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Item#: 4718
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Believed to be a photograph of SCP-4718, circa 1912.

Special Containment Procedures: Information suppression and alteration procedures are of particular importance to containment due to the fact that SCP-4718 has only been partially hidden from the general public, as scientific communities are aware of its existence to a limited extent. To this end, information establishing SCP-4718 as non-anomalous is to be disseminated, and the hypothesis that natural calving and melting resulted in its destruction at a point prior to the 21st century is to be perpetuated.

The Foundation submarine SCPF Ymir is to patrol the area of the North Atlantic Ocean which contains SCP-4718 and enforce a 2km exclusion zone under the cover of a drilling rig operation rendering the area restricted and potentially hazardous to approach. Testing on SCP-4718-A is to be performed by voluntarily participating Level 2 Ymir crew members equipped with SCUBA suits which leave at least one extremity uncovered. Outside of testing, unprotected skin contact with SCP-4718-A is not to be permitted, and field operatives working nearby SCP-4718 are to be equipped with SCUBA suits that completely cover all exposed skin.

Description: SCP-4718 is an artificial device of unknown origin, situated in the North Atlantic Ocean and at rest on the seabed at a depth of 3.5 km. Externally, SCP-4718 has the appearance of a pinnacle iceberg; however, chemical testing has determined SCP-4718 to be composed primarily of a durable translucent silicate substance with heat-absorbent properties. Six layers of this material, each with an average thickness of ~5cm, compose the exterior section of SCP-4718. SCP-4718 is known to the scientific community as a non-anomalous iceberg and is currently believed to have been destroyed.

An area near the base of SCP-4718 is heavily damaged by a severe planar fracture, allowing access to the interior of SCP-4718; it is hollow and flooded by seawater, and is partially occupied by a complex fractal lattice structure. This structure as a whole is designated SCP-4718-A; it is composed of refined iron, silicon and niobium, and engraved with thaumaturgic symbols. SCP-4718-A is conjectured to function as a combination of an internal support system for SCP-4718, intended to prevent the object from imploding due to the pressure of the surrounding water, and a [REDACTED].

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