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Item #: SCP-4753

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-4753 is currently immovable, a soundproofed containment unit has been built around it. The property SCP-4753 manifested in has been purchased and Cryptography Task Force 4753-06 has been stationed on-site. Cryptography Task Force 4753-06 is to also function as the containment unit's guard. Unauthorized individuals found attempting to enter the property are to be detained and questioned of any potential knowledge of SCP-4753. Access is strictly closed to the general public and restricted to personnel who possess official clearance for the property, such as Cryptography Task Force 4753-06.

All observation is to strictly take place through the external viewing booth. No Foundation personnel are to enter the unit itself, excepting a situation warranting total evacuation of Dodge City, KS.

Description: SCP-4753 is a massive, white, inorganic, obloid growth extending throughout a small field near Dodge City, Kansas. It is composed of at least one layer of a shifting liquid rock-like substance surrounding an at least 8 metre stretch of air, which itself surrounds a roughly spherical solid center. To date, the material has never experienced significant corrosion, and does not appear to at a significantly higher temperature than the surrounding air. If any resident of Dodge City faces the object, the liquid layer will begin moving back and forth, as will appear to expand and contract until the resident leaves. The object has not responded to any individual who is not a resident of Dodge City, or any resident who is employed by the Foundation.

If a Dodge City resident, hereafter deemed "subject," stays in the presence of SCP-4753 for thirty minutes, the outer liquid layer will display words written in unknown symbols, and phrases in the Latin alphabet on its outermost layer. It has been determined the Latin alphabet characters are a Ludderns cipher for passages of scripture, taken from the Simplified Mu language. Subjects are able to understand these symbols and passages as their native language.

The display of the words occurs via the liquid contracting and separating, revealing the letters and symbols as stationary within the swirling outer layer. If an SCP-4753 subject attempts to explain the phrases and symbols to SCP-4753 containment personnel by means of speaking their native language, the containment personnel will begin referring to the subject by different names. The subject may also refer to SCP-4753 itself with their previous name, with containment personnel being unable to comprehend this original name. Upon repeated attempts to describe the object to personnel beyond interpreting the words and phrases, subjects uniformly refuse to cooperate.

If any Foundation personnel directly approach SCP-4753, its outer layer will immediately expand and swell, absorbing them. Personnel in radio contact report passing through the liquid outer layer and observing the solid center before radio communication ceases. When SCP-4753 is breached or entered by personnel, at least 80% of the evaporated water inside the containment chamber will disappear from the air.

Addendum-1: TESTING LOG 4/25/16

Dr. Coen: Can you confirm for the record that your name is D-3477, age 77, formerly Mr. Peter Stratton of Dodge City, Kansas?

?????: That's right, yeah.

Dr. Coen: We're going to ask you to put on the blindfold on the table in front of you. A guard will lead you into the primary containment unit itself. There is a chair. We're going to ask you to sit for about half an hour or so, at which point we will instruct you to pull the blindfold down and tell us what you see.

?????: Yes, ma'am. Can I ask what I'm going to look at?

Dr. Coen: I'm afraid not, sorry. I promise it's not dangerous to you.

?????: Good to know, ma'am, I trust you. Y'all seem to know what you're doing.

(????? complies with the request, placing the blindfold on and allowing himself to be seated in a metal folding chair in front of SCP-4753, which begins to spin and shift.)

????? Something up there's making a funny noise, ma'am. All grinding and grumble. Sounds like old chunky milk being poured on gravel.

Dr. Coen: Please don't be alarmed, D-3477. It's not going to do anything. We're going to run you through a series of test questions to get you calm and acclimated. That okay?

?????: Fine by me.

Dr. Coen: What is your name?

?????: Peter Joseph Stratton.

Dr. Coen: Have you ever gone by any other name?

?????: No ma'am. When I's a boy they called me Pete, but until y'all gave me a number I has always been some version of Peter Joseph Stratton.

Dr. Coen: Have you lived in Dodge City all your life?

?????: Yes ma'am. My daddy worked at the Ottoline General Store doing their books, then I took over until it closed round the late 80s. Then I worked at the National Beef slaughterhouse doing processing. I wasn't actually killing them cows, just doing the paperwork and such. Checking the finances and making sure all that money was in order.

Dr. Coen: Why were you arrested?

?????: I started taking some of the money for myself and the headquarters down in Kansas City weren't too happy none. But I thought what the hell, it's only a little at a time, they'll never notice and anyways they ain't paying me enough to retire easy like I wanted. I guess I just got greedy, ma'am. I just wasn't feeling it.

Dr. Coen: Describe prison life for me.

(Extraneous dialogue removed. Thirty minutes pass.)

Dr. Coen: Please removed your blindfold and tell me what you see.

(????? complies and immediately stares in wonder)

?????: I know those words.

Dr. Coen: Mr. Arneson, please tell me what you're looking at in detail.

?????: Well ma'am, it's certainly a site to behold. Peter Stratton up there, that's it's name of course, I'm certain of it, it looks like a bubble. Like the soap bubbles my grandkids like to play with. But he's a big'un. That bad boy got to be as tall as an oak tree or something. Peter's the color of old milk, or maybe like marble cause it certainly looks like rock even if its moving around so. I see words on it, like they're all sunken in the milk and it's flowing through 'em. There's words I know and there's words I know but I don't know. That make sense? I know I sound like a crazy man but goddamnit there's words that are all weird like you don't read 'em, you just sort of think 'em.

Dr. Coen: Can you tell us some of the words that you think?

?????: Nosiree, they're for me and me alone. I ain't gonna hold myself together. It's very sad, because that's the way my life has been. Every day I'm not the person I used to be. It's like I'm missing my best friend. It's sad.

Dr. Coen: Can you elaborate on that?

?????: Nope.

Dr. Coen: Alright, Mr. Charnesky, can–

?????: That ain't my name.

Dr. Coen: Your name is not Bruno Charnesky?

?????: That thing's name is Peter Stratton. I ain't never been called Peter Stratton.

Dr. Coen: But your name is Daniel Caesar Arneson.

?????: Daggone it, no! It's name is up there. It's one of those words!

Dr. Coen: What is your name?

?????: Ain't any of you listening to me? My name is up there! That thing's got all the names in it!

Dr. Coen: Please read the name you see.

?????: You don't read 'em, you think 'em

Dr. Coen: Please express the thought out loud.

?????: Nope.

Dr. Coen: Mr. Smith, we're getting very irritated. Please cooperate or we will be forced to place you in solitary confinement.

(????? raises his hands in surrender.)

?????: Sorry, sorry, I was jus' getting all worked up. I'm sorry, I'll read the words up there on Peter Stratton. Here, look, there's a sentence. "Hear me and understand me, my people, and my name; the name of Dodge has come down from heaven!"

Dr. Coen: That's not what we wanted you to–

?????: "This city is the people and I have fought to protect them. I crushed skulls of Daeva and Ursa to this city, all of them. Then the man called in great water to wake the army. " Look, there's another floating up! "The mass drew them towards the center until only two remained. The two people stood together and continued to stare off into the distance. 'The second door…is here!' said one. ‘I could stand in the middle of the Karnackan Highway and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters’ he shouted." This is what you wanted me to read, right? Boy, these little quotes make my head spin! You know what I feel like, ma'am?

Dr. Coen: What do you feel like?

?????: I feel like a man who's setting out on a deserted island. Like I land on the beach, and I look up through the jungle and the mountain, and I know ain't no one has been here for a long time. There's a big white cliff on that island, and I think the cliff is kinda like Peter Stratton up there, and Peter Stratton is kinda like me but not really. But the funny thing is, ma'am, that I know who was on that island before me. There was a monk, like the monks who spend their entire lives praying to God and Jesus, but he wasn't praying to Jesus. And he took a big chisel, and he carved out a big poem on that white milky cliff. He took all his life doing this. And I see the poem on Peter Stratton right now! It reads something like "You did not need more land. They already had it. You shall be justly punished together. For I shall sing the song that makes your sins of pride the one that brings the stars down. Then you shall know mine eyes are upon you. And every heart of the wicked shall be forced to keep this place with all its sinners, of which the gravest shall be those who contained." You know what really scares me, ma'am?

Dr. Coen: What?

????: I don't got a clue what that means.

Addendum: On January 14th, 2021, Dodge City was evacuated due to a dangerous system of anomalous tornados caused by SCP-████. SCP-4753 then breached containment, expanding outwards at an accelerating rate. Due to continued severe storms, all attempts to reach SCP-███ failed, despite numerous attempts to contact it through nearby Foundation/███ Organization satellites or satellites stationed outside the anomaly's primary zone. All personnel from Cryptography Task Force 4753-08 initially reported being able to enter the containment chamber safely and attempted to take samples, until they were sucked into SCP-4753 without warning. Before communication equipment failed, several reported being dragged towards the solid center.

As the difficult efforts to recontain both SCP-████ and SCP-4753 were underway, Dr. Richard G. Heinckel, lead researcher on SCP-4753, received an unmarked envelope containing scraps of unknown documentation relating to SCP-4753. It is unknown how Dr. Heinckel received this envelope, as Site Mail had been shut down.

MEMO –––––––––––––––––– Document 3200-738-1: Date ██/██/████ - ██/██/20██
Subject Object Name: Object Description: Subject is found carrying a large and heavy steel toolbar that was allegedly used in the maintenance of the containment chamber, or has been recently used to fix holes in walls and door hardware. Subject attempts to enter SCP-4753 with the tool at the end-of-bar, and is unsuccessful. SCP-4753 immediately collapses, with all personnel in contact with the object being sucked inside. A small piece of the metal surface found in the object is also reported, possibly from a hole in a wall, but this is deemed unimportant, and can be [[DAMAGED]].

This location is located approximately twenty-five kilometers west of █████████, approximately sixty kilometers north of ████. SCP-4753 seems to be dormant, as only the aforementioned [[DAMAGED]] are visible or active. An attempt to locate Subject 2-3 is impossible as the system is in a state of complete shutdown. Contacted via SCP-4753 reading, Subject 2-3 seems unable to speak, and only responds to a random assortment of unknown characters. [[DAMAGED]]

[Exposé Dossier #2048]: In the wake of SCP-███-1's anomalous disappearance from SCP Foundation headquarters, the Foundation has decided to [[DAMAGED]] investigating the possibility that [[DAMAGED]] consistent with [[DAMAGED]] total absorption of all residents.

Addendum: Foundation satellites have noticed the sky color is [[DAMAGED]] SCP-4753-2's last known location is a villa belonging to a well-known Russian businessman. Containment efforts are underway at this location to destroy it. - Dr. ███████

[Supplemental Collateral Report] Temperature Report: 80% low humidity, falling, rising. Droughts.

The signal originates from both Elstree, Hertfordshire, and Camden, Maine [[DAMAGED]] All personnel are to unlock and decode Emergency Order Patmos-Omega, and follow all orders within. Site 19 is to be secured, and all nonessential SCPs are to be terminated [[DAMAGED]] Under no circumstances are personnel to reroute more than a small amount of space to Project Energetics.

__ Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
[[DAMAGED]] The events of the K-Class "End Of The World scenario" are currently described as ongoing, although the events have not begun in SCP-4753. [[DAMAGED]] appeared in full Daeva armor, reportedly saying “The Fake News Media are reading far too much into people being forced to [[DAMAGED]] the solid center of SCP-4753 [[DAMAGED]] 30,0000 nameless suicides.

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָֽד׃

The origin of these notes is unknown. Following their delivery, SCP-4753 immediately shrank to its original size.

Cryptography Task Force 4753-08 were later found unharmed out of the path of SCP-████, each with significant memory loss.

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