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5/4738 LEVEL 5/4738
Item #: SCP-4738

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-4738 relies upon the observation, enactment, and fulfillment of the Veri1 Ritual. Any deviation from the Ritual will potentially result in a total breakdown of human society and the destruction of humankind in its present form.

Veri Rituals are to be performed at Site-3 under Foundation control to uphold the Covenant signed by the Maddison family2 in 1853. According to the consequences stipulated in the Covenant not correctly performing the Ritual will entail an LK-Class "Species Transmutation" scenario.

Due to the necessity of maintaining the Covenant, the Foundation has designated a select pool of officiants among researchers of at least Level-4 clearance, who have been trained in propagating the specifics of the Veri Ritual.

Whenever possible, the selected participants in the Veri Ritual shall consist of available D-Class who are practitioners of any Christian sect. If insufficient in numbers, more D-class can be allocated to Site-3 upon request.

MTF Yodh-30 ("Iscariot's Chosen") are tasked with responding to any possible Veri Ritual being performed outside of Foundation control. They are to liaise with embedded agents within known Neo-Sarkic cults to monitor for evidence of veneration of SCP-4738.

In addition, Foundation assets are to engage with all religious organizations that practice transubstantiation as part of their religious observance in order to monitor for potential Veri Rituals. When specifically interacting with congregations under the auspices of the Catholic Church, the Foundation should work in tandem with the Confraternity of Saint George's Knights.3

SCP-4738-1 was previously contained within the basement of The Maddison Manor in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Site-3 has been constructed around The Maddison Manor to better contain SCP-4738-1.

Resultant SCP-4738-1 entities are to be contained at Site-3 whereupon they will congeal together into a larger amorphous mass of organs and tissues. Neutralisation of SCP-4738-1 entities is strictly forbidden under the Covenant and attempts to neutralise SCP-4738-1, both directly, and indirectly have resulted in assailants being [REDACTED].

SCP-4738 is currently contained in Massachusetts everywhere.

Description: SCP-4738 is the designation given to an anomalous entity that was brought into the physical world by the Maddison family in 1853. SCP-4738 primarily functions within a dimension "above" our own. The entity's dimension and our own seemingly share some overlap, allowing it to interact with the material world through auditory, olfactory, and cognitive stimuli.

It currently lacks the ability to physically interact with our own dimension through its physical form, if it has one, as no physical manifestation of SCP-4738 has been recorded since its inception. However, SCP-4738 displays the ability to possess subjects that participate in Veri Rituals.

Veri Rituals is the designation given to rituals that superficially resemble the Eucharist within Christian teachings. The ritual can be instigated by adhering to a strict set of specific deviations to pre-existing Rites of the Eucharist.

During a Veri Ritual, SCP-4738 will intercede upon the transubstantiation of the sacramental bread and wine, which will become the organic matter and blood of SCP-4738. Following the transubstantiation, the congregation will consume the organic matter of SCP-4738 and then ingest the blood.

The presiding minister will begin a dirge that will always start, in their native tongue, with the following phrase:

"She Who Slakes, She whom thirsts eternally, Haemamorpha, take our meek and shameful bodies into your loving embrace. May your ichor and flesh become one with our own. We, your humble servants, prostrate our weak flesh upon your altar and beseech your divine intervention."

At this point, each member of the congregation, except for the presiding minister, will kneel shoulder-to-shoulder upon one knee whilst their hand is clutched firmly over their heart. They will then begin to meld together, forming one amorphous mass. Members on the surface of this mass will retain their features and organs. This mass entity is designated SCP-4738-1.

Addendum 4738.1: Discovery

SCP-4738 was not the primary focus of initial investigations by the Foundation. Instead, the Foundation was first made aware of the presence of SCP-4738-1 on 01/03/1983, when a social worker reported that The Maddison Manor smelled of "rotten bodies, corpses, and musty old people smell" and alleged that they could not enter the household. They were later amnesticised by Foundation staff.

The Maddison family, who had first come into contact with SCP-4738 in 1853, were fully complicit with the Foundation's investigation into SCP-4738-1 which had continually grown to overrun the basement and first floor of The Maddison Manor.

It was discovered by the Foundation that the Maddison family had been rendered functionally immortal due to a Covenant signed between SCP-4738, whom they identified as She Who Slakes, and the family, ensuring that they would be able to care for SCP-4738-1.

The four family members, at the time, consisted of: Father Maddison, SCP-4738-2A, Mother Maddison, SCP-4738-2B, Maddison Jr., SCP-4738-2C, and Maddison Sr., SCP-4738-2D. Unbeknownst to the Foundation, there was an additional fifth member, Isabelle de Maddison, who had left the family sometime after 1853, when contact was made between SCP-4738 and the Maddison family.

Interviews were conducted by Dr. Niles between Father Maddison and, upon her return, Isabelle de Maddison to collect information on SCP-4738.

Interview Transcript
Date: 13/01/1985
Participant: SCP-4738-2A
Preface: This interview took place on 13/01/1985 between SCP-4738-2A, Father Maddison, and Field Researcher Jonathan Niles. The primary focus of the interview was to ascertain the details behind the pact made between SCP-4738-2 and SCP-4738.

[Begin Transcript]

Dr. Niles: Good afternoon, SCP-4738-2A, I trust that you are comfortable with this arranged meeting?

SCP-4738-2A: Niles, how many times must I tell you? Just call me Mr. Maddison, or Father. Your labels perturb me deeply.

Dr. Niles: Very well, Mr. Maddison, I'd hoped to discuss the details of the pact signed between you and this entity.

SCP-4738-2A: Niles, Niles, Niles. We do not dwell on dead things in this household, o' no we do not.

Dr. Niles: Quite ironic considering that this entire room smells of rotten meat, and the fact that you have an amorphous mass of human tissue in your basement.

SCP-4738-2A lets out a short, terse laugh that devolves into coughing.

SCP-4738-2A: Truly, it is Niles. How many years have we two been in contact?

Dr. Niles: Two years, Mr. Maddison. I'll have to ask again, I hope to discuss the pact you made with this entity.

Mr. Maddison pauses for a few moments, gazing reflectively at Dr. Niles.

SCP-4738-2A: Very well. Do settle in, for this could take awhile. Wife, do go and get our guest some refreshment.

Dr. Niles: There's no need for that Mr. Maddison, I assure you.

SCP-4738-2A: Now, now Doctor. Do not refuse hospitality when it is offered. "Manners maketh the man", as my good mother would always say, may her soul rest in the Heavens.

Dr. Niles: I apologise, Mr. Maddison, but I must insist that we continue with the interview. Would you please begin?

SCP-4738-2A: We were good Christians, Niles. Well behaved, mature, good natured. We were good Christians. But we were weak, the flesh is so weak Niles.

Dr. Niles: I'm afraid I do not understand, Mr. Maddison. What do you mean, 'the flesh is weak'?

SCP-4738-2A: This home, it is built upon evil things. Evil acts and evil deeds that even I do not speak of. It came to us when we were performing the sacrament. The Abbey, as you have likely seen, is adjoined to the Manor.

Dr. Niles: I see it every month that I come by to visit. It's all boarded up nowadays, isn't it?

SCP-4738-2A: The wife… She daren't look upon it any longer. She fears the place for that is where She is strongest.

Dr. Niles: Whom do you mean, when you say 'She'? You have made many references to her in our meetings.

SCP-4738-2A: She is who gave us this gift. She came to us as the Mother of God but we couldn't feel Her, only smell, hear, and … I dare not speak it.

Dr. Niles: I understand your discomfort, Mr. Maddison but we must discuss it.

SCP-4738-2A: We … we could feel Her inside our heads. Talking and screaming, whispering and shrieking. She told us that She could free of us our weak flesh, bless us and make us whole if we partook in Communion. And shamefully, we did.

Dr. Niles: And after the Communion? Is that when SCP-4738-1 manifested?

SCP-4738-2A: Aye, Her child..

Dr. Niles: Her child, would you clarify, please?

SCP-4738-2A: She… its Her child, She cannot pass over into the Void until it has been raised, nurtured, and cared for. Do you understand, Doctor? We are eternally cursed.

[End Transcript]

Interview Transcript
Date: 02/04/1985
Participant: SCP-4738-2A
Preface: SCP-4738-2E had initially left the family in 1853, immediately after the Covenant between SCP-4738-2 and SCP-4738 came into existence. She has lived across both American continents since leaving. Dr. Niles detained and interviewed SCP-4738-2E upon her arrival at The Maddison Manor on 02/04/1985.

[Begin Transcript]

Dr. Niles: SCP-4738-2E, could you please explain where you have been for the last 132 years?

SCP-4738-2E: My name is Isabelle, Doctor. And as to answer your question, I have been spreading the word of God across the Americas.

Dr. Niles: Which god do you speak of, Isabelle? The first or the second?

SCP-4738-2E: I dare not speak Her true name, She is one of blood and flesh. The enemy of our great God. She is the antithesis of everything blessed in our world. She is a blind fool.

Dr. Niles: What brought you back to your family?

SCP-4738-2E: God did. He told me that we must prostrate ourselves at the altar, for our sins, our hubris are in excess. We must become godly and faithful creatures. The masses must see the error of their ways.

Dr. Niles: I don't believe you, Isabelle. Please tell me truthfully about what you spent over a hundred years doing.

SCP-4738-2E: I feared Her. I fled my family who had turned to Her and I was born anew as a member of the faithful congregation of God. I could partake in communion once again.

Dr. Niles: Thank you SCP-4738-2E, this interview is concluded.

[End Transcript]

Addendum 4738.2: Further Incident

On April 5th, 1985, all living members of the Maddison family were found dead in the family chapel adjoining their manor. The entire family was discovered kneeling before an altar which SCP-4738-2E presided over whilst wearing a set of ornate red vestments resembling those worn by cardinals of Roman Catholicism. Their cause of death was determined to have been exsanguination, though no wounds, cuts, or lacerations were visible on their bodies.

SCP-4738-2E and SCP-4738-2A were recovered with documents clutched in their hands. The first document was addressed to Dr. Jonathan Niles, whilst the latter document was addressed to SCP-4738.


Dear Doctor Jonathan Niles,

We apologise. This burden was ours to carry, and we have failed. We wished to live for all eternity, to be remoulded in the image of the Mother of God.

We were wrong. We were not the ones who were made into Her image. Our wish, our desire, it had a price. A price too steep for any one individual to bear. We profaned the communion, and for that She remade the communion in Her image.

We were Her inadvertent worshipers, and we toiled surreptitiously towards an unknown goal only fueling Her ambition. Her child is the flesh of all living things, but we made Her child in the flesh. We were both gaolers and prisoners.

I can only profusely apologise. I never wanted this, but our daughter confessed to us. We are children of God, and so we must return to him. Our punishment should be in His arms, not hers.

Complete the ritual, continue my daughter's work. We were weak. You will be strong.


She Who Slakes, She whom thirsts eternally, Haemamorpha,

This here, seals our covenant and oath to you. We of meek flesh, of thin blood, of weak spirit do entrust unto you our bodies so they may be moulded into more perfect forms.

For you, we shall, to the best of our mortal bodies, observe, enact and fulfill the Communion in your form. A congregation, of no more than ten, no less than four, shall gather before you. Within shall be a maid, a woman, and an invested minister.

The communion shall be held aloft, and one who has imbibed the flesh and blood of your transubstantiated form shall empty your blood into the chalice of the minister. As your flesh becomes the bread so too will your blood become the wine.

At this point, the communion will not be that of Christ, but of your form.

The congregation will sing a dirge for you. The funeral song that wafts to the Void between the stars and the heaven so your immortal form can descend and observe our flesh, moulding it into a form befitting your child. Your child shall come to no worldy, nor spiritual harm.

And so it shall be done, on the sabbath of every week, of every month, of every year.

If we do not fulfil the bargain, the Veri Ritual shall not be performed upon our flesh alone, but all flesh, everywhere. All flesh, all blood, all will become one. Your child.

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