each has been given a sub-designation ranging from Letter 1 to Letter 10. Letter 1, as of this writing, is conclusively non-anomalous.

SCP-4758-1 are the individuals that have read either Letter 10 or certain excerpts from Communication Log 4758. SCP-4758-1 undergoes a three-stage development cycle, which takes place over the span of five years.
The first stage of development takes place over the span of three years. Affected individuals become paranoid and often develop mental disorders such as insomnia or Alzheimer's disease. The only physical identifying feature of SCP-4758-1 at this stage is a group of small tumorous growths within the brain and heart ranging from four to seven centimeters in diameter.

The second stage of development takes place over the course of one year. The affected individuals undergo a full tissue conversion and begin to produce large amounts of SCP-4758-1 tissue2 until it has grown to be roughly three meters in diameter. The body structure of SCP-4758-1 is generally described as larva-like.

During the final stage of development, SCP-4758-1 will begin secreting a mucus through its pores; currently, the purpose of this mucus is unknown. Two sets of large arm-like structures will sprout from the front and back of SCP-4758-1. After the final stage of development SCP-4758-1 instances will dig burrows where they will enter a state similar to hibernation.

Discovery: SCP-4758 was discovered in Normandy, France during a Foundation raid on a sect of the Serpent's Hand. Reports filed after the raid stated that only one-fifth of the Serpent's Hand sect were present. SCP-4758 instances were found held by a hand severed at the wrist. Due to the unusually well-preserved condition of the limb, it was treated as potentially anomalous and brought back for testing.

As of 05/09/2016 several dead instances of SCP-4758-1 have been found within the Serpent's Hand area of operations.

Addendum 4758-1:

Destination Summary Intended Recipient Anomalous Properties
Letter 1 A letter stating that Charles will soon be married to a woman named Abigail. Unknown family members. None.
Letter 2 Makes mention of Charles seeing a strange man near his home. Abigail Lafitte. None. Subjects gain one-way communication with Charles from reading Letter 10 after Letter 2.3
Letter 3 A post physical letter stating that Charles has tuberculosis. Charles Lafitte. Subjects holding Letter 3 for an extended period of time report feeling weak and difficulty breathing.
Letter 4 Makes mention of Abigail being pregnant and Charles's fear of death. Unknown family members. Subjects report hearing a woman screaming after reading Letter 4.
Letter 5 A description of Charles's nightmares. At the end of the letter, Charles states "Father, I am ready and I am willing. I will admit, I am quite anxious, but I know the ceremony is a great honor and I am grateful that you have chosen me.". It should be noted that Letter 5 is written entirely in Latin. Father.4 If separated from other instances of SCP-4758 and/or not held by the hand for five hours Letter 5 will catch fire; the fire can not be extinguished by any means other than placing Letter 5 in the hand with the other SCP-4758 instances.
Letter 6 A post physical letter stating that Charles will die within weeks. Charles Lafitte. Subjects holding Letter 6 rapidly develop coal worker's pneumococcus causing subjects to expire in minutes.
Letter 7 A letter stating that Abigail has been killed and the fetus was extracted from her womb and that Charles is ready for the ceremony.5 Father. Reading Letter 7 activates a cognitohazard causing total organ failure.
Letter 8 A set of instructions for performing a ritual. Charles Lafitte. Reading Letter 8 activates a cognitohazard causing total organ failure.
Letter 9 Possible information on a Sarkic cult.6 Unknown. Reading Letter 9 activates a cognitohazard causing total organ failure.
Letter 10 The summary of Letter 10 has been expunged due to its effects. Unknown. Reading Letter 10 triggers the SCP-4758-1 transformation process. Any form of documentation of Letter 10 has the same effects.

Communication Log 4758:


The contents of the following file are being scrubbed of all anomalous data. Any non-authorized personnel accessing this file will be terminated.

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