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Item #: SCP-4719

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-152 personnel who encounter SCP-4719 are to document the time and place of the encounter, accept any non-threatening "gifts" that are offered, and submit these objects to Dr. Agnes for review. SCP-4719 is otherwise allowed to roam Site-152 at its leisure, in part because there has thus far been no successful attempt to contain SCP-4719.

SCP-4719 does pose a tripping hazard and is considered fragile, so all on-site personnel are encouraged to be more aware of their surroundings, even in generally innocuous locations such as hallways, workstations, restrooms, and lounges. If SCP-4719 is found to be overturned, stuck, or otherwise incapacitated, personnel are allowed to right SCP-4719 onto its wheels. Personnel are also allowed to accept any "gifts" that SCP-4719 offers them. Otherwise, interactions with SCP-4719 are discouraged. Any carriages found discarded by SCP-4719 are to be turned in to Dr. Agnes.

The locomotive of SCP-4719 has been fitted with a GPS linked to the local administrative servers, and will trigger a forced text alert to any on-site personnel when they are within 10 meters of SCP-4719. This alert has a unique whistling ringtone to differentiate it from other sounds.

Description: SCP-4719 refers to a toy train constructed out of oak wood and held together with short steel finishing nails. Rubber bands and cotton twine are not uncommon adornments, and the locomotive and its carriage(s) are coupled together with small steel hooks. SCP-4719 may appear as just a locomotive with no carriages or a maximum observed of 20. These carriages and any cargo do not exceed the dimensions of the locomotive, which are 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 6 inches tall.

The locomotive of SCP-4719 is capable of achieving a maximum documented speed of 10 miles per hour, although it will usually travel no faster than a typical walking pace. SCP-4719 is capable of traveling on walls, ceilings, at or below the surface of water, and other non-level surfaces. The 1 meter-long pull string attached to the bow—while usually wrapped around its chimney—is prehensile and SCP-4719 has been observed moving objects out of its path and opening doors with it. SCP-4719 will occasionally detach any carriages it is pulling, although a precise reason for this behavior has not yet been determined. The only way to induce this response is to try and pick up SCP-4719, resulting in SCP-4719 shedding excess carriages and scurrying away.

Behavior: It is not known if SCP-4719 can feel pain, but it has been known to come under distress. Observed behaviors by SCP-4719 include making a whistling "cry" when it falls on its side, violently thrashing when being restrained, and ramming personnel or objects when cornered. Being comprised almost entirely of wood and lacking any biological mechanisms such as a nervous system or digestive tract, it has been concluded sedating SCP-4719 is impossible. For this reason, along with some ethical concerns, interaction with SCP-4719 is discouraged unless it is initiated by SCP-4719 itself.

SCP-4719 only initiates interactions by pulling up alongside a given individual and offering them "gifts" in the form of specific cargo in its carriage(s). Due to dimensional limitations, these "gifts" are small. They are commonly delivered on Flat-type, Gondola-type, and Chest-type carriages. How SCP-4719 acquires these "gifts" is unknown. The "gifts" themselves are usually belongings of the individual that had previously been considered lost, although they have also been commonly found to be items the individual craves or desires, and more rarely have been portent.

SCP-4719 has been known to be persistent, and will sometimes encircle or nudge individuals when it has a "gift" to offer them. These actions grow more assertive with time, as SCP-4719 has escalated to wrapping its pull string around the individual's legs, "whining" at them with a whistling noise, and even attempt to climb on or over them. However, if an individual is persistent in their refusal, SCP-4719 will give up after about 5 minutes in a manner that has been described as "dejected". It is assumed what happens to refused "gifts" is the same as what happens to its carriages, although SCP-4719 has been known to sometimes offer these "gifts" to other individuals.

Upon accepting a "gift", SCP-4719 will exhibit the aforementioned assertive behaviors if the wooden materials of its carriages (such as the lid in a Chest-type carriage) are not returned. However, SCP-4719 will not give up. In one experiment, SCP-4719 grew violent, attempting to strangle the gift-taker with its pull string after the lid to one of its Chest-type carriages was not returned after 7 minutes.

SCP-4719 does not appear to hold grudges or have favorites, although individuals who have repeatedly interfered with SCP-4719 without its consent have stopped being offered "gifts". Individuals who have helped SCP-4719, such as righting it after it has fallen on its side, have sometimes reported SCP-4719 "briefly rubbing up against their leg like a cat" before wandering away.

Unlike SCP-737, SCP-4719 does not appear to "hunger" and has never been observed to consume or "absorb" materials. It also does not create its own tunnels. Instead it has been known to traverse Site-152 through the ventilation systems, between walls, down elevator shafts, and other concealed avenues. However, SCP-4719 has also exhibited the ability to vanish and reappear when not directly observed. GPS data has shown SCP-4719 spontaneously traveling as far as 150 meters, even through some classified materials designed explicitly to prevent this kind of traversal. SCP-4719 seems to use this ability when it finds itself trapped, or to enter and leave the containment chamber of SCP-████.

Acquisition: The first reported sighting of SCP-4719 was 75 days following the containment of SCP-████, leading to the accepted theory that SCP-4719 is a creation of SCP-████. GPS data has shown SCP-4719 spends an inordinate amount of time in the containment chamber of SCP-████. Due to SCP-████'s special containment procedures, monitoring SCP-4719 inside this chamber is impossible. It is presumed here is where SCP-4719 acquires and discards the bulk of its carriages, although this cannot yet be proven. Similarly, what happens to these discarded carriages, and any refused gifts they may contain, is unknown. However, the existence of SCP-4719 does give some insight into the nature of SCP-████, and may be useful in allowing for more direction interaction with SCP-████. Connections between SCP-4719, SCP-████, and SCP-737 are the topic of ongoing investigations.

Attempts to contain SCP-4719 have been impeded by the extent of its teleportation abilities, its apparent degree of sentience, and the ethical concerns behind causing it distress without the ability to sedate it. One experiment involved waiting for SCP-4719 to offer a "gift" to an individual, and then having that individual lure SCP-4719 into a containment chamber with constant surveillance. While successful, after 22 minutes of trying to leave the chamber, SCP-4719 began to convulse in an apparent seizure, forcing an end to the experiment.

However, SCP-4719 has proven not to leave the premises of Site-152, remain not inherently threatening beyond the mild tripping hazard it presents, and is, in some circumstances, helpful to the on-site staff. These factors contribute to SCP-4719's currently relaxed containment procedures. There is currently no plan to capture SCP-4719, and it is doubtful there will ever be one. Termination of SCP-4719 is at this time deemed not necessary. This may change if SCP-4719 bears more hazardous "gifts" with greater frequency, or grows consistently hostile towards site personnel.

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