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Documentation of SCP-4754's exterior, 09/18/1999.

Item #: SCP-4754

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any reports of SCP-4754 are to be investigated and, if found to be valid, the building is to be condemned under the pretense of a municipal health department. Diners and staff found inside the building are to be detained and interviewed if SCP-4754 is active upon discovery. Subjects in need of dental care are to be given a low-cost implant option to maintain normalcy.

Description: SCP-4754 is a pop-up restaurant which manifests in vacant or abandoned storefronts. It has only been known to manifest in metropolitan areas with a population of 25,000 or greater. The branding and menu selection varies between different appearances. Cooks, wait staff, and other employees necessary to run a restaurant will be hired through short-term work services.

SCP-4754 is inhabited by a group of humanoid beings collectively designated as 4754-A. Their physical appearance is hidden by sanitary masks and other dental doctor's garb with any visible features usually being described as "bird-like." Speaking with a universally shrill tone of voice, 4754-A also frequently clack and lick their presumed teeth beneath the mask(s).

Approximately one month after SCP-4754's opening, during peak business hours, 4754-A will emerge from the kitchen with a full suite of dental operating equipment attached to a mobile reclining chair. They will approach a diner with a mouthful of food and, after briefly inspecting their incisor teeth, inject an unknown solution into the subject's gums to induce a semi-conscious state and full-body numbness.

4754-A will then eat any foreign matter from the subject's oral cavity starting with any half-eaten food and then proceeding to extracting any of the subject's teeth containing fillings or which have otherwise received visible and permanent dental care.

The quantity of 4754-A present for this procedure allows each instance to eat at least one of the subject's teeth. The method of consumption varies, with some appearing to crunch teeth to powder while other 4754-A may suck on a tooth in a manner similar to a "jawbreaker" candy.

During this process, all present instances of 4754-A will casually communicate with one other, while only speaking at the subject. Remarks such as "I hope you remembered not to floss. I'm a big fan of dessert" and "this molar looks like it'll be very filling." 4754-A consistently describes dental retainers and braces as being "crunchy."

Staff and customers are fully capable of observing these events, but have never regarded them as unusual or mentioned them without prompting.

After they finish consuming from the subject's oral cavity, 4754-A will place them back in their dining chair, then disappear once they and their equipment have crossed the threshold into the kitchen or back room of SCP-4754.

After closing for that night, SCP-4754 will not re-open again at that location.

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