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SCP-4732 in its cover

Item #: SCP-4732

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4732 is to be kept in its original sleeve and cover and locked within a vacuum sealed container to prevent accidental damage. All web listings or written records of SCP-4732-1 are to be destroyed. All instances of SCP-4732-1 are to be sought out and recovered. Any persons found in the possession of SCP-4732-1 are to be administered a Class C amnestic. Recovered instances of SCP-4732-1 are to be kept in Storage Cell 4732-A.

At the current time, all testing with SCP-4732 has been indefinitely postponed.

Should testing require Sinatra to be convinced information he is given is true, bringing up the details of his suicide attempt using a gas stove or his ties with the mafia in Chicago have both proven reliable methods for gaining his trust.

Description: SCP-4732 is a vinyl record copy of the live Frank Sinatra album "Sinatra at the Sands".1 When played, the record produces an anomalous event: 5 minutes and 35 seconds into track 9, Sinatra will interrupt the audience's laughter and claim that he "hears somethin' funny". Beginning at this time, it is possible to speak directly with Sinatra for the remaining duration of the recording. After SCP-4732 has finished playing, all existing copies of the live album "Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin: Our Kind of Paradise!"2 (hereby referred to as instances of SCP-4732-1) change to reflect an alternate reality modified by what Sinatra has been told. Every time the event is repeated, Sinatra shows no memory of the previous event, and all instances of SCP-4732-1 are rewritten to exclusively reflect the results of the new event.

Addendum 4732/0 - Testing Logs

Experiment Log 4732-0:

Experimenter: Dr. Croon
Procedure: SCP-4732 was played on a standard turntable. Sinatra was informed of the date and circumstances of the deaths of himself and Dean Martin.
Details: See Audio Log 4732/0 below.
Results: See Audio Log 4732/1 below.

Experiment Log 4732-1:

Experimenter: Dr. Croon
Procedure: A small scratch was created on SCP-4732 to cause a record skip several seconds after the anomalous event began.
Details: Each time [TRACK 9 - 05:37] was reached, the record would skip back 1.8 seconds. Resuming the record after the skip played the non-anomalous recording of "Sinatra at the Sands."
Results: See Audio Log 4732/3 below.

Notes: SCP-4732 has since been repaired. In the week following Experiment 4732-1, an estimated ██ copies of SCP-4732-1 were recovered after numerous reports of "defective" records by civilians. To reduce risk of public knowledge of the anomaly, all further testing with SCP-4732 has been indefinitely discontinued.

Sinatra's stuck in a time loop until we resume testing. Poor bastard. "That's Life", I suppose? - Dr. Croon

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