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3/4756 LEVEL 3/4756



Item #: SCP-4756

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4756 has been sealed within SCP-4756-1. Steel beams are to be bolted to the lid of SCP-4756-1 and the floor of its containment chamber.

Description: SCP-4756 is currently a large humanoid entity; multiple autopsies have shown that SCP-4756 only has two fully functioning organs, the heart and the brain, other organs are either non-functioning, heavily damaged, or missing. While animate, SCP-4756 will attempt to consume any and all human tissues it comes into contact with. Upon discovery, SCP-4756 was a mummified seven month old fetus, but SCP-4756 has since developed into multiple entities over the course of thirteen years.1

SCP-4756-1 is a stone coffin that has multiple thaumaturgical symbols engraved into it. SCP-4756 will heal wounds at a normal rate while stored within SCP-4756-1; however, SCP-4756 will rapidly regenerate damaged tissues in a matter of four to five hours while not stored within SCP-4756-1.2 SCP-4756-1 has no anomalous properties outside of its relationship with SCP-4756. As of 01/12/2012 a small leather bound journal has been discovered in a hidden compartment on the inside of SCP-4756-1.3

Addendum 4756-1:

Appearance Behavior Date
Seven month old fetus. N/A 12/01/2006 - 11/08/2011
A child suffering from malnourishment. SCP-4756 was able to freely exit and enter SCP-4756-1; however, it expressed pain while outside of SCP-4756-1. 12/08/2011 - 12/02/2014
An underweight adult. SCP-4756 demonstrated the ability to move in a more fluid manner than it was previously able. SCP-4756 often had periods where it had symptoms of a panic attack or depression. 12/02/2014 - 01/01/2016
A disproportionately large muscular humanoid. Extreme hostility to all forms of human life. 02/01/2016 - now
Addendum 4756-2:

After much traveling, I arrived in a small camp in the most secluded part of the woods. There's maybe forty people here, each adorned with strange tattoos and body paint. All except for Father, that is, the only markings Father has are that of grotesque scars going across the undersides of his forearms. When I asked why he only has those scars I only got a one word answer. Rebirth.

I will stay here for as long as I need to and not a day longer. I know it is likely that they don't actually possess the ability to cure me, but I can't risk missing out on being there for my family. I need to stay healthy for my new family, I need to do this for them.

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