An instance of SCP-4714.

Item #: SCP-4714

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: STF Lambda-24 ("Babysitters") will monitor SCP-4714-A for appearance of new subjects. Subjects will be fitted with a GPS transmitter bracelet, amnesticized, and removed from the immediate area. Upon demanifestation, subjects will be tracked and SCP-4714 instance will be confiscated. Currently, all 63 SCP-4714 instances in containment are stored in a Safe-class item storage container at Site-19.

Description: SCP-4714 refers to an unknown number of plush dolls, each resembling a pink unicorn with white feet and mane. A small paper card is attached to the right flank by a plastic fastener. This card reads:

Dr. Wondertainment PRESENTS:
My Unicorn Friend

Front of SCP-4714's attached card.

Sky's turned gray? Feeling blue?
Have we got a friend for you!
A hug and a wish, and your dreams come true:

"I want to play with the unicorns, too!"

Back of SCP-4714's attached card.

When held by a female individual between the ages of 5 to 8 (hereafter "the subject"), SCP-4714 is capable of instantaneously teleporting the subject to a secondary location, identified as an abandoned stable in [DATA REDACTED], Kentucky (hereafter SCP-4714-A).

Teleportation to SCP-4714-A occurs when the subject holds SCP-4714 and makes a verbal request similar in nature to that printed on the attached card. Notably, subjects are perceived as identical copies of a young girl, designated PoI-994 (see Discovery Log), for the duration, but are otherwise unaffected. Subjects are returned to their original location after one hour.

Discovery: On August 31, 2019, two cardboard boxes were delivered by mail to Site-19. Security personnel searched the boxes, finding 48 instances of SCP-4714 and the following letter:

To my wonderful friends* at The Foundation:

Here at Wondertainment Industries, we believe that the best toys are those created with only fun in mind. When we lose sight of that, we lose the spark that makes our products the best toys out there.

This is one of those times.

Still, Chaz bears some of the blame for what Sal did. After all, he knew him long before I ever stepped into his office.

So take my toys, like you always do. Put them in a box. I don't want to see them anymore.

All the best, Dr. Wondertainment

Preliminary testing with SCP-4714 led to the discovery of SCP-4714-A, an abandoned ranch. An adjacent trailer was found to contain numerous copies of invoices sent to Ambrose Restaurants (GoI-116) detailing the sale of unicorn meat, as well as invoices sent to Doctor Wondertainment, Inc. outlining a mutual agreement exchanging unicorn hair for "quality assurance services."1 Additionally, a photograph was located, featuring an unknown man (PoI-995) and a young girl (PoI-994) holding up a T-shirt, reading "#1 Dad." The identities of these individuals have been confirmed as Alice and Sal ███████.

Inside the stable, Foundation personnel found several stalls that had been broken open from the inside. Within another stall, which had been broken into from outside, were the bodies of two individuals, one child and one adult, visually confirmed as PoI-994 and PoI-995, respectively.2 The former showed signs of strangulation, while the latter bore numerous broken ribs and impalements.

Investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident are ongoing.

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