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A gravitational anomaly caused both by SCP-4734's impact, and the reality bending effects of its core due to the presence of exotic matter.

Item #: SCP-4734

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4734 is to be monitored at all times by Site-97 staff. Site-97 is to be maintained as an offshore research base1 conducting geological studies on the Chicxulub Crater, with all civilian marine traffic to be directed away from the site. Local Hume levels are to be monitored and all fluctuations noted.

A set of buoys is to be maintained in a 1km radius ring around Site-97 with each mounted with a Scranton Reality Anchor. All abnormalities in local geological formation are to be explained as the result of extreme pressure and heat brought about by the asteroid impact.

Description: SCP-4734 is the core of the Chicxulub asteroid that collided with Earth approximately 65 million years ago. SCP-4734 contains a large amount of exotic matter2 which causes large fluctuations in local Hume levels due to unstable interactions with local normal matter. Proposals for the mining and study of the exotic matter are currently under review3

Discovery: SCP-4734 was discovered in 1978 during a search for potential sites for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. During the search local disturbances in gravitational mapping and geological layout were discovered and local agents relayed this to the Foundation. Several Foundation members embarked on an initial research expedition to the potential anomaly's location and confirmed its existence via Kant counter.

Addendum: Due to the significant interest in geological surveys of the impact area, Foundation personnel are to be embedded within research groups sent to the area of SCP-4734. All data gathered during these expeditions is to be modified to fall in line with expected norms of an asteroid impact on this scale, with all unmodified data being sent back to the Foundation for study.

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