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Junior Researcher Allera attempting to seek cooperation from a Felis catus SCP-4737-1 instance.

Item #: SCP-4737

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4737 is to be stored within a standard containment locker in Site-34. Experiments involving SCP-4737, and the creation of SCP-4737-1 instances, must be performed within a secure room to prevent the escape of the SCP-4737-1 instance. Experiments may only be performed with the authorization and supervision of a senior researcher with Level 3 clearance.

Description: SCP-4737 is the collective designation to two objects assigned SCP-4737-A and SCP-4737-B. SCP-4737-A is a standard adult-sized black top hat and SCP-4737-B is a glass monocle with a gold frame and matching chain. Both objects are composed of inert materials that coincide with such items.

When both items make physical contact with a living animal, excluding human beings, SCP-4737 will shrink in size to fit, and then fixate themselves accordingly to the subject. Animals wearing SCP-4737 are given the designation of SCP-4737-1.


Felis catus SCP-4737-1 instance refusing to cooperate any further.

SCP-4737-1 instances appear to have increased intelligence, observed via the adoption of a courteous behavior and sometimes the display of cultural sophistication. Should an SCP-4737-1 instance require any tool or material, SCP-4737-A will provide it by materializing it from within. When SCP-4737 is removed by any human, the SCP-4737-1 instance will revert back to its normal state and any objects procured from SCP-4737-A will immediately de-manifest.

Discovery: SCP-4737 was discovered in [REDACTED] Orphanage in Malabuyoc, Cebu. A call from the orphanage about a distressed worker asking for aid from a local animal service was intercepted by local Foundation Agents. The worker claimed that the orphanage's dog, a male Great Pyrenees was "drinking tea with the children". The call was rerouted, and two undercover agents arrived on location under the guise of animal service representatives.

On location, one of the staff explained to agents that the dog was a long time resident and that it changed its behavior earlier that morning when the children donned both SCP-4737 on the subject. The staff stated that SCP-4737 was donated by a man whose identity remains unknown. Staff further explained that while the children appeared unbothered by the incident, and that the dog had not shown signs of aggression and hostility, they had locked the dog into a separate room out of fear of its highly unusual behavior.

When agents were shown to the room, the dog could be seen sitting in the center. Upon opening of the door, the dog calmly exited the room, tipped the brim of its hat, and was guided by the agents into the retrieval vehicle.

After retrieval, amnestics were applied to all adults and children that interacted with the dog. A cover story of the dog running away was then distributed.

Upon the discovery of the anomalous property of SCP-4737, the nonanomalous dog was then returned by an agent under the guise of a concerned citizen who happened to see the orphanage's missing dog poster. The dog was successfully returned with no further incidents.

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