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Item #: SCP-4742

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4742 is stored in a standard low-security containment locker. Excess dorayaki produced by SCP-4742 is to be used for feeding of sustenance-requiring anomalies.

Description: SCP-4742 is a 1.5 m tall plastic statue of the character Doraemon from the Japanese franchise of the same name. SCP-4742 produces one hundred loaves of dorayaki1 per day at varying intervals from a small aperture in its abdomen, which is deposited into its "pouch". Examination of the inside of SCP-4742 reveals that it is composed of machinery designed for the manufacturing of dorayaki from its raw ingredients. The source of these ingredients is unknown; therefore, it is believed that SCP-4742 violates the law of conservation of mass. Attempts to observe the process have failed due to the fact that SCP-4742 halts production of dorayaki when not fully intact.

The dorayaki produced is non-anomalous; however, those who consume it report it to be of exceptional quality.

UPDATE: On 2008-09-28, SCP-4742 was lost following a Chaos Insurgency raid on Site-11. Efforts to relocate SCP-4742 are deemed low-priority.

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