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SCP-474 under its present containment procedures

Item #: SCP-474

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Portions of SCP-474 which exist inside of physical space are secured within Foundation-made pill bottles. Bottles are stored inside a locked medicine cabinet, itself located within an anomaly storage vault. All non-hazardous recordings of SCP-474 audio are on the research team's shared hard drive space, with any cognitohazardous audio being stored on a secure server with restricted access.

Foundation personnel embedded in educational systems are to encourage zero-tolerance drug policies on college campuses in order to maximize the possibility of SCP-474 instances being discovered. Agents under the cover of being law enforcement agencies are to seize these whenever possible, and destroy them if deemed unrecoverable.

Description: SCP-474 denominates pills produced for non-medicinal purposes by Alexylva University in apparent collaboration with the Oneiroi Collective. Each occurrence of SCP-474 is blue, and analysis has shown it to be chemically identical to generic sugar-based placebo pills.

When ingested, SCP-474 will affect the consumer until the next time they enter REM sleep. Audio broadcast from Alexylva University will begin playing through their mouths, consisting of station breaks and notes associated with that campus' radio station. This spoken-word programming will be in the subject's native language, with mute subjects mouthing words and DHH individuals enunciating as they would attempting speech normally.

Although music is frequently referenced, it has not been broadcast audibly. Affected individuals who remember their dreams will report them as having a heavy musical theme. Dreamers, even musicians, have been unable to replicate the sounds they heard but have universally described it as some variation of 'trippy'.

The speaker within Alexylva appears to have some connection with the individuals they broadcast through, as multiple subjects tuned in to the station in their dreams will have identical muscle contractions and eye movement while being affected. See Addendum 474-B for more information.

SCP-474 was discovered after a local broadcast news station in [REDACTED] aired a story about a 'drug craze' at a local community college campus. Sixty-five(65) instances of SCP-474 were recovered from various members of the student body. Since then, approximately fifty(50) caches of SCP-474 are recovered annually from various college and university campuses in North Africa, North America, Europe, Eurasia, Oceania and Australia.

Foundation personnel working on SCP-474 who receive recruitment literature from Alexylva University in their dreams are to report to their supervisors immediately upon waking.

Addendum 474-A: Documentation associated with SCP-474.

Alexylva University proudly proclaims another triumph in their successful working relationship with the Oneiroi Collective Educational Animus, a method for mentally-crowded students to let airwaves flow into their ears and put to good use that time which is wasted sleeping.

University Elders pray to the gods that this provides an outlet for student stress and as there are no known side-effects mixing with other school-sponsored narcotics, it can be acquired from any nurse station.

— Alexylva University Staff

Oneiroi Dreams of Radio

Eat a pill before dreamtime.

Enjoy dream programming.

Advertising is provided for those in the waking world.

Don't mind them.

Keep rockin' the dream.

Addendum 474-B: Testing logs of SCP-474 audio phenomenon.

Subject/Intake: D-0327, two(2) SCP-474 pills prior to sleeping.


Note: Subject reported dreaming of roaming swamps on an elephant while dancing while tearing their eyes out, which was reported as enjoyable.

Subject/Intake: D-0327, two(2) SCP-474 pills prior to sleeping.


Note: Subject noted songs in an incomprehensible language sung to them as they explored a hilly area, before waking up when a storm began forming above them.

Subject/Intake: D-0327, two(2) SCP-474 pills prior to sleeping.


Note: Subject was not able to remember their dreams.

Subject/Intake: D-0327, two(2) SCP-474 pills prior to sleeping.


Note: Last known broadcast of DJ Otay, real name believed to be Polybus Maximus.

Subject/Intake: D-0412, two(2) SCP-474 pills prior to sleeping.


Note: The following note was regurgitated by D-0412 following the conclusion of the test.

Although these are rainy days for all those who love peace on campus, the threat of political violence will not prevent the normal carrying out of campus activities. The announcement of consular election results will be announced on the campus forum.

Simultaneously, funeral services to those who perished due to violence against citizens will be held on the adjacent green. Beloved campus figure Polybus Maximus will be put to rest, along Campus maniple security will be present, to prevent any violence between these groups, so please feel free to safely attend either event.

— Alexylva University Staff

Subject/Intake: D-0412, two(2) SCP-474 pills prior to sleeping.

Result: After several hours of dead air emanating from D-0412's mouth, along with distant sounds of human screams and mayhem, an individual believed to be Maximinus Thrax, the captain of the Visigoth Gladiators Combat Sport team, entered the station and proclaimed this message.

Note: Shortly after the broadcast ended, D-0412 spontaneously suffered dozens of simultaneous spear wounds. Testing has been suspended until a cost-benefit analysis of potential D-Class resources being lost can be performed.

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