Wherein Doctor Wondertainment makes an error during manufacturing.

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Item #: SCP-4745

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4745 is contained in a standard storage locker in Site-73 with its top hat removed and contained separately. SCP-4745 is not to be placed in its active state unless during testing, and SCP-4745 may not enter its active state again until at least four days have passed since its last use.

Description: SCP-4745 is a 1m tall plastic snowman figurine with a top hat. The words "Christmas Carl by Dr. Wondertainment" are written on its base.

Whenever the top hat is placed on the figurine, SCP-4745 enters its active phase. While it is in its active phase and placed within a human dwelling, SCP-4745 will alter the abode to make it Halloween-themed, either by generating Halloween-style objects and items or by altering existing decor to fit a Halloween motif1.

After approximately seven days, SCP-4745's alterations will begin to transition from child-friendly horror elements, as is typical for most Halloween themes, to a more disturbing motif. Examples of alterations during this time have included the replacement of edible liquids with human blood, the generation of human corpses and body parts, and reports of frightening sounds and noises2.

After thirteen days in its active state, SCP-4745 will change the theme of its alterations to outright horror, generating malevolent entities and becoming a threat to any humans in the altered dwelling. Testing has revealed the generation of booby traps, animated corpses, various entities from horror media, and duplications of hostile SCP objects. Some notable SCP-4745 alterations include:

  • Animation of statues and figures into hostile entities.
  • Transformation of a room into a copy of SCP-002.
  • Rerouting of doorways into pocket dimensions resembling large graveyards or forests.
  • Generation of entities similar to SCP-083-D.
  • Manifestation of an entity resembling "Jason Voorhees" from the Friday the 13th film franchise.

When the top hat is removed or SCP-4745 is removed from the dwelling, its alterations begin to revert at approximately twice the rate at which they initially appeared.

Addendum 4745.1 (Discovery): SCP-4745 was found in the home of Angela Jupati with Document 4745-A, who had contacted local police regarding SCP-4745's anomalous properties. MTF Phi-13 ("Spooky Scary Skeletons")3 was deployed, and were able to successfully amnesticize Ms. Jupati and retrieve SCP-4745.

Addendum 4745.2: Approximately two months after SCP-4745 was initially contained, Document 4745-B spontaneously manifested in its containment cell.

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Spooky Scary Snowman

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