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Item#: 4741
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An Underwood Portable Typewriter 3 (circa 1919-1929)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4741 is contained onsite in an enlarged humanoid containment chamber built around it on Storage Site-124. Any paper generated by SCP-4741 is to be reviewed once every 2 weeks. One researcher is to interview with SCP-4741-1 regarding any excerpts of interest.

Description: SCP-4741 is a human skeleton seated on a wooden picnic bench. On the bench rests an Underwood 3 Standard Portable Typewriter (matching with typewriters manufactured by the Underwood Typewriter Company from 1919 to 1929), whose anomalous property is the means of generating a seemingly infinite supply of uncoated paper when SCP-4741-1 interacts with the object.

The skeleton (designated as SCP-4741-1) is a semiautonomous sapient being capable of seeing and hearing individuals in spite of its lack of organs or organic material apart from hollowed bone. The only movement made by SCP-4741-1 is from its arms and fingers, and only the act of typing has ever been observed. The bench, the typewriter and SCP-4741-1 are all immobile; no attempts have succeeded in moving any parts of SCP-4741 or otherwise damaging it. SCP-4741 is fixed to its point on earth permanently though these anomalous means.

SCP-4741-1 claims they were formerly Timothy Watkins, an English man who immigrated to Canada in 1924 and went missing in 1937 at the age of 30. Further investigation is required to confirm this.

SCP-4741-1 has repeatedly shown knowledge of events which happened millions of years before its original corporeal existence. The entity has also shown knowledge of events that are theorized to be in the near or distant future. Currently, it is not known how this information manifests in SCP-4741-1, as the predictions are delivered through the passages of a novel (designated as SCP-4741-4) that SCP-4741-1 writes daily. The 4000-page series of chapters allude to the aforementioned predictions with varying degrees of accuracy.

Addendum SCP-4741-B9:
On 06/08/2018, the following excerpt was taken from SCP-4741-1's writings.

When her eyes met his, she felt her heart soar above the clouds. As she soared through the air she felt as if nobody could see the sky the way she could. The great expanse of purple was laid out before her, and a light protruding from the ground emanated the sweetest sounds. When she was around Tim, her worries would clear away as the clouds did on that fateful day. Truly, it was a time of love.

The excerpt is believed to relate to an incident that happened one day after the initial writing. On the Niagara Escarpment at 06/09/2018 6:00 pm, members of the GOI-████ were found to be engaging in a process that led to a temporary CK-Class Reality Restructuring event. However, the completion of the said process was halted after an MTF squadron posted at Site-124 at the time intervened.

An interview with SCP-4741 was subsequently conducted:

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