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SCP-4734-EX prior to containment

Item #: SCP-4734-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4734-EX was previously stored in a standard anomalous item locker, but is now located in the Site-117 break room for staff use.

Description: SCP-4734-EX is a mechanical juice press capable of creating a variety of juices and blended smoothies with any fruits or vegetables inserted in its apparatus. SCP-4734-EX was created by PoI-8675, Gregory "Also Greg" Francis, the anartist responsible for the creation of SCP-████, SCP-████, and several other destructive anomalous art pieces.

SCP-4734-EX was created by hand by PoI-8675 using mundane materials, and has been noted to have durable enough internal mechanics to juice fruits and vegetables with particularly tough skin or flesh. Inspection of SCP-4734-EX has, however, deemed all mechanics entirely non-anomalous, as the durability of the materials used can be recreated using a complex alloy of materials.

PoI-8675 has claimed on multiple occasions that SCP-4734-EX is the inspiration behind most of his recent art pieces, including several objects that the Foundation currently has in their containment.

Addendum: On the recovery mission to PoI-8675's residence to contain SCP-4734-EX, MTF Agents also happened to contain PoI-8675, who was in the house at the time. Below is an interview with PoI-8675 after several tests with SCP-4734-EX.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Balodis: So, Mr. Francis, could you, ah…

Dr. Balodis pauses. PoI-8675 is looking up at the ceiling, tapping on the table and humming a song.

Dr. Balodis: Mr. Francis, the interview has started.

PoI-8675 does not respond. Dr. Balodis clears his throat in an attempt to get his attention.

Dr. Balodis: Are you purposefully ignoring me or are you the kind of artist who only responds to their stage name?

PoI-8675 stops drumming his fingers and humming but continues to look up at the ceiling.

PoI-8675: I dunno, I think I'm just a little upset that y'all decided to raid my house and take another one of my contributions to this world.

Dr. Balodis: You weren't nearly as upset when we took the piece that you deemed your "Magnum Opus", why are you only now deciding to be difficult?

PoI-8675 rolls his eyes and looks back down to Dr. Balodis.

PoI-8675: Y'all really don't pay attention to an artist's work, do you? That piece was just titled "My Magnum Opus".

Dr. Balodis quietly sighs.

PoI-8675: But if one thing could actually be my most important piece, my true Magnum Opus, it'd be that juicer y'all took. It alone has given to me the knowledge and creativity to make anart that the world has never seen before!

Dr. Balodis: Could… you explain what you mean by that?

PoI-8675 chuckles.

PoI-8675: I'm surprised you don't already know how it's done. After all, you must have had a reason for taking it beyond just being a dick to lil' old me.

Dr. Balodis: Actually, we don't. We received an anonymous tip about it saying that it had the ability to alter concepts but-

PoI-8675 interrupts Dr. Balodis.

PoI-8675: Fuck, I bet it was Sara, she seemed pretty pissed that I wouldn't let her use it when she came over the other day. Was it a woman who gave the tip? Heavyset, bit of a lisp?

Dr. Balodis: You don't really expect me to tell you, do you?

PoI-8675 points at Dr. Balodis.

PoI-8675: It is Sara! I could tell by the way you avoided the question.

Dr. Balodis: This isn't relevant, and I would appreciate it if you stop worrying about petty rivalries and tell us how that juicer actually works.

PoI-8675 crosses his arms.

PoI-8675: Sure. No harm in it since I'll be busting out of here with it once nobody's looking. It's not just a normal juicer, it juices ideas.

Dr. Balodis: Could you go into a bit more detail than that? We haven't quite figured out how that happens.

PoI-8675 grins smugly and leans back in his chair.

PoI-8675: Oh, it's simple, really. Just think about something you want to focus on, make some juice with that juicer and anything you think about is instantly sharper, more focused in your head. It will let you see things that you never thought of before!

Dr. Balodis opens his mouth to speak but then pauses, squinting at PoI-8675.

Dr. Balodis: Mr. Francis, are you telling me that you just think about something, make some juice and then…

PoI-8675: Then have my third eye opened and create art that the world has never seen before? That's correct.

Dr. Balodis covers his mouth, attempting to stifle a laugh.

PoI-8675: Laugh if you want, not everyone will get my genius.

Dr. Balodis lowers his hand, revealing an amused smile.

Dr. Balodis: It's not that, it's that… that explains why none of our tests were able to pick up anything anomalous about it!

PoI-8675: 'Scuse me?

Dr. Balodis: I mean, it's a really well-made juicer, we put a whole durian in there and it turned it into a thin liquid, but… Mr. Francis, you just built a juicer.

PoI-8675 snorts.

PoI-8675: Nah, you're just doing it wrong. You're not thinking about things the right way.

Dr. Balodis: Mr. Francis, do you know what a placebo effect is?

PoI-8675 leans forward on the table.

PoI-8675: It's not fake. It's real, and I know it is. You just…

PoI-8675's face drops briefly.

PoI-8675: Y'all're doing it wrong! You gotta be!

Dr. Balodis: Or alternatively, thanks to all those fruits and vegetables that you drink on a supposedly daily basis, you lead a healthy lifestyle that lets you think more clearly and focus on your work.

PoI-8675: What? No! No, that's… No!

Dr. Balodis: If you're confident that we're using it wrong, we'll let you drink from it and run some scans on you to prove your claim.

PoI-8675's face becomes angry.

PoI-8675: I'll do it! I'll show you that it's not just all in my head, that thing is real!

Dr. Balodis: Sure. Personally, I just think you like juice.

<End Log>

Soon after the interview, PoI-8675 was restrained to prevent any attempts at escape and escorted to a secure holding chamber. Several tests were done with SCP-4734-EX using PoI-8675 as the test subject, none of which resulting in any form of anomalous properties manifesting. Approximately two hours after testing was concluded and PoI-8675 was left alone in his holding cell, he was reported to have exclaimed, "It's just fucking juice!"

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