Stay Woke

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The remains of "Site-223".

Item #: SCP-4744

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter has been established around SCP-4744; no one is to cross this perimeter outside of testing. A collection of small paintings are to be kept at the containment outpost situated outside of the affected area, which are to be used to recover anyone that should become trapped within.

Description: SCP-4744 is an anomaly that affects the consciousness of living creatures, surrounding an area designated Site-223 in the Foundation database. Remaining within SCP-4744 for two to five minutes (varying between people) will cause a person to enter an anomalous coma.

People entering SCP-4744 can be protected from its effects by carrying an object that could be considered art somewhere on their person; small paintings and sculptures have proven successful, and a small percentage of photographs tested have also been effective. Comas induced by SCP-4744 exposure can be reversed by placing a viable piece of art on the person's body.

People recovering from the effect of SCP-4744 have reported experiencing vivid nightmares during their coma. The content of these dreams varies from person to person, but common themes include darkness, monotony, and homogenisation. Universally, those awakening from SCP-4744-induced comas compare the sensation of waking up to being pulled from deep under water.

SCP-4744 was discovered when an automated distress warning was received from Site-223, immediately followed by the detonation of an unknown implosion device at the Site. The Site itself was found entirely destroyed, along with the bodies of 25 deceased humanoids. Site-223 is documented as primarily containing anomalous art; none of these objects were found in the ruins.

Update 4744/01: Investigation of the remains of Site-223 have suggested that it was never an active Foundation facility, and that construction of the facility itself was completed mere days before its destruction. No Foundation personnel questioned thus far were aware of Site-223 prior to its destruction, and no evidence has been found that it was ever inhabited by living humans. Autopsies on the recovered bodies revealed they were artificial constructs, and that it is unlikely they were ever alive.

RAISA is currently investigating all information regarding Site-223 in Foundation databases; preliminary analysis suggests all information was implanted on Foundation systems prior to the destruction of the Site.

Update 4744/2: As part of the ongoing investigation into Site-223, a section of partially intact wall was discovered with writing on it. Carved into the wall and coloured with black paint were the words

"In this nightmare prison, art is the only relief"

and below that, crudely sprayed with red spray paint,

"Are We Cool Yet?"

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