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Item #: SCP-4728

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4728 is to be kept within a high security electronics storage container within the storage wing of Site-64. All computers used to host SCP-4728 are to be isolated from internet and site intranet sources.


The disks containing SCP-4728 were recovered near the customer pick up area of an abandoned electronics store in Florence, SC.

Description: SCP-4728 is an audiovisual phenomenon that exists on digital displays. SCP-4728 appears similar to a biological virus. The objects propagate through digital storage and will move freely when given physical or internet access to another device. SCP-4728 has not been observed to interact with data on storage devices in any tangible way, and has no effect on computer systems.

SCP-4728's primary effect occurs when a digital display device is accessible to it. An affected display device will occasionally feature SCP-4728 in it. SCP-4728 is stationary or will move slowly, and will not interact with objects on the screen. Multiple instances of SCP-4728 will sometimes be present, but have not necessarily been observed to multiply.

SCP-4728 cannot be removed from a system once it has been integrated. SCP-4728 cannot be found in a specific location within the system it has affected, although efforts are still ongoing.

History: SCP-4728 was recovered in the customer pickup area of an abandoned electrical outlet story in Florence, SC. SCP-4728 was initially located on three CD-RWs (SCP-4728-A) that were held within a blank three slot optical disk case. "Circuit Breakers 1, 2, and 3+4+5+6" are written in permanent marker on each disk respectively.

Addendum: Five .wav files on SCP-4728-A feature a middle aged woman in front of a green screen hosting what appears to be an informative talk show called "Circuit Breakers". She is wearing protective glasses and is dressed in a lab coat. On her coat is a badge identifying her as Kiara Scott, an Oncologist at a local medical center. When questioned, the individual was confirmed to lack knowledge of the tapes or having ever recorded them.



Hey there Circuit Breakers today we're going to talk about DVDs which is a new format and people are using it to store all of their real life movies on it, and animated movies as well. DVD means digital viral disk and its called that because information is contained inside of the disk and it never comes out, not even if it wants to. I know what you're thinking. Data that won't come out? Data that can't change? What's the use of that? 'I want to store things, and take things out of storage'.

Well the thing is you never actually take things out of storage! when you "take" something out of the disk, that something gets deleted. You don't actually have anything. Knock on wood, or haha, knock on aluminum in this case. In case you missed it, that's where data lives, aluminium.


Deleting a file.

Kiara looks to an infographic that is obscured by an instance of SCP-4728. She does not react to SCP-4728.

You probably know already, but in case you don't, and I don't know why you'd ever want to do this, and I personally wouldn't, but I'm here and I'm here to help.

She smiles and holds up her medical badge.

…And this is data related, this is a show about managing data and putting it in different places, and I really gotta cover all of my bases or I'd feel like I'm doing you guys a disservice. I'm an electrical engineer.

We're not going to talk about deleting things and I'm not going to show you how. Where would you be putting the data? Nowhere? There's no nowhere. That's mad science fiction. Can you show me somewhere where there's nothing? Do I have a BFA in Hematology? Knock on wood.


Data Transfer

SCP-4728 is on camera center. Kiara is absent but still seems to be speaking from the SCP-4728's location.

How fast can you move your data? Let's say you want to drag it from one place to the next. How long does that take? Well, it depends on a lot of things, but the biggest variable is always gonna be how much data there is. If you want to send something really quick - just make sure it's really small! However, let's say you want to post date something…

Kiara abruptly lets out a wheezing cough, once, and continues normally.

You want that data to get there really slow. Well, if you've been following along you know what you have to do, right? That's right, you make the data even smaller. You delete it. If its gone, if it doesn't exist, if its nothing, if it used to be anything but now it's the opposite of everything, going anywhere is going to get it nowhere!


SCP-4728 on screen during the SCP-4728-A recording.



Hey kid.

Deletion. Inversion. Okay. Deleting. Data recovery. So you made a mistake. You got rid of something, it's out of the frame - you want it back. You made a big mistake and you feel really bad about it, but now you just wanna make things right. Data recovery. You didn't mean to get rid of it, but, poof, gone now. Deletion is an action you can take on a piece of data. Maybe you didn't really even "Delete" anything, but things have changed now, it lost a part of itself so now it's something completely new!

Kiara punches the wall and screams violently, but continues normally.

Deletions. Insertions. The first and most basic thing, to know, is, they never occur in multiples of three bases. You know who doesn't care about that kind of thing? Know what could bring them back? Do you know what was never alive to begin with? Know what?

SCP-4728 shifts into frame.

Know what? I don't.



Kiara is massaging her temple.

I don't think, that it's possible to change data. At all. There's the concept. Of. Copying. Not… translocation. That's what replication is. When you change anything at all, it's new now. It's not the old thing. Hell, you'd never be able to prove it's the new thing at all. It's a doppelganger, a perfect copy. It is the system. It's already too late!

To copy a file, drag and drop it to your recycle bin. Right click on the file, and select "copy". Then drag the copy out of the recycle bin. Right click on the recycle bin, and select "Empty Recycle Bin". Congratulations! You've killed something that was redundant to begin with.



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