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Closeup of SCP-4742 circuitry

Item #: SCP-4742

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There are currently no feasible means of fully containing SCP-4742 with the Foundation's available resources. Provisional Area-4742 has been established at the former Insurgency base surrounding SCP-4742 for observation of the main body and communication with the entity. No efforts to destroy the main body of SCP-4742 are to be carried out.

Under no circumstances is any imagery related to the Chaos Insurgency to enter Provisional Area-4742.


Since 2012-04-02, Foundation personnel have reported receiving suspicious messages from a number of secure Foundation addresses. The bodies of such messages were found to contain lethal cognitohazardous imagery and phrases. Due to a correlation between the frequency of these messages and the activity of SCP-4742, it is believed that SCP-4742 is responsible for the generation of these messages.

For your safety:

Change your account password immediately.

Report all suspicious activity, of your account and of others, to the Department of Informational Security.

Access Foundation-secure networks only when Stonewall-Pine cognitohazard censors are in effect.

Do not open any suspicious messages.

Description: SCP-4742 is a sapient intelligence contained within a massive mechanical expanse located at Provisional Area-4742. The main body of SCP-4742 contains numerous visual aspects reminiscent of the character Doraemon from the Japanese franchise of the same name.

SCP-4742 exhibits thaumaturgic, ectoentropic, and cognitohazardous properties. Due to the magnitude of these abilities, SCP-4742 is effectively a Type Green entity, although it has no noticeable effect on Hume levels and does not respond to Scranton Reality Anchors. SCP-4742 is sapient and exhibits highly developed intelligence, manifesting in numerous communication attempts with Foundation personnel, all of which have ended in violent reactions from the entity. All attempts to destroy the main body have failed and resulted in increasingly hostile responses from SCP-4742.

Developed by the Insurgency in 2010, it is believed that SCP-4742 produced anomalous weaponry for the organization on a massive scale. Anomalous modifications by the Insurgency have almost completely repurposed the original form of SCP-4742, though elements of it remain in certain locations. Since the events of 2012-03-31, SCP-4742 has halted all production of weaponry.

The weaponry produced by SCP-4742 is believed to be related to a spike in aggressive Insurgency activity since 2010.

Addendum 4742-1: SCP-4742 was originally a Safe-class object that produced one hundred dorayaki1 a day. On 2008-09-03, a Chaos Insurgency raid on Site-118 resulted in the loss of 13 anomalies, including SCP-4742. It is believed that over the course of two years, the Insurgency subjected SCP-4742 to numerous anomalous modifications until it became capable of its current operations.

On 2012-03-31, at 0010 hours GMT, Foundation entropic detectors in the southeast Pacific detected a sharp spike in ectoentropic activity. Triangulating the origin revealed the presence of a small, previously undiscovered island 500 km north of the Marquesas Islands. Theorizing the area to be the location of SCP-4742, MTF Nu-1 ("Boxkillers") was mobilized and deployed. Upon arrival, fifty-three deceased Insurgency operatives were found. Autopsy reports reveal that each expired due to multiple organ failure likely caused by spontaneous cardiac displacement. Numerous antiperceptual engines were discovered, all of which appear to have violently exploded, believed to have powered the antiperceptual field hindering the site's discovery. SCP-4742 in its current form was located at 0205 hours.

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