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SCP-4750 as identified in situ

Item #: SCP-4750

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Upon re-apprehension of SCP-4750, it is to be held in an isolated standard humanoid containment chamber on a standard meal plan at Auxiliary Site 25-Delta. The site is to be maintained as a separate building at least 100 m from all other Foundation or civilian buildings.

All personnel assigned to SCP-4750 are to be lodged at Auxiliary Site 25-Delta until reassignment. Any items required by personnel must be transported by cart or held in the hand, and no harness, holster, backpack, lanyard, or similar equipment can be used. Blankets and towels are not to be made available at Auxiliary Site 25-Delta; temperature control and air dryers will be used in all cases.

All personnel at Auxiliary Site 25-Delta must be naked at all times.

Description: SCP-4750 is a humanoid resembling a male human of advanced age and Swahili descent. It is sapient and can speak in Swahili, Arabic, Old Norse, and English.

SCP-4750 can remove the dermal and epidermal layer from humans in intact layers. The process by which this is accomplished has never been directly observed and is not known at this time. In all cases, the removed skin was underneath clothing.

Addendum 4750-1: Identification Notes

Foundation agents investigated reports of skinned corpses appearing in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania. After recovery of a jacket constructed of human skin, efforts focused on locating a bespoke clothing maker hidden among the neighborhood's many narrow alleyways.

Foundation agent Arnfast Haraldrsson (from SCP-4242-Thor) insisted on joining the investigation team. He was later discovered to have kept a private journal of his research, containing details not present in his official reports. The contents of the journal have been declassified for potential insight into the character of SCP-4750 (included here, translated from Old Norse):

Addendum 4750-2: Recovery Log

Addendum 4750-3: Initial Containment Interview

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