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Item #: SCP-4751

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4751 is held in a humanoid containment chamber with no windows or visual recording equipment. Containment personnel are to communicate verbally with SCP-4751 via closed-circuit telephone at least once every 24 hours. In the event of a containment breach, recapture is to be facilitated by remote means such as traps activated by proximity or external control.

Description: SCP-4751 is a 27-year-old male of Guatemalan descent and United States nationality. When SCP-4751 is within an entity's field of vision, SCP-4751 becomes completely imperceptible to all of the entity's sensory modalities. The individual "viewing" SCP-4751 can neither see, feel, smell, touch, or hear the anomalous person. This effects extends to individuals viewing video footage of SCP-4751, who are likewise unable to detect SCP-4751 in the video feed. Clothes or other items worn or held by SCP-4751 are also undetectable.

The anomaly associated with SCP-4751's person manifested roughly 18 months prior to detainment by Foundation agents.

Addendum 4751.A: Interview Log

Interviewer: Genevieve Jirati, Senior Containment Specialist
Interviewee: SCP-4751

Jirati: Good morning, SCP-4751. How are we doing today?

SCP-4751: I'm fine. You know, don't suppose I could convince you to just call me Dario?

Jirati: I understand your concern.

SCP-4751: But you're not going to change, are you? Not like I haven't asked before.

Jirati: Are you experiencing any issues with your chamber? Any electrical or plumbing problems?

SCP-4751: [Pause] Oh, sorry, forgot you can't see me shrugging my shoulders.

Jirati: Very good. Please be aware, at some point in the next 72 hours, it will be necessary to move you to a new containment chamber. Please be ready to carry all of your belongings, as you will not be permitted to make multiple trips.

SCP-4751: I don't even have—are you for real right now? What do you think I have in here when you won't let me have anything I can't wipe my ass with? I ask for a TV, request denied. Ask for books, request denied. Ask for a half-finished crossword puzzle, request denied. How many copies of that same form letter do I have? I'll need both hands to carry that stack.

Jirati: I will be sure to pass your concern to the containment administrator. Also, I have this week's meal schedule. Please fill out your selections and return the form through your door slot.

Telephone call terminated by SCP-4751.

Addendum 4751.B: Incident 4751-01
SCP-4751 breached containment on 13 March 2020. He was first heard shouting near the service exit of Site-19. Personnel were initially unable to apprehend it until emergency shield doors sealed the cafeteria on level 3, holding SCP-4751 within. MTF Mu-2 ("Stevie Wonder") was sent to return SCP-4751 to containment.

Interviewer: Genevieve Jirati, Senior Containment Specialist
Interviewee: SCP-4751

Jirati: Good morning, SCP-4751. We need to discuss your escape attempt from yesterday.

SCP-4751: Escape attempt? What are you talking about?

Jirati: Please, SCP-4751. You have nothing to gain by playing coy. It is important that you answer my question truthfully.

SCP-4751: Tell me, Geni, how could I be honest about a made-up jailbreak?

Jirati: Why did you attempt to breach containment? Do you find your living conditions uncomfortable?

SCP-4751: [Scoffs] You tell me, chief. You're the one concerned about accuracy and gathering data all the time. I'm sure you've got an Excel doc tracking my mood, or whatever.

Jirati: Have you been in contact with any individuals, including non-human entities, outside of this facility?

SCP-4751: Non-human? Uh, yes. The boogeyman. Appeared to me in a dream, actually.

Jirati: Is that a truthful statement, or are you speaking ironically?

SCP-4751: Damn, chief, I thought the Air Force bureaucrats were fun suckers! This is the most interesting conversation I've ever had with you!

Jirati: I'm surprised to find you more upbeat than usual, SCP-4751. Please explain this change in behavior.

SCP-4751: Well, you did pick up my brother, so it's nice to have some company for a change.

Jirati: Your … brother? We weren't aware you had any siblings.

SCP-4751: Come on, chief, why are you playing? Your muscle brought him in here yesterday!

Jirati: SCP-4751, I will need to continue this conversation another time.

Telephone call was terminated by Senior Containment Specialist Jirati.

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