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Item #: SCP-4717

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Agents are to patrol beaches that are at a high risk of developing riptides. Watchtowers disguised as civilian commodities are to be built around areas where SCP-4717-1 instances frequent. After SCP-4717-1 instances have left the area, Class-A amnestics will be provided to witnesses. A disinformation campaign has been put in place to cover the events as a PSA campaign from a Foundation front company. The PSAs are to replicate SCP-4717 events exactly, with the shooting locations to be where SCP-4717-1 instances reside.

Description: SCP-4717 is an anomalous phenomon centered around the coastal areas of Australia, localized around the Eastern Coastline, stretching from Weipa, Queensland, to Melbourne, Victoria. The anomaly only activates if three certain conditions are met:

  • The location is within 300 metres of a beach area.
  • The location has a history of high profile drownings (specifically relating to riptides).
  • The location features a human currently caught in a riptide event.

Once these conditions are met, humanoid entities will manifest (designated SCP-4717-1), usually in a pair. SCP-4717-1 are humanoids resembling young adults in swimwear. These entities hold large signs that resemble gloved human hands, pointing either to the left or the right of the beach. Approximately 3 seconds after manifesting, they will proceed to the edge of the shoreline. After locating the person caught in the riptide, they will call out to the drowning individual, repeating the phrase: "To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach!"

If the drowning individual notices the humanoids during this time, they will automatically understand the context and the instructions given to them, regardless whether the individual can physically hear the SCP-4717-1 instances. The individual will then swim along the coastline, eventually escaping the riptide and getting to safety. After the individual is confirmed to be no longer at risk of drowning, the instances will exit the immediate area and demanifest.

In all documented cases, there have been a total of eight fatalities during SCP-4717 events, despite the presence of SCP-4717-1.

Addendum SCP-4717-A: During the manifestation of SCP-4717-1 instances, one humanoid noticed a Foundation agent (now designated SCP-4717-L), and fled the scene early, prompting a pursuit and capture for interrogation. The second humanoid demanifested before agents could apprehend and detain.

Addendum SCP-4717-B: On the 21/5/20092, Dr. █████ received an unauthorized call during his shift break. The caller (now designated as SCP-4717-M) introduced them as a legal representative of Sorl's Surfing and Lifesavers' Club, and described events relating to SCP-4717-1 instances. The following is the conversation after the cell phone's automatic record function was activated.

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