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Item #: SCP-4723 Level 2/4723
Object Class: Euclid Classified

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-4723 instances are to be contained in a large containment chamber at Site-409. Standard amenities will be provided, but additional furniture may be requested at the discretion of the lead researcher. SCP-4723-A, against common procedure, will be contained in the same chamber as the aforementioned SCP-4723 instances. STF Koppa-23 ("Jungle Boogie") is to be assigned to cleanup duty of the SCP-4723 instances.


SCP-4723 is the designation for six domesticated Felis catus housepets. When directly viewed by any human being, the SCP-4723 instances will appear to be human males in business suits. However, this effect is not present with 64-year-old Marianne Baker (designated SCP-4723-A), the owner of the SCP-4723 instances. The SCP-4723 instances refer to themselves as humans and identify themselves by name; they also have refused to speak to Foundation personnel, claiming "Ma Baker didn't raise us to be snitches." Through cross-testing with SCP-4723-A and monitored conversations between the SCP-4723 instances, an identity chart has been compiled between breed and identified names.

4723-1 Persian Longhair Lawrence Nimitz
4723-2 Russian Blue Alexei Tzyosorov
4723-3 Somali Cat Jim Scott
4723-4 American Wirehair Harry Coydell
4723-5 Turkish Van David Gafver
4723-6 Siamese Cat Adlai Williams

Item History:

SCP-4723 was discovered on 3/28/2019 when the instances robbed the Nash County Bank. According to eyewitness testimony, the instances arrived - armed with compact handguns and explosives - and proceeded to threaten the employees into handing them the bank's money reserves. A bank guard fired his weapon at the instances, and despite multiple witness accounts that he was aiming directly at the group, all of his shots hit the wall behind them. He then attempted to jump and tackle one of the instances, which resulted in him phasing through the illusion and knocking himself out. This phasing was witnessed again after one of the instances walked under a waist-high swing door. After coercing the bank manager to open the vault, the instances proceeded to place approximately $570,000 in several burlap bags and left, leaving behind their weapons and a "calling card" at the scene. The card has been transcribed below for access.

yuo're moneyy is gone
- the cklowdr

After investigators reviewed the security cameras and discovered footage of housecats with handguns in their mouths in contrast to the witness reports, the Foundation was notified. Through bill number tracing and CC footage of other neighboring stores, SCP-4723 was traced to the residence of SCP-4723-A - a known film collector and former convict1 - on 4/4. During the subsequent Foundation apprehension, the anomalous properties of the SCP-4723 instances were discovered.

Addendum 01: Initial Containment Monitoring Log

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