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Item#: 4751
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures:

As of 28/10/2022, the joint statement of the O5 council and the Ethics Committee identified the general activity of SCP-4751 as beneficial to both the continuity of the human race and the preservation of individuals with highly valuable creative skills. SCP-4751 shall not be contained until the annual mortality rate of global underage population due to neglect and mistreatment falls below 0.05/100,000.

As SCP-4751 is informationally self-containing due to the high difficulty in obtaining valid evidence of its manifestations, current Foundation efforts focus on tracking any graphic or video evidence of SCP-4751 manifestations and preventing them from circulating among the public. Amnestic treatment is only administered when a subject who came into contact with SCP-4751 displays an overwhelmingly negative emotional response towards the encounter or actively threatens the secrecy of SCP-4751 containment.


SCP-4751 is a female humanoid entity with inconsistent physical appearance. Current documentation of SCP-4751 encounters indicate that SCP-4751 manifests before its intended subject under the appearance of the female figure capable of providing the greatest amount of emotional security, trust, and physical comfort under the subject's perception. Based on the subject's circumstances, SCP-4751 has been shown to visually resemble one or more female parents, relatives, fictional characters, celebrities, or a non-existent female. During all documented manifestations, SCP-4751 is seen wearing a plain white robe of unidentified material, which has no trace of tailoring and adhesives.

SCP-4751 possesses the limited ability to teleport and thaumaturgically reconstruct itself to travel from one place to another. When there are no active or direct observers except its intended subject, SCP-4751 manifests within a 5 m radius of the subject's bed to remove them from dangerous situations, perform first-aid, provide emotional comfort or basic needs by utilizing resources within the building, often before the subject is expected to expire in a short amount of time. SCP-4751 displays a generally benevolent personality, often recorded to be smiling during its manifestations. SCP-4751 refrains from speech and physical contact, except to a degree necessary to care for its intended subject.

The intended subject of SCP-4751 must fulfill at least one of the following criteria, and the probability of an SCP-4751 manifestation occurring significantly increases with each additional criterion fulfilled:

  1. Subject is under the age of 18
  2. Subject has one or fewer parents
  3. Subject is a victim of neglect, emotional and/or physical abuse
  4. Subject is a victim of bullying, discrimination, and/or social isolation
  5. Subject is under treatment for serious injuries or diseases
  6. Subject has a psychological profile consistent with a benevolent personality
  7. Subject has shown great interest and abilities in performing artistic activities, such as painting, dancing, and composing music
  8. Subject is highly skilled in producing original, unusual, and adaptable problem-solving concepts
  9. Subject dreams frequently in sleep

Due to the high difficulty of tracking SCP-4751 activity, the time and location patterns of its manifestations are currently undetermined. SCP-4751 claims to be unable to utilize its anomalous abilities except to access its intended subjects, with current documentation supporting its statement.

Further analysis of global social media mentions and rumours about possible SCP-4751 manifestations indicates that the activity of SCP-4751 actively reduces the mortality rate of its intended subject groups, especially the underage population in regions with lower child safety awareness. Although the majority of SCP-4751 manifestations target children, SCP-4751 has also been documented to assist adults under mistreatment, self-neglect, or undetected health issues.

Addendum 01: SCP-4751 Incident 19 Video Log

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Addendum 04: Personal Note of Dr. Sabrina Redwood

Addendum 05: SCP-4751 Incident 35 Audio Log

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