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Briefcase manifested by SCP-4727 user.

Item #: SCP-4727

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item is kept in a secure locker at Site-73. Testing requires permission from current research head. Repeat experimentation with the same subject requires additional Ethics Committee approval.

Description: SCP-4727 is a Star Model BM pistol manufactured in 1985. Falling asleep while holding the pistol's grip induces dreams of a consistent nature involving chasing down, cornering, and killing some kind of person or creature. Should the actions undertaken in the dream be successful, the dreamer will awake with a metal briefcase in their other hand.

The briefcase invariably contains an item of value to the pistol's user. It cannot be opened by anyone other than the user, whose name will be inscribed on the briefcase's top, followed by the phrase "Chase your dreams."

The pistol's anomalous effect can only be triggered once. Attempting to trigger this effect more than once is highly disrecommended.

Appendix A: Object history

User Dream experienced Object obtained Remarks
Antonio Inez, 18-year-old entrepreneur in El Paso, TX. Unknown (Theorised) An electronic storage device containing the source code for a machine-learning-based food delivery service. Inez rose to prominence as a notorious "one-man startup" following the release of his company's trademark app, Gobblr. He was later found dead in his house following what appeared to be a violent break-in. The pistol, along with an empty briefcase, was recovered from his possession by officers of the El Paso PD.
Ronald Rogers, 26-year-old police detective in El Paso, TX. In a session with his therapist on 17/05/2017, Rogers once reported a dream in which he chased down a human-sized police corporal badge, cornering it in a dark alley and brutally beating it with his bare hands.1 (Theorised) A note detailing plans to break into and burgle the home of Antonio Inez, bearing the fingerprints of Cornelius Lin, the CEO of another El Paso-based food-delivery startup. Rogers was later credited as providing the vital evidence needed to arrest Lin, receiving promotion to police corporal for his efforts.
Krystelle-Lynn "Chastity" Thomas, 20-year-old sex worker in El Paso, TX. Thomas' extensive online blog detailing her experiences with various mind-altering substances contains a description of a dream dated 20/05/2017, in which she wakes up in the body of a "bold, black man" who follows a delivery boy into an abandoned warehouse, then shoots him with a shotgun. The wallet of her alleged lover, police corporal Ronald Rogers, containing $27.40 in cash, a driver's license, and a strip of paper with a phone number written on it in lipstick. On the night of 20/05/2017, Thomas broke into the home of police corporal Ronald Rogers and killed him with two shots to the head using SCP-4727's non-anomalous pistol function. Police officers responding to the scene were fired upon by Thomas, who managed to wound an officer before being fatally shot in the chest.

Appendix B: Foundation investigation

The item came to the attention of the Foundation when the three briefcases of identical make were found at the residences of Antonio Inez, Ronald Rogers, and Krystelle-Lynn Thomas. Embedded Foundation agents clandestinely secured the item after its significance was suspected. Its anomalous properties were confirmed during testing when experimental subject D-961006 produced a briefcase with her name on it, containing one Foundation standard-issue [REDACTED]. The opening was sealed by on-site technicians and D-961006 was terminated by site security. Item was designated SCP-4727 and allocated further resources for testing.

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