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An SCP-4713 instance breaching containment. Presumed to be an 'astromole'. Instance contained since.

Item #: SCP-4713

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has implemented mole-repellent devices across the city of Puławy, Poland to minimalize SCP-4713 manifestations. These devices are placed 15m to 30m away from each other and are disguised by natural structures such as bushes and trees to minimalize civilian suspicion. Two Three control areas have been established outside of civilian access, which allows for manifestations of SCP-4713. All public roads of a 15m or lesser proximity from the aforementioned controlled places were redirected, yet still maintaining a functioning access between places via said roads.

The controlled areas are to be checked weekly for any changes. It is currently disguised as private land. All breached SCP-4713 instances are to be captured and are to be sent back to a tunnel connecting to the SCP-4713 underground tunnel system. In the case of a containment breach, Eta-30 ("A Special Pest Control") is to be dispatched at the place of containment breach. The area surrounding the Task Force during quarantine is to be discontinued from public view and accessibility.

Any unauthorised individuals witnessing an SCP-4713 recontainment protocol are to be administered Class B Amnestics.

Description: SCP-4713 refers to an estimated amount of 5,000 Talpa Europaea1 which have been recorded to only inhabit Puławy, a city within the Lublin Voivodeship in Eastern Poland. SCP-4713 instances possess the anomalous ability to perform advanced verbal communication in Polish. At the time of writing, the presence of the moles has not been recorded in any city other than Puławy, yet it is hypothesized that the SCP-4713 underground tunnel system expands past the vicinity of the city.

The anomalous capabilities of SCP-4713 manifest when an instance reaches the surface. After emerging, one or two SCP-4713 instances will attempt to erect a structure made of wire, refuse, and other similar metallic components. After successful creation of a surface base, SCP-4713 instances accommodate the structure, uttering phrases to compliment the base along with remarks of joy, gratification, and hubris. An attempt of communication with an SCP-4713 instance was made possible and recorded:


Agent Zbigniew communicating with an SCP-4713 instance. This conversation was recorded in an area where SCP-4713 specimens were granted freedom of establishing bases. No SCP-4713 instances were transported away from the area. The SCP-4713 specimen interviewed complied to speak but was not on the surface at the time of conversation, rather being in a small dirt and rock bunker in the side of a hill. The interviewed SCP-4713 instance is referred to as SCP-4713-A. The conversation was originally spoken in Polish, later translated by Foundation translators for global use.


Agent Zbigniew: Hello?

SCP-4713-A: Replying after a 3-second buffer Welcome, celestial! Have you travelled a fine journey here to grant us the knowledge of the universe?

Agent Zbigniew: Oh, erm, no. But its nice to… Meet you. How should I call you?

SCP-4713-A: Call me Andrew, or mole if you prefer. One of the two is fine.

Agent Zbigniew: I will use… Erm… Andrew, for the time being. May we ask you some questions relating to your bases and so forth?

SCP-4713-A: Of course! I don't remember communicating with a mystic big person for so long! Last time they ran away and scared me and Edward out and we had to abandon our base.

Agent Zbigniew: That shouldn't bother you as we are not here to scare you. Anyways, our first question is, how did you learn to speak Polish?

SCP-4713-A: You see, us smart moles have good hearing. We sometimes make tiny holes to learn and listen to what the mythical big people say. Big people around our places walk around a lot. We don't want to disturb them, and we've learnt by now that us talking is a weird thing for them. We've heard a lot of screams, and they really hurt our ears. They make us scared, and we have a reputation for big people to be scared of us. And we've just learned how they speak, using our mole brains, interpreting their language to their loudness, tone and actions. We make tiny holes from our areas to not only admire the fresh air of the terrestrial cosmos but to hear how big people talk. Other than that, I can't give you a good answer on how we are so smart.

Agent Zbigniew: Right. What is the "terrestrial cosmos"?

SCP-4713-A: The terrestrial cosmos? Oh, do you big and wise people not know? Past the surface, the fresh air! A beautiful thing. We make bases to admire it. We send brave astromoles, like me, to explore the surface. We've spent most of our lives underground. And I admit, us moles are very scared by the big people. But, we as very brave and intelligent moles, including the Mole Institute of Terrestrial Space Exploration, naming it M.I.T.S.E, were brave enough to explore the surface of the unknown big peoples. The big people, big minds and big lumbering logs of some sort missing our bases by a tiny bit! We were always used to living underground, away from the big people and away from danger. It was fun and friendly living there, but our curiosity changes it. Since, we've been trying to bond with the big people, albeit a very dangerous task, we are trying our best to learn that we also have a chance to grow and aspire to be brave astromoles on the perilous surface!

Agent Zbigniew Thank you for your answer. What intrigued you to make bases on the surface?

SCP-4713-A: It is obvious. To admire the terrestrial cosmos and listen to the big celestial peoples. To get fresh air, and to feel the euphoria we never felt. Everyone's brain has the ability to grow. Its a beautiful thing… It tears me up a little bit to know how much we've been missing. The open-air never gave me such a big hug, and the big people, probably like you, to learn us the courage we have now. Since we've made the M.I.T.S.E, we've learnt to adapt to our blindness. We see by emotions, by tone and by reason. We think, and we explore what is unexplored, developing our intelligence more and more.

Agent Zbigniew: How did you make up phrases such as "astromole?"

SCP-4713-A: Ooh, interesting question. We've got a big history on that, but to cut it short, big people were talking about space one day. I couldn't sleep, my dumb neighbour Lolek kept on kicking me in the nose whilst I was trying to snooze. So, me and my friends went up to the surface. We entered our small fort, admiring the air as astromoles do. And then, we hear something amazing. From the little vocabulary and words we've learnt from little conversations from the big people, we've learnt they want to explore the surface. I've never heard of astronauts, and I don't know if calling you grand and big people "Astros" would fit. So, we replaced it with astromoles. We also have ambitions to explore the unknown. And so do you. The surface can be a flourishing paradise for all we know, yet we just have to embrace it better.

Agent Zbigniew: Do you have any, ruler, or some type of leader?

SCP-4713-A: Of course! King and Queen, to be exact. Our King is a posh person, he is scared of the big people but isn't an astromole. He gives me badges out of small shards of rock. I value them a lot, and I keep them as trophies for my brave works with the terrestrial cosmos. The queen, on the other hand, is a shy mole. She likes to talk about the surface, or how we call it, terrestrial cosmos, to almost mole minutes at a time. We all love our king and queen, even if they have small quirks, they are special and lead our mole nation into success.

Agent Zbigniew: How did you end up be- SCP-4713-A disrupts

SCP-4713-A: My biggest apologies to disrupt the mysterious big people, but I have to go. My works as an astromole need to have a lot of patience and time. For a later time, maybe in a moleday or so. I don't mind, as long as you big people don't ruin our amazing surface bases to explore the unknown we are fine to speak. I am happy that you are not scared of us, not scared of us speaking the big people language with big words and big vocabulary. But, my time is done. Hopefully, you are satisfied with the answers. I'd love to know if you have a king or queen and whether you have a neighbour which kicks your nose every time you try to snooze.

Agent Zbigniew: Trying not to laugh Thank you for your time.

SCP-4713-A: No problem! Proceeds to crawl out of its hole towards Agent Zbigniew, embracing Agent Zbigniew's leg with a hug with its both legs and arms, wrapping around it fully for 10 seconds, before letting go and accidentally falling on its backside. SCP-4713-A proceeds to crawl back into its hole, accidentally bumping into a few pebbles on its way. Agent Zbigniew is heard chuckling under his breath.


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