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Item #: SCP-4731

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The tunnels leading to SCP-4731 have been sealed with concrete and triple-redundant layers of blast-resistant plating. Construction plans for Lunar Area 32 Sub-Level Theta have been modified, with entrances to the original excavated regions sealed under Aleph-Priority Containment Protocol. Entrance requires Level 5/4731 Special Access Permissions. Following Incident TYCHO, no lunar excavations breaching a depth of 20km are to be attempted.

Description: SCP-4731 is a circular pit 15m in radius. The anomaly is located below the lunar surface at a depth of 20km, the deepest point reached by excavation crews for Sub-Level Theta.1

The anomaly was discovered 17/12/2022, when contact with the active tunneling team2 abruptly dropped. Assuming anomalous interference, MTF γ-4 ("Blondebeard's Crew") was dispatched, entering and descending the tunnels excavated by Team V. SCP-4731 was found at the bottom of the last created tunnel. No signs of Team V or the excavator were discovered.

Initial observation found that SCP-4731 seemed to enter a dark, cavernous space, the size of which was unclear. Six tests conducted with autonomous drones found that any equipment descending 11m past the anomaly encounter a region of extreme magnetic flux; electronics destabilize3 and the drones invariably plummet, reaching a depth of 35m before ceasing to emit visual light or any form of EM radiation. Observation at a safe depth beneath SCP-4731 found that no underside exists for the pit, with it instead surrounded by further empty space.

On 20/12/2022, long-exposure equipment detected a continuous emission of visible light, originating past the 35m cutoff depth. To improve detection, a Longhand 9-B Portable Astronomical Telescope was outfitted into SCP-4731. The telescope then observed the emission source for a span of two months.

Primary findings are as follows:

  • Light from the emission source (Point A) was a combination of visible light, infrared light up to 1mm in wavelength, and ultraviolet light between 100—400nm. Spectral bands suggest the presence of nuclear fusion.
  • Emissions from additional points surrounding Point A. Based on the substantially lower light quantities, these are believed to be reflections from Point A's light, rebounding from smaller objects. Eight of these points have been confirmed to exist, and observation of the innermost one (Point B) indicates that each are in orbital motion around Point A.
  • Trace flashes of light, possibly reflections from other indiscernible orbiting bodies.
  • Light matching an absorption spectra for a nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere on the third orbiting point (Point D).

Research concluded on 01/03/2023, when, due to a previously undetected structural fault, the beams supporting the telescope sheared. No recovery could be attempted before the equipment passed the 11m mark below SCP-4731.

Incident TYCHO: On 24/06/2023, northern hemisphere observatories reported the instantaneous manifestation of luminous masses in the vicinity of the Ursa Minor constellation. Each possesses sizes of 60 to 200 square degrees in the night sky, and have an average of the spectra emitted by all stars formerly observable in their areas.4 Foundation Astronomy Department observatories simultaneously witnessed the change and sent an emergency alert on a TAV/III-Class Cosmic Restructuring.

Visuals of the masses (designated TAV objects) are recorded below:

Designation Visual
TAV-1 A humanoid figure, curled into a fetal position.
TAV-2 A humanoid figure, hands placed on its own neck.
TAV-3 A highly disproportionate humanoid figure, with an extended lower jaw, arms stretched into looping patterns, and shapes resembling ribs and a spine protruding from the torso.
TAV-4 Indistinct amorphous forms. Patterns resembling an intestinal tract and hand are noted.
TAV-5—7 Three masses of broken mechanical equipment; areas are approximately the same.
TAV-8 Disparate broken mechanical equipment,5 surrounding a central, fragmented structure.
TAV-9 A distorted and fragmented structure resembling an Urvogel-10 Expeditionary Drone.
TAV-10 An Urvogel-10 Expeditionary Drone.
TAV-11 A broken Model-9/XH Excavator Rig.
TAV-12 A Longhand 9-B Portable Astronomical Telescope.
TAV-13 A circular mass. Based on its size relative to other TAV objects, its baseline dimensions would be a radius of 15m.

At the present moment, SCP-3475 Project Darkwalker is being prepared to preserve the Veil through the mass alteration of astronomical records and astrophysics research. Exact strategies for adjusting cultural views on lunar exploration, introducing the TAV objects into historical documents, and for handling the celestial sphere (relative to Earth) are yet to be determined.

Foundation application of SCP-4731 is being considered.

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